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Pixar Theory Timeline

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Pixar is not only a leader of technology, but has captured our hearts multiple times with their incredible storytelling (Cars 3 aside). And there’s a prominent theory that the Pixar films are all part of the same timeline. This is a timeline that takes that theory into account.

What’s on the Pixar Theory Timeline?

The Pixar theory timeline began as a theory by Jon Negroni (be sure to check it out). Then it gained significant traction, and we thought it only fitting to spotlight the idea in one of our timelines. Normally we wouldn’t have a chronology for the Pixar films, but Negroni’s theory is too good to pass up.

For the full description of how it all fits together, visit the original post, but for a complete viewing order, read on. We don’t include the same amount of explanation, but we do have a detailed list. The idea behind the Pixar theory is that magic caused creatures or inanimate objects to become sentient (as seen in Brave). These sentient objects eventually take over the world from humans, turning it into a world like Cars.

This timeline also expands Negroni’s theory to include Pixar’s short films where we think they should go. Be sure to let us know if one of them would belong in another area of the timeline better, and why. We love to hear your feedback. You can reach us on our contact page. Additionally, if you liked this timeline, you might like some of our others, including our DC Animated Universe timeline.