A Trip to the Moon

About A Trip to the Moon

This is the first, slightly longer film that we have on our list. And it’s also near and dear to my heart, because it could be described as the first true science fiction film in existance. It involves a group of astronauts that are fired out of a huge canon, out of the atmosphere and onto the moon. The director, Georges Méliès, was formerly a magician, which he put to use to create some of the best special effects that audiences had seen to date. Even today they’re revered as hugely innovative for the industry. This was the time when audiences first became aware of what film could do as a medium that was nearly impossible in any other form of storytelling.

I studied this film in college, and it remains one of my favorite pieces of film history. That image with the rocket crashing into the moon, who also has a face, has become so iconic, even over 100 years later. I highly recommend checking it out.


Pioneer in special effects.

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A Trip to the Moon
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