Oriceran Universe Reading Order

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From the titan of independant publishing comes the Oriceran universe, a series that is added to multiple times per month. This is the Oriceran Universe reading order.

What’s on the Oriceran Universe Reading Order?

The Oriceran universe is another independently published universe, from Michael Anderle. However another author, Marth Carr, spear-heads this universe. She is the co-author of all the books.

Much like Michael Anderle’s Kurtherian Universe, this universe consists of multiple series written by various authors, all existing on the same timeline. However, these books are primarily urban fantasy, something that the Kurtherian universe is not. The plot involves an alternate world that connects with Earth, called Oriceran. It only connects with Earth at certain points, but this time it is coming back early. Magic abounds in this urban fantasy epic.

Where to Start Reading the Oriceran Universe

You can read each series in the Oriceran reading order separately. However, if you want to start at the beginning, we do recommend Quest for Magic, the short story that prefaces the main series.

That said, you really can read any of the series that you want. We hope you enjoy this book series! As always, if you see something that we need to add, delete, or change, please let us know. We are grateful for all of your feedback.

1Quest for MagicShort StoryMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2017-07-30Leira Chronicles
2BuyWaking MagicNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2017-08-02Leira Chronicles
3BuyGlowNovelS.M. Boyce, Martha Carr2017-10-08Fairhaven Chronicles
4BuyDescendantNovelA.L. Knorr, Martha Carr2017-09-08Kacy Chronicles
5BuyRelease of MagicNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2017-08-13Leira Chronicles
6BuyShimmerNovelS.M. Boyce, Martha Carr2017-10-31Fairhaven Chronicles
7BuyThe Midwest WitchNovelFlint Maxwell, Martha Carr2017-09-28Midwest Magic Chronicles
8BuyAscendantNovelA.L. Knorr, Martha Carr2017-10-11Kacy Chronicles
9BuyHouse of EnchantedNovelSarah Noffke, Martha Carr2017-09-05Soul Stone Mage
10BuyProtection of MagicNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2017-08-29Leira Chronicles
11BuyEmberNovelS.M. Boyce, Martha Carr2017-11-20Fairhaven Chronicles
12BuyThe Midwest WandererNovelFlint Maxwell, Martha Carr2017-10-30Midwest Magic Chronicles
13BuyCombatantNovelA.L. Knorr, Martha Carr2017-12-24Kacy Chronicles
14BuyThe Dark ForestNovelSarah Noffke, Martha Carr2017-09-19Soul Stone Mage
15BuyRule of MagicNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2017-09-26Leira Chronicles
16BuyNightfallNovelS.M. Boyce, Martha Carr2017-12-27Fairhaven Chronicles
17BuyThe Midwest WhispererNovelFlint Maxwell, Martha Carr2017-11-15Midwest Magic Chronicles
18BuyTranscendentNovelA.L. Knorr, Martha Carr2018-03-23Kacy Chronicles
19BuyMountain of TruthNovelSarah Noffke, Martha Carr2017-10-03Soul Stone Mage
20BuyDealing in MagicNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2017-11-23Leira Chronicles
21BuyThe Midwest WarNovelFlint Maxwell, Martha Carr2017-12-19Midwest Magic Chronicles
22BuyLand of TerranNovelSarah Noffke, Martha Carr2017-10-17Soul Stone Mage
23BuyTheft of MagicNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-01-31Leira Chronicles
24BuyNew EgyptNovelSarah Noffke, Martha Carr2017-12-04Soul Stone Mage
25BuyEnemies of MagicNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-02-28Leira Chronicles
26BuyLancothyNovelSarah Noffke, Martha Carr2018-02-21Soul Stone Mage
27BuyGuardians of MagicNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-04-11Leira Chronicles
28BuyVirgoNovelSarah Noffke, Martha Carr2018-04-23Soul Stone Mage
29BuyDefender of MagicNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2020-08-10Leira Chronicles
30BuyRise of MagicNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2020-09-13Leira Chronicles
31BuyWarrior MagicNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2020-10-11Leira Chronicles
32BuyBattle MagicNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2020-11-15Leira Chronicles
33BuyTrick or TrollNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2017-10-15Leira Chronicles
34BuyChristmas at Estelle'sNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2017-12-19Leira Chronicles
35BuyTales from the Oriceran Unvierse Vol. 1AnthologyLucinda, Pebre, Tracey Byrnes, Tim Bischoff, Kat N. Snow, T.R. Cameron, Mandi F., Lisa Frett, Craig Lewis2019-01-15Oriceran Fans Write for the Fans
