Marvel Netflix Episode Order

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What’s in the Marvel Netflix Episode Order?

This is our Marvel Netflix Episode Order, for those who only want to watch Marvel’s acclaimed series of television shows that debuted on Netflix. These shows include Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders, and more!

Now technically these shows have been confirmed to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, they are so far removed from the events of those films, that they stand on their own. They stand on their own so much, that they might even become a separate universe in the future, if the MCU continues to ignore them. Regardless, they are still some very good shows, and we highly recommend them.

Where to start watching the Marvel Netflix Series?

You should definitely start watching these episodes chronologically, starting with Daredevil. However, most of the shows do stand on their own, particularly some like Jessica Jones. However, it helps to see Luke Cage after Jessica Jones, or Iron Fist after the first 2 seasons of Daredevil. The Defenders definitely requires prior knowledge of the characters, much like The Avengers does for the MCU movies. Bottom line, we recommend you watch them in order.

1BuyDaredevil 1.01: Into the RingTV EpisodePhil AbrahamNetflix2015-04-10Continuity is unsure for Daredevil, except that it takes place 2 years after Avengers. This is the most comfortable place in the timeline, 2 years later.
2BuyDaredevil 1.02: Cut ManTV EpisodePhil AbrahamNetflix2015-04-10
3BuyDaredevil 1.03: Rabbit in a SnowstormTV EpisodeAdam KaneNetflix2015-04-10
4BuyDaredevil 1.04: In the BloodTV EpisodeKen GirottiNetflix2015-04-10
5BuyDaredevil 1.05: World on FireTV EpisodeFarren BlackburnNetflix2015-04-10
6BuyDaredevil 1.06: CondemnedTV EpisodeGuy FerlandNetflix2015-04-10
7BuyDaredevil 1.07: StickTV EpisodeBrad TurnerNetflix2015-04-10
8BuyDaredevil 1.08: Shadows in the GlassTV EpisodeStephen SurjikNetflix2015-04-10
9BuyDaredevil 1.09: Speak of the DevilTV EpisodeNelson McCormickNetflix2015-04-10
10BuyDaredevil 1.10: Nelson v. MurdockTV EpisodeFarren BlackburnNetflix2015-04-10
11BuyDaredevil 1.11: The Path of the RighteousTV EpisodeNick GomezNetflix2015-04-10
12BuyDaredevil 1.12: The Ones We Leave BehindTV EpisodeEuros LynNetflix2015-04-10
13BuyDaredevil 1.13: DaredevilTV EpisodeSteven S. DeKnightNetflix2015-04-10
14BuyJessica Jones 1.01: AKA Ladies NightTV EpisodeS. J. ClarksonNetflix2015-11-20
15BuyJessica Jones 1.02: AKA Crush SyndromeTV EpisodeS. J. ClarksonNetflix2015-11-20
16BuyJessica Jones 1.03: AKA It's Called WhiskeyTV EpisodeDavid PetrarcaNetflix2015-11-20
17BuyJessica Jones 1.04: AKA 99 FriendsTV EpisodeDavid PetrarcaNetflix2015-11-20
18BuyJessica Jones 1.05: AKA The Sandwich Saved MeTV EpisodeStephen SurjikNetflix2015-11-20
