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So after finishing the first game, Mass Effect I was eager, as always, to play the sequel. I know a sequel is good if I am completely blown away by the improvements made on the original. This rarely happens, but it happened in Mass Effect 2. To make it simple, Mass Effect 2 comes as close to being the perfect game as I think it is possible to be.\

I’m going to just get the negative points out of the way first so I can talk about how amazing the game was. In the first game, one of the biggest downsides was the steep learning curve of the menus. It never was very simple to equip yourself and your companions, because the options were so complicated. In Mass Effect 2 these options were significantly boiled down. In some ways this was a good things, as it simplified gameplay, however in many cases I thought it was a little too simple. The options for finding armor upgrades and customization was significantly reduced. This is only a minor drawback, as there was a full fleshed-out upgrade system balancing the problem. So no biggie.

Everything else about the game was amazing! The beginning was unexpected and a great way to start out an RPG. Almost every downside to the first game was addressed. The gameplay is significantly simpler providing a faster-paced plot. The combat system was greatly improved, taking a lot of cues from the Gears of War franchise, including a lot of duck and cover gameplay. There is now ammo, instead of the overheating system of the first game. And, my favorite addition, health recharge!

Despite all of these improvements that make the game feel exactly like a first-person-shooter, the game still retains a classic role-playing-game feel that we’ve come to expect from BioWare. The game is still quite long and you are free to choose between good or bad. Your interaction with your companions also has a much greater effect on the overall gameplay, encouraging you to spend more time talking with them. The story is compelling and the ending, amazing.

I literally have almost nothing bad to say about this game. Even the minor flaws don’t really seem that big when compared to the overall scope of the game. If BioWare can make this many advancements on Mass Effect 3 than it truly will be a perfect game.

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