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The Gypsy Morph is a fitting conclusion to the Genesis of Shannara trilogy. There is not much to say about it that has not been said previously of the first two novels. I tend to characterize the three novels as one.

Hawk has now been reunited with his street friends. He has been given the knowledge of his power and his destiny by the fairy creature known as the King of the Silver River and he sets out, with his street family, to save them, himself, and the hundreds of others who begin joining him. However, he is being stalked by a dangerous monster of a demon, a demon who has never known defeat.

Logan Tom is given a reassignment from the Word to seek out the elf Kirisin and aid him in protecting the Elves. Kirisin has been chosen to use the Loden Elfstone to safely transport the entire elven city and all who remain inside it. But they hit several snags as they encounter a large army of demons and once-men encamped just outside the borders of the elven city.

Meanwhile a solitary man is locked up in a missile bunker from whence he can launch all of the missiles on the continent. And he’s going mad.

The Gypsy Morph is a good book, but it lacks a “magical” quality that the others have. The Elves of Cintra, for example, was full of action, suspense, and overall drive. The Gypsy Morph, however, seems drawn out, as if the author could no longer think of new plot twists. Also, the plot is generally predictable and unoriginal. The ending is similar to many others in the Shannara books, and is a huge letdown considering the buildup that had been developing over all three books, and even before that.

However, the novel remains a satisfying ending to the trilogy in general. The villain, Findo Gask, seen even before the start of the Genesis of Shannara trilogy in Angel Fire East, is finally confronted after a heavy buildup. The characters are also better developed in this book, particularly the character of Logan Tom, who embraces his past and the magic he wields so he is no longer afraid of them.

As the conclusion to the trilogy I highly recommend The Gypsy Morph and the two books that came before it. In my opinion it is one of the most enjoyable trilogies that Terry Brooks has written, and seeing as he was writing only eighty years into our future, he was able to create an original mix between our world and the world of Shannara.

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The Gypsy Morph
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