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Evolution is one of the best sci-fi graphic novels I’ve read in a while. John Jackson Miller, almost always a genius writer, creates compelling characters, and a story that kept me glued to the pages from start to finish. The story covers the backstory of a couple of characters, primarily that of the Illusive Man in Mass Effect 2 and why he became the way he is. John Jackson Miller has a gift for making villains seem relatable, and he does so here, although I think the switch from Jack Harper to the Illusive Man might have been a little sudden.

The artwork for Evolution is perhaps the best part. It looks beautiful. The colors are vibrant, the shadows well contrasted, and the penciling is simple but detailed. It looks like a part of the Mass Effect universe and fits well with the overall story.

Continuity Note: Evolution takes place twenty five years or so before the games, and details the first contact war between the human race and the Turians. It also provides the much awaited backstory for the Illusive Man in the second game.


Mass Effect: Evolution #1-4, Mass Effect: Incursion, Mass Effect: Inquisition

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