Knights of the Old Republic: Dueling Ambitions

About Knights of the Old Republic: Dueling Ambitions

Knights of the Old Republic: Dueling Ambitions is actually quite different from the previous graphic novels in the series. Instead of one longer storyline it takes the form of several short stories. This improves a little later but for this particular graphic novel it’s not as fun. After the huge epic galaxy changing ending to the first story arch it seems a little juvenile. It’s almost as if the story they meant to tell had been told but it was still popular so they had to come up with something new, quick.

The artwork doesn’t seem to reflect this idea however. Despite the more lighthearted feel to the story the artwork is much darker, sort of the opposite problem of Knights of the Old Republic: Vector which was dark with lighthearted artwork. The only exception to the idea that it’s too episodic is the fact that there are several recurring themes, like the mysterious past of Jarael, which does add a certain intrigue and continuity to the randomness of the graphic novel. Overall, it’s got a few problems but the writing remains brilliant. It just might seem a little disappointing when compared to the previous story arch.


Knights of the Old Republic #36-41

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