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Mass Effect: Revelation was an enjoyable book to read. As a Mass Effect fan from the beginning, this book provided me with some back story that helped to fill in the holes with the characters in the games. I won’t say that this novel is perfect, but Drew Karpyshyn has proven himself multiple times before at being about to write a good science fiction novel. He does so here.

My favorite part of the novel was the characters. Anderson, who appears as a mentor to the main characters in the game, is well rounded, likable, and much is explained of his story that fits with the overall timeline. The other characters are also consistent and they help keep the novel diverse and interesting. The character of Saren is particularly well written, making him seem like a major threat, even though he is on the side of the good guys. This fits with the later events of the first game.

The plot itself has just enough mystery to make it interesting, though it might not make as much sense to people who have not played the game. For those who have played the games, you will love the occasional hints at impending events. It definitely sets the stage for the games.

Continuity Note: the novel takes place shortly before the first Mass Effect game. It deals primarily with the back stories of Colonel Anderson and the Spectre Saren.

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