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Knights of the Old Republic though it is now a bit outdated, still provides several hours of fun and presents a story that has had a major effect on the Star Wars timeline. Many characters and ideas first presented in this game have gone on to be used in books, comics, and other video games. When stripped down to the essentials being outdated doesn’t matter as much as a good story, memorable characters and an awesome twist in the middle.

The gameplay is a little awkward when played on a console, not as bad on a PC, though it’s not a huge problem and could be played either way. The combat looks really good for being on a turned based system that has since lost a lot of popularity. The customization of weapons, armor, items, as well as the strategy involved in the selection of equipment is half the fun of the game though it can take a lot of time and if you’re not an RPG type of person you might not have the patience for it.

The story, however, is the best part of this video game and sets it apart as one of the best video games in the franchise. It moves a lot like a book and literally takes forever to get through, even if you skip the side quests. A lot of the dialogue an be a bit melodramatic. However, these are mostly during less important quests, and it is clear that the important mainstream moments in the plot were written by better writers.

It’s interesting that even though a surprise twist in the plot is kind of a Star Wars thing already (Luke, I am your Father). It’s not something that has been used too often. In Knights of the Old Republic however, the twist in the middle is completely unexpected and fantastic. It’s probably what makes the story so good. As far as continuity goes it doesn’t have much to do with the events of the Tales of the Jedi series, even though it takes place only some 40 years later. The two don’t really mix too well.

Overall, this is a great game and easily one of the best stories in the Star Wars expanded universe. That have come out so far.

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Knights of the Old Republic
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