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The great thing about The Dragon Reborn is it can become a great book to end with if you decide you don’t want to continue reading the eleven books that remain. One plot line that has been cooking for the first and second books is finally brought to a conclusion. However, it is in this book that many more plot-lines are introduced and you get a basic idea for what will follow.

One thing I loved about this book is the rising threat that grows throughout the storyline. You learn that the “Forsaken” are all loose, scattered, and hidden, biding their time. This highly increases the suspense when Rand is searching for his destiny on his own without any help. It also makes it much more interesting when other characters are on their own for the first time.

Once again, Robert Jordan excels at developing cultures. In The Dragon Reborn the cultures most developed are those in Tear as well as the Aiel, though the Aiel become fully developed in the next book. This book gives you just enough to realize that the cultures make perfect sense and yet they are completely different from each other and from modern cultures.

The downside to this book is that the title character (Rand, aka The Dragon Reborn) gets little to no page time. Although much of the book is spent elaborating on the legend he is developing, I would have hoped to actually read more about the Dragon Reborn himself.

Much of the book doesn’t have much action. This becomes true of many of the books from now on, with the exception of The Shadow Rising. The ending remains true to Robert Jordan’s genius in writing epic climaxes, but the rest of the book is buildup and no action. This makes it somewhat difficult to get through. Also, much of the book seems a bit forced. Everyone starts off in different places and they all manage to end up in the same place. Luckily Robert Jordan has come up with ways of explaining strange coincidences in his world.

If you liked book one and two, I highly recommend you move on to this book. If you don’t want to read on, that’s fine, this book is the best place to end without extended commitment. However, I personally recommend you keep reading. Especially because book 4, The Shadow Rising is one of the best books Robert Jordan has written.

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The Dragon Reborn
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