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Star Wars: Deceived though written by a man with a smaller amount of Star Wars writing experience, is actually quite enjoyable. This is generally because it has much of the characterization and compelling plot that Star Wars is known for, and keeps you moving through the plot.

The Old Republic timeline is huge and there are literally hundreds of characters. This explains the need for much of the tie-in material that is being produced, giving us the opportunity to better get to know some of the characters. Deceived does this superbly focusing on a few characters, but not too many to confuse the reader. I thought it worked out very well. Each of the characters feels relatively well fleshed out. Some of the motives for the characters are stereotypical and shallow: motives like revenge or family. While these are not bad motives, they need to be coupled with some other internal conflicts/emotions to complicate the situation. Deceived does not do this.

Star Wars is all about drama and the development of characters in extreme situations. Its science-fiction setting is merely the ambiance of the story. Deceived does a good job of maintaining the focus on the characters and the drama, and not focusing as much on the military, scientific, or political events going on in the universe.

Continuity Note: Deceived is a prequel book to Fatal Alliance and both of which tie into the online role-playing-game The Old Republic. This book specifically focuses on the main villain Darth Malgus and the events of the sacking of Coruscant which has a huge ripple effect through the game.

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The Old Republic: Deceived
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