36BuyTales from the Oriceran Universe Vol. 2AnthologyMichael Anderle, Tracey Byrnes, Lisa Frett, Charles Tillman, Dominic Novielli, Logan Caird, T. L. Gryfen2019-04-15Oriceran Fans Write for the Fans
37BuyKill the WillingNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-05-02I Fear No Evil
38BuyBury the Past but Shoot it FirstNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-05-20I Fear No Evil
39BuyReload FasterNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-07-08I Fear No Evil
40BuyDead in Plain SightNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-07-12I Fear No Evil
41BuyThe Artifact EnigmaNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-10-29The Daniel Codex
42BuyArtifact of the Sky GodsNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-11-12The Daniel Codex
43BuyFeared by HellNovelMichael Anderle2018-04-05Brownstone
44BuyRejected by HeavenNovelMichael Anderle2018-04-19Brownstone
45BuyArtifact of the True PatriotNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-11-25The Daniel Codex
46BuyTomb Raiding PHDNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-08-08I Fear No Evil
47BuyEye for an EyeNovelMichael Anderle2018-05-04Brownstone
48BuyBring the PainNovelMichael Anderle2018-05-24Brownstone
49BuyDark is Her NatureNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-06-06The School of Necessary Magic
50BuyArtifact of the GuardiansNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-12-30The Daniel Codex
51BuyTomb Raider EmeritusNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-09-05I Fear No Evil
52BuyShe is the Widow MakerNovelMichael Anderle2018-06-07Brownstone
53BuyWhen Angels CryNovelMichael Anderle2018-06-21Brownstone
54BuyFight Fire With FireNovelMichael Anderle2018-07-05Brownstone
55BuyHail to the KingNovelMichael Anderle2018-07-22Brownstone
56BuyBright is Her SightNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-06-25The School of Necessary Magic
57BuyAlison BrownstoneNovelMichael Anderle2018-08-15Brownstone
58BuyOne Bad DecisionNovelMichael Anderle2018-09-06Brownstone
59BuyWary Is Her LoveNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-07-30The School of Necessary Magic
60BuyFatal MistakeNovelMichael Anderle2018-09-20Brownstone
61BuyKarma Is a BitchNovelMichael Anderle2018-10-11Brownstone
62BuyVax HumanaNovelMichael Anderle2018-11-15Brownstone
63BuyOne Epic RingNovelMichael Anderle2018-12-06Brownstone
64BuyStrong Is Her HopeNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-08-07The School of Necessary Magic
65BuySpontaneous JusticeNovelMichael Anderle2019-01-03Brownstone
66BuyShadow of the RingNovelMichael Anderle2019-02-07Brownstone
67BuyWicked Is Her SmileNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-08-27The School of Necessary Magic
68BuyThe Horsemen GatherNovelMichael Anderle2019-03-07Brownstone
69BuyWar of the Four WorldsNovelMichael Anderle2019-04-18Brownstone
70BuyStrange Is Her LifeNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-10-15The School of Necessary Magic
71BuyDetermined Is Her PathNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-10-22The School of Necessary Magic
72BuyEpic Is Her FutureNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-11-08The School of Necessary Magic
73BuyWard of the FBINovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-11-26School of Necessary Magic Raine
74BuyOrphan WitchNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-12-17School of Necessary Magic Raine
75BuySpecial Witch of the FBINovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-01-07School of Necessary Magic Raine
76BuyOath of the WitchNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-02-11School of Necessary Magic Raine
77BuyCold Case of the WitchNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-03-04School of Necessary Magic Raine
78BuyWitch FugitiveNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-04-10School of Necessary Magic Raine
79BuyUntouchable WitchNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-05-07School of Necessary Magic Raine
80BuyProbationary AgentNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-06-17School of Necessary Magic Raine
81BuyA Necessary WitchNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-07-08School of Necessary Magic Raine
82BuyHer Father's DaughterNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-12-03Alison Brownstone
83BuyOn Her OwnNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2018-12-26Alison Brownstone
84BuyMy Name is AlisonNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-01-14Alison Brownstone
85BuyThe Family BusinessNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-01-28Alison Brownstone
86BuyRoad Trip: BBQ And A BrawlNovelMichael Anderle2019-05-30Brownstone
87BuyThe Brownstone EffectNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-02-25Alison Brownstone
88BuyBBQ Delivered with AttitudeNovelMichael Anderle2019-09-12Brownstone
89BuyThe Dark PrincessNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-03-18Alison Brownstone
90BuyBBQ With A Side of No ApologiesNovelMichael Anderle2020-02-07Brownstone
91BuyThe Queen's DaughterNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-04-03Alison Brownstone
92BuyBBQ and STFUNovelMichael Anderle2020-05-07Brownstone
93BuyThe Drow HunterNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-05-07Alison Brownstone
94BuyA Brownstone ResponseNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-06-03Alison Brownstone
95BuyMagic Street BoogieNovelTR Cameron, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-11-03Scions of Magic
96BuyMagic OpsNovelTR Cameron, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-03-20Federal Agents of Magic
97BuyGo Dwarf YourselfNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2020-10-03Dwarf Bounty Hunter
98BuyA Brownstone SolutionNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-06-24Alison Brownstone
99BuyMystical Alley GrooveNovelTR Cameron, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-12-09Scions of Magic
100BuyAgents of MayhemNovelTR Cameron, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-04-17Federal Agents of Magic
101BuyDon't Give A DwarfNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2020-11-08Dwarf Bounty Hunter
102BuyAll Dwarf'ed UpNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2020-12-06Dwarf Bounty Hunter
103BuyZero Dwarfs GivenNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2021-01-03Dwarf Bounty Hunter
104BuyWhat The DwarfNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2021-02-07Dwarf Bounty Hunter
105BuyDwarf It AllNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2021-03-08Dwarf Bounty Hunter
106BuyCluster DwarfNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2021-04-04Dwarf Bounty Hunter
107BuyFor Dwarf's SakeNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2021-05-02Dwarf Bounty Hunter
108BuyBig, Bad Mother Dwarf'erNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2021-06-06Dwarf Bounty Hunter
109BuyKeep Your Enemies CloserNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-07-22Alison Brownstone
110BuyBewitched Avenue ShuffleNovelTR Cameron, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2020-01-05Scions of Magic
111BuyCounter OpsNovelTR Cameron, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-05-15Federal Agents of Magic
112BuyRise UpNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-08-12Alison Brownstone
113BuyDark ReunionNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-09-29Alison Brownstone
114BuyDrow ConquerorNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-11-20Alison Brownstone
115BuyDrow TriumphantNovelJudith Berens, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2020-01-08Alison Brownstone
116BuyBermuda Triangle BluesNovelTR Cameron, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2020-01-26Scions of Magic
117BuyAgents of ChaosNovelTR Cameron, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-06-12Federal Agents of Magic
118BuySpell Street SwingNovelTR Cameron, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2020-02-23Scions of Magic
119BuyCovert OpsNovelTR Cameron, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-07-10Federal Agents of Magic
120BuySorcerer’s WaltzNovelTR Cameron, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2020-03-23Scions of Magic
121BuyAgents of OrderNovelTR Cameron, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-08-14Federal Agents of Magic
122BuyEnchanted TwistNovelTR Cameron, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2020-04-21Scions of Magic
123BuyArcane OpsNovelTR Cameron, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-09-05Federal Agents of Magic
124BuyThe Last DanceNovelTR Cameron, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2020-05-31Scions of Magic
125BuyAgents of VengeanceNovelTR Cameron, Martha Carr, Michael Anderle2019-10-03Federal Agents of Magic
126BuyReturn of MagicNovelMartha Carr, Michael Anderle2020-12-14Leira Chronicles

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