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So I realize that by giving this a 10 out of 10 I risk upsetting a large fan base who were incensed with the ending. I will get to the ending in a bit. The point is I already thought Mass Effect 2 was a near perfect game, and every small problem I had with it as fixed in Mass Effect 3. I will stand by my rating, and I don’t often give out 10s.

Everything good about the second game is also in this one. The game is a perfect hybrid of role-playing-game and first-person-shooter, making the game enjoyable for those who enjoy games with a lot of combat and those who love to immerse themselves in what is a lush and extremely detailed universe. The game is huge, and will easily take 24 hours or more to complete, much more if you do all the side quest. Another aspect that makes this game so huge is the way it continues where the previous games left off and the decisions you made in those games affect Mass Effect 3. My friend played the game and had completely different characters in many instances. It must have a massive amount of recorded dialogue.

Many of the small errors from the other games have been fixed and improved upon. The tedious process of collecting resources is no longer nearly as tedious and time consuming. Also, in the first Mass Effect the armor and weapons were too customizable it got confusing. In the second game they over compensated with little to no customization. In Mass Effect 3 however, it’s more customizable, but not too much. It’s perfect. Additionally, the graphics are beyond incredible. On two separate occasions I had someone walk in and ask “What movie are you watching.” It’s a beautiful game.

Now to tackle the ending(s). Don’t ready any further if you want to avoid spoilers. People don’t like the endings primarily because of the fact that Shepard often dies, the Mass Relays are destroyed, or the way Joker and a few others crash land on an unknown planet. To those who complain of the ending I’d like to say…suck it up. There are literally a dozen or so different ways to end this game. That’s cool! The plot has been leading up to an ending with big galactic consequences such as we were given. We’re talking about a destructive cycle of machine vs galactic life that has gone on for countless millennia and is finally about to end. That kind of story is bound to have a far-sweeping ending that has a lot of consequences and creates a lot of legends. I therefore found the ending(s) to be quite appropriate.

So now that I’ve defended that, I still stand by my rating. This was a fantastic game. It felt more like immersing myself in a book, except I could choose the path it takes and it plays out like a high-quality movie. A masterpiece of storytelling.

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