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After I finished Book 2 of the Mistborn Trilogy the situation looked pretty bad. I started Book 3, Hero of Ages. It was one of the rare occasions when I finished the book in under three days, even when I had other things to do. If you’ve read The Well of Ascension, DON’T STOP. Read The Hero of Ages!

After having released the dark power known as Ruin from its confinement at the Well of Ascension, Vin and Elend travel the kingdom uniting the Dominances to their cause and gathering their army.

Still their cause seems hopeless as the opposing Koloss armies, led by Steel Inquisitors, seem too vast and powerful to overcome. Even the very environment seems to be against them. The Ashmounts do not cease to spew out black ash, and the Mists seem more and more reluctant to retreat at sunrise. Since Ruin is able to observe everything they say and do, their chances seem dim indeed.

The book is a classic example of equals and opposites, of good and evil, combined with a mystique surrounding the philosophy and religion. The book presents philosophical questions such as: If there is a God why does evil prevail? And – Does the spirit live on after death? Sanderson does a superb job of answering these questions in a manner that fits the world of the Mistborn. Once again the book is teaming with original ideas, unexpected twists in the story, and likeable characters. The ending is truly spectacular. When I finished the book I lay in awe for several minutes. The book finishes with yet another unexpected twist in the story that nobody could possibly anticipate, and is extremely satisfying.

I rarely rate a book as a 10. I did so here because I honestly couldn’t think of anything negative to comment on in the book. It seems any past mistakes Brandon Sanderson made in the previous books were made in the rush to write The Hero of Ages. A brilliantly written novel and a must for any fantasy reader.

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