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Being a Terry Brooks fan, I of course had to pick up Bearers of the Black Staff to read. I’m afraid to say that I was disappointed. It lacked a lot of material, not because it was a cliffhanger but because it just didn’t have any exciting content at all.

Sider Ament is the last remaining Knight of the Word who carries his badge of office, the black staff. He has spent much of his life patrolling the protective barriers that conceal the last civilization of Men, and Elves. Now however, the barriers are beginning to fade and creatures from outside are moving in. Sider is faced with the seemingly impossible task of convincing the council that there is a danger that lurks outside of the barrier.

What can be said about Bearers of the Black Staff is that Terry Brook’s style remains easy quick to read. The book should not take you very long and if brevity is what you enjoy than this should be a plus. However, considering the fact that Terry Brooks is writing a fantasy, it should probably have more content than it does. Since Bearers of the Black Staff is the first of a duology I would guess that even the two books combined would still be a little short and that the two were separated to make more money.

The book, like many of Terry Brook’s most recent books, is very predictable, especially if you’ve read any of the author’s other publications. Pretty much the same things happen in each book. I could have told you right from the start what eventually did happen to the character of Sider.

In addition, the book does not give you a break. I understand that Terry Brooks is not necessarily the best author to read when depressed, but there simply wasn’t any hopeful or cheerful moments. Give us something to look forward to, please, Mr. Brooks.

I always tend to enjoy Terry Brook’s fantasy series, but I’m afraid this one let me down. If you like the series than read it because it provides several key links as a prequel, but other than that I can’t recommend it to anyone.

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Bearers of the Black Staff
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