Knights of the Old Republic: War

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Knights of the Old Republic: War, despite the fact that it takes place during the Mandalorian wars, which has been building up since the beginning, is a really dull graphic novel. The character of Zayne is consistent with the way he is in the other comics, but has severely lost a sense of destiny that he had before. Now, he seems like an uninteresting unskilled Jedi, caught between two different sides of the war, and not wanting to be a part of either. This plot piece could have worked, had it no been for the fact that nothing happens throughout the graphic novel. The war rages on with the same level of intensity that it did at the start, with little or no change.

The artwork is roughly the same level as previous graphic novels in the series, good but unremarkable. The dialogue is still well written, consistant with John Jackson Miller’s style, but lacking a lot in the humor that dotted the previous comics. This is one feature that could have made the graphic novel much better, but fails to do so. War is quite possibly, the worst graphic novel in the series, and certainly not a good way to end it.


Knights of the Old Republic: War #1-5

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Knights of the Old Republic: War
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