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The Old Republic: Revan is a book that explains the background of the video game, The Old Republic, but serves a dual purpose of tying up the loose ends from the Knights of the Old Republic video games. This has been long awaited ever since Knights of the Old Republic 2 ended abruptly and with such an open ending, and it’s finally here. The Old Republic: Revan is a great example of being part of a franchise within a franchise. Some of the backgrounds might be confusing if you haven’t played the games, but the book is definitely well written and one of my favorite Star Wars novels I’ve read in a while.

This book is clearly divided into two parts, the first taking place between the games, and the second taking place after Knights of the Old Republic 2. If you’re reading it while playing the games, I’d recommend splitting the book up into those 2 parts. Another great perk in the chronology of the Old Republic is that even though the games are RPGs and the character could be male/female, good/bad it’s finally confirmed that Revan is male and the Exile is female, both with light side endings. The Exile is even given a name for the first time, Meetra.

The characters are easily the best part of the novel which seems more personal in general. If you’ve played the games the characters will be even more identifiable and it’s good to see them in action again. Additionally, the original characters are also interesting enough to keep the reader’s interest. The character of Lord Scourge, though at times showing a few evil cliches, still demonstrates different motives that deepen his character. The character of the Emperor (not to be confused with Emperor Palpatine) is also intriguing and provides a deep sense of real threat that persists after the end of the book.

The pacing and action of the book is great, especially for those who have trouble sitting down to read for long periods of time. The book switches between the hero and the villain, almost every chapter, making it easy to start and stop when needed. The only downside is that it’s easy to keep reading for long periods of time if you’re that type of reader. Karpyshyn’s writing style is easy to follow and enjoyable to read. The dialogue is equally likable. Overall, a very entertaining read.

Continuity Note: This is one of the few instances that I do recommend reading part of the book after the first video game and the second part after the second video game. This is because they both very clearly take place at these instances and are spaced several years apart within the book.


The first part of this book takes place between Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2.

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