19BuyJessica Jones 1.06: AKA You're a Winner!TV EpisodeStephen SurjikNetflix2015-11-20
20BuyJessica Jones 1.07: AKA Top Shelf PervertsTV EpisodeSimon Cellan JonesNetflix2015-11-20
21BuyJessica Jones 1.08: AKA WWJD?TV EpisodeSimon Cellan JonesNetflix2015-11-20
22BuyJessica Jones 1.09: AKA Sin BinTV EpisodeJohn DahlNetflix2015-11-20
23BuyJessica Jones 1.10: AKA 1,000 CutsTV EpisodeRosemary RodriguezNetflix2015-11-20
24BuyJessica Jones 1.11: AKA I've Got the BluesTV EpisodeUta BriesewitzNetflix2015-11-20
25BuyJessica Jones 1.12: AKA Take a Bloody NumberTV EpisodeBilly GierhartNetflix2015-11-20
26BuyJessica Jones 1.13: AKA SmileTV EpisodeMichael RymerNetflix2015-11-20
27BuyDaredevil 2.01: BangTV EpisodePhil AbrahamNetflix2016-03-18
28BuyDaredevil 2.02: Dogs to a GunfightTV EpisodePhil AbrahamNetflix2016-03-18
29BuyDaredevil 2.03: New York's FinestTV EpisodeMarc JobstNetflix2016-03-18
30BuyDaredevil 2.04: Penny and DimeTV EpisodePeter HoarNetflix2016-03-18
31BuyDaredevil 2.05: KinbakuTV EpisodeFloria SigismondiNetflix2016-03-18
32BuyDaredevil 2.06: Regrets OnlyTV EpisodeAndy GoddardNetflix2016-03-18
33BuyDaredevil 2.07: Semper FidelisTV EpisodeKen GirottiNetflix2016-03-18
34BuyDaredevil 2.08: Guilty as SinTV EpisodeMichael UppendahlNetflix2016-03-18
35BuyDaredevil 2.09: Seven Minutes in HeavenTV EpisodeStephen SurjikNetflix2016-03-18
36BuyDaredevil 2.10: The Man in the BoxTV EpisodePeter HoarNetflix2016-03-18
37BuyDaredevil 2.11: .380TV EpisodeStephen SurjikNetflix2016-03-18
38BuyDaredevil 2.12: The Dark at the End of the TunnelTV EpisodeEuros LynNetflix2016-03-18
39BuyDaredevil 2.13: A Cold day in Hell's KitchenTV EpisodePeter HoarNetflix2016-03-18
40BuyLuke Cage 1.01: Moment of TruthTV EpisodePaul McGuiganNetflix2016-09-30
41BuyLuke Cage 1.02: Code of the StreetsTV EpisodePaul McGuiganNetflix2016-09-30
42BuyLuke Cage 1.03: Who's Gonna Take the Weight?TV EpisodeGuillermo NavarroNetflix2016-09-30
43BuyLuke Cage 1.04: Step in the ArenaTV EpisodeVincenzo NataliNetflix2016-09-30
44BuyLuke Cage 1.05: Just to Get a RepTV EpisodeMarc JobstNetflix2016-09-30
45BuyLuke Cage 1.06: Suckas Need BodyguardsTV EpisodeSam MillerNetflix2016-09-30
46BuyLuke Cage 1.07: ManifestTV EpisodeAndy GoddardNetflix2016-09-30
47BuyLuke Cage 1.08: Blowin' Up the SpotTV EpisodeMagnus MartensNetflix2016-09-30
48BuyLuke Cage 1.09: DWYCKTV EpisodeTom ShanklandNetflix2016-09-30
49BuyLuke Cage 1.10: Take It PersonalTV EpisodeStephen SurjikNetflix2016-09-30
50BuyLuke Cage 1.11: Now You're MineTV EpisodeGeorge Tillman Jr.Netflix2016-09-30
51BuyLuke Cage 1.12: Soliloquy of ChaosTV EpisodePhil AbrahamNetflix2016-09-30
52BuyLuke Cage 1.13: You Know My SteezTV EpisodeClark JohnsonNetflix2016-09-30
53BuyIron Fist 1.01: Snow Gives WayTV EpisodeJohn DahlNetflix2017-03-17
54BuyIron Fist 1.02: Shadow Hawk Takes FlightTV EpisodeJohn DahlNetflix2017-03-17
55BuyIron Fist 1.03: Rolling Thunder Cannon PunchTV EpisodeTom ShanklandNetflix2017-03-17
56BuyIron Fist 1.04: Eight Diagram Dragon PalmTV EpisodeMiguel SapochnikNetflix2017-03-17
57BuyIron Fist 1.05: Under Leaf Pluck LotusTV EpisodeUta BriesewitzNetflix2017-03-17
58BuyIron Fist 1.06: Immortal Emerges from CaveTV EpisodeRZANetflix2017-03-17
59BuyIron Fist 1.07: Felling Tree with RootsTV EpisodeFarren BlackburnNetflix2017-03-17
60BuyIron Fist 1.08: The Blessing of Many FracturesTV EpisodeKevin TancharoenNetflix2017-03-17
61BuyIron Fist 1.09: The Mistress of All AgoniesTV EpisodeJet WilkinsonNetflix2017-03-17
62BuyIron Fist 1.10: Black Tiger Steals HeartTV EpisodePeter HoarNetflix2017-03-17
63BuyIron Fist 1.11: Lead Horse Back to StableTV EpisodeDeborah ChowNetflix2017-03-17
64BuyIron Fist 1.12: Bar the Big BossTV EpisodeAndy GoddardNetflix2017-03-17
65BuyIron Fist 1.13: Dragon Plays with FireTV EpisodeStephen SurjikNetflix2017-03-17
66BuyDefenders 1.01: The H WordTV EpisodeS. J. ClarksonNetflix2017-08-18
67Defenders 1.02: Mean Right HookTV EpisodeS. J. ClarksonNetflix2017-08-18
68Defenders 1.03: Worst BehaviorTV EpisodePeter HoarNetflix2017-08-18
69Defenders 1.04: Royal DragonTV EpisodePhil AbrahamNetflix2017-08-18
70Defenders 1.05: Take ShelterTV EpisodeUta BriesewitzNetflix2017-08-18
71Defenders 1.06: Ashes, AshesTV EpisodeStephen SurjikNetflix2017-08-18
72Defenders 1.07: Fish in the JailhouseTV EpisodeFélix Enríquez AlcaláNetflix2017-08-18
73Defenders 1.08: The DefendersTV EpisodeFarren BlackburnNetflix2017-08-18
74BuyThe Punisher 1.01: 3 AMTV EpisodeTom ShanklandNetflix2017-11-17
75BuyThe Punisher 1.02: Two Dead MenTV EpisodeTom ShanklandNetflix2017-11-17
76BuyThe Punisher 1.03: KandaharTV EpisodeAndy GoddardNetflix2017-11-17
77BuyThe Punisher 1.04: ResupplyTV EpisodeKari SkoglandNetflix2017-11-17
78BuyThe Punisher 1.05: GunnerTV EpisodeDearbhla WalshNetflix2017-11-17
79BuyThe Punisher 1.06: The Judas GoatTV EpisodeJeremy WebbNetflix2017-11-17
80BuyThe Punisher 1.07: CrosshairsTV EpisodeAndy GoddardNetflix2017-11-17
81BuyThe Punisher 1.08: Cold SteelTV EpisodeAntonio CamposNetflix2017-11-17
82BuyThe Punisher 1.09: Front Toward EnemyTV EpisodeMarc JobstNetflix2017-11-17
83BuyThe Punisher 1.10: Virtue of the ViciousTV EpisodeJim O'HanlonNetflix2017-11-17
84BuyThe Punisher 1.11: Danger CloseTV EpisodeKevin HooksNetflix2017-11-17
85BuyThe Punisher 1.12: HomeTV EpisodeJet WilkinsonNetflix2017-11-17
86BuyThe Punisher 1.13: Memento MoriTV EpisodeStephen SurjikNetflix2017-11-17
87BuyJessica Jones 2.01: AKA Start at the BeginningTV EpisodeAnna FoersterNetflix2018-03-08
88BuyJessica Jones 2.02: AKA Freak AccidentTV EpisodeMinkie SpiroNetflix2018-03-08
89BuyJessica Jones 2.03: AKA Sole SurvivorTV EpisodeMairzee AlmasNetflix2018-03-08
90BuyJessica Jones 2.04: AKA God Help the HoboTV EpisodeDeborah ChowNetflix2018-03-08
91BuyJessica Jones 2.05: AKA The OctopusTV EpisodeMillicent SheltonