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Pixar is not only a leader of technology, but has captured our hearts multiple times with their incredible storytelling (Cars 3 aside). And there’s a prominent theory that the Pixar films are all part of the same timeline. This is a timeline that takes that theory into account.

What’s on the Pixar Theory Timeline?

The Pixar theory timeline began as a theory by Jon Negroni (be sure to check it out). Then it gained significant traction, and we thought it only fitting to spotlight the idea in one of our timelines. Normally we wouldn’t have a chronology for the Pixar films, but Negroni’s theory is too good to pass up.

For the full description of how it all fits together, visit the original post, but for a complete viewing order, read on. We don’t include the same amount of explanation, but we do have a detailed list. The idea behind the Pixar theory is that magic caused creatures or inanimate objects to become sentient (as seen in Brave). These sentient objects eventually take over the world from humans, turning it into a world like Cars.

This timeline also expands Negroni’s theory to include Pixar’s short films where we think they should go. Be sure to let us know if one of them would belong in another area of the timeline better, and why. We love to hear your feedback. You can reach us on our contact page. Additionally, if you liked this timeline, you might like some of our others, including our DC Animated Universe timeline.

1BuyDay & NightShort FilmTeddy Newton2010-06-18Pre-historicAccompanied Toy Story 3
2BuyThe Good DinosaurFilmPeter Sohn2015-11-25Pre-historic
4BuyThe Legend of Mor'duShort FilmBrian Larsen2012-11-1314th CenturyAccompanied Brave
5BuyBraveFilmMark Andrews, Brenda Chapman2012-06-2214th Century
6BuyOne Man BandShort FilmAndrew Jimenez2006-06-0914th CenturyAccompanied Cars
7BuyBoundin'Short FilmBud Luckey2004-11-05Wild WestAccompanied The Incredibles
8BuyPrestoShort FilmDoug Sweetland2008-06-27Wild WestAccompanied WALL-E
9BuyMr. Incredible and PalsShort FilmRoger L. Gould2005-03-15Wild West
10BuyIncrediblesFilmBrad Bird2004-11-051950s-60s
11BuyJack-Jack AttackShort FilmBrad Bird2004-11-051950s-60s
12BuyIncredibles 2FilmBrad Bird2018-06-151950s-60s
13BuyAuntie EdnaShort FilmTed Mathot2018-06-151950s-60s
14BuyLiftedShort FilmGary Rydstrom2007-06-291950s-60s
15BuyLuxo JrShort FilmJohn Lasseter1999-11-241980s
16BuyRed's DreamShort FilmJohn Lasseter1987-01-011980s
17BuyTin ToyShort FilmJohn Lasseter1995-11-221980s
18BuyKnick KnackShort FilmJohn Lasseter2003-05-301980s
19BuyThe Blue UmbrellaShort FilmSaschka Unseld2013-06-211980s
20BuySanjay's Super TeamShort FilmSanjay Patel2015-11-251980s
21BuyToy StoryFilmJohn Lasseter1995-11-221995
22BuyToy Story 2FilmJohn Lasseter1999-11-241999
23BuyGeri's GameShort FilmJan Pinkava1998-11-251999
24BuyFinding NemoFilmAndrew Stanton2003-05-302003
25BuyFor the BirdsShort FilmRalph Eggleston2001-11-022003
26BuyRatatouilleFilmBrad Bird2007-06-292007
27BuyYour Friend the RatShort FilmJim Capobianco2007-11-062007
28BuyToy Story 3FilmLee Unkrich2010-06-182010
29BuyDug's Special MissionShort FilmRonnie del Carmen2009-05-292010
30BuyUpFilmPete Docter2009-05-292011
31BuyGeorge & A. J.Short FilmJosh Cooley2009-11-012011
32BuyInside OutFilmPete Docter2015-06-192015
33BuyRiley's First DateShort FilmJosh Cooley2015-08-142015
34BuyFinding DoryFilmAndrew Stanton2016-06-172016
35BuyPiperShort FilmAlan Barillaro2016-06-172016
36BuyLouShort FilmDave Mullins2017-06-162017
37Toy Story 4FilmJosh Cooley2019-06-212018
38BuyPartly CloudyShort FilmPeter Sohn2009-05-292018
39BuyCocoFilmLee Unkrich2017-11-222018
40BuyBaoShort FilmDomee Shi2018-06-152018
41BuyCarsFilmJohn Lasseter2006-06-092100
42BuyMater and the GhostlightShort FilmJohn Lasseter2006-06-092100
43BuyCars 2FilmJohn Lasseter2011-06-242100
44BuyCars 3FilmDan Scanlon2017-06-162100
45BuyMiss Fritter's Racing SkooolShort FilmJames Ford Murphy2017-06-162100
46BuyWall-EFilmAndrew Stanton2008-06-272800
47BuyBURN-EShort FilmAngus MacLane2008-06-272800
48BuyA Bug's LifeFilmJohn Lasseter1998-11-253000
49BuyLavaShort FilmJames Ford Murphy2015-06-193000
50BuyAdventures of Andre and Wally BShort FilmAlvy Ray Smith1984-01-013000
51BuyMonsters UniversityFilmDan Scanlon2013-06-214500
52BuyParty CentralShort FilmKelsey Mann2013-08-094500
53BuyMonsters IncFilmPete Docter2001-11-024500
54BuyMike's New CarShort FilmPete Docter2001-11-024500
55BuyLa LunaShort FilmEnrico Casarosa2012-06-224500

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