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While I do like this short story for the characters and the way it ties into the other platforms in the Dawn of the Jedi series, this short story doesn’t really do much for the overall series. It seems more like a promotional piece that exists for that purpose alone. The story follows Lanoree, the protagonist in the novel Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void, but does little to develop her character. We are only introduced to her, as preparation for reading the novel. However, we do get a nice look at Hawk Ryo, which acts as a kind of bridge between the comics and the novel.

Chronology Note: This short story takes place shortly before the events of the novel or the majority of the first comic series Force Storm.


Included in Into the Void paperback.

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  1. Superblunt

    Where can I read this short story, if I have no access to SW Insider? Is it included in any edition of Into the Void?

  2. Jason Hamilton

    Yes, it should be in the paperback version. I believe the audio was also included in the Into the Void audiobook.

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