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The Avengers is easily the best superhero movie I have ever seen in my life. Now before Christopher Nolan fans get mad at me let me clarify that I’m not counting the Batman movies since they are almost a completely different genre and can’t really be compared. However The Avengers was a fantastic film! The only down side I can possibly think of is that it makes me not as eager to watch the previous films, all of which pale in comparison.

The film starts out with a bang, but then slows down to gradually re-introduce each Avenger. Though this does slow down the action a bit, it also presents a number of possibilities. For instance, the first half of the film fulfills just about every nerd’s dream. The film places just about every Avenger against every other. Many situations that have probably been debated over and over online are answered, such as Thor’s hammer vs. Captain America’s shield. Once they all come together and the final battle(s) begin, it keeps getting better and better without stopping. It’s a perfect culmination of the two hour buildup, no to mention the hype of the five movies that came before.

There are significantly more main characters to keep track of in The Avengers but surprisingly the character development is more advanced then in any of the previous films. This isn’t too surprising actually because Joss Whedon has proved in the past that he can handle a large ensemble of characters as he did in his film Serenity. This is especially true of Iron Man who comes to a greater confrontation between his hero’s side and his selfishness, which bumped him up to the top of my list of favorite Avengers. Many other have a good amount of character development, especially Captain America, and the Hulk. It therefore helps keep the movie nice and three dimensional (literally and figuratively).

Joss Whedon has already proved a mastery of witty dialogue in his past projects. The Avengers is nothing but a progression of his skill in writing. The whole movie is a perfect blend of serious and humorous writing. Additionally, you may have experienced, in other films, several moments where the logical part of your brain figures out a better wway for the story to progress, or when you ask, “why didn’t they do something else?” In The Avengers every plot development makes sense and is exactly what you would want to happen. For instance, the Hulk does a lot of things that everyone secretly wishes he would do more often (though I can’t say more without spoilers).

Overall, I will forever stand by my giving this film a 10/10. This was one of the most incredible cinematic experiences I’ve had in a long time. Although it might be prudent to go watch some of the previous lead-up films first, I would still recommend this film to everyone whether you like comic books or not.

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