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Batman Begins was a surprise to all of us I think. When it first came ou I remember thinking, “Oh, another superhero movie!” which I was excited for but didn’t expect what would spawn from it, nor the fact that every superhero movie mad since would be compared against Christopher Nolan’s films. Very few films have since come close to what Christopher Nolan started.

Batman Begins was a reboot of the Batman film franchise which had been shot down seven years earlier with the failure of Batman and Robin. Unlike previous film installments Batman Begins takes a look at Batman’s origins, his decisions in becoming the caped crusader, his motives, etc. This made it an appropriate reboot and gave the creators a solid unused foundation to work with.

The best thing that the film has going for it is the realistic approach. The motives that Bruce Wayne has for becoming Batman seem quite feasible. I mean, let’s face it, a man dressing as a bat and going out to battle crime does not appear like the most realistic plot line. But Christopher Nolan does an excellent job of making it seem like it could happen. For example, Ra’s al Ghul in the Batman mythos, frequently visits the “Lazarus Pit” to extend his life indefinitely. In the film, however, Ra’s is more of an idea which becomes immortal, and there is no mention of physical immortality of any kind.

The visual effects are not very noticeable which is a testament to the realistic focus of the film. Many of the visuals were not created digitally, though a few were probably enhanced digitally. Overall it’s a good look. The sound is also well mixed, and when combined with a thrilling fast paced soundtrack makes the film audibly appealing as well.

The acting is possibly the best part. Christian Bale pulls off a thoughtful, driven, Batman/Bruce Wayne. His performance of the double life that Bruce Wayne has to play is wonderful despite how difficult it is to juggle all of the emotions Batman would be feeing. Add to that some stellar performances from experienced actors like Liam Neeson, Michael Caine, and Morgan Freeman and you’ve got a great performance.

Overall, the shaping of a Batman reboot has been well done. I particularly liked how the plot of the film starts at Batman’s lowest point which slowly improves, whilst the story of how he got to that low point is told through flashbacks. There is very little to say about this film that is not great. And it only gets better.

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