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What’s on the Metroid Game Timeline?

Even though Metroid has been a hugely popular series of games for Nintendo, there isn’t much beyond the games. This is probably due to Nintendo’s common reluctance to license their characters. However, there are a few comics that flesh out some backstory, in addition to the games in the series, and the release order of the games is not the same as┬áthe chronological order. The chronological order of the games has been confirmed by Nintendo, so here is that order of the Metroid games. Don’t forget to let us know if you see any errors.

Metroid: Vol. 1Comic
Metroid: Vol. 2Comic
Metroid: Zero MissionGame
Metroid PrimeGame
Metroid Prime HuntersGame
Metroid Prime 2: EchoesGame
Metroid Prime 3: CorruptionGame
Metroid II: Return of SamusGame
Super MetroidGame
Metroid: Other MGame
Metroid FusionGame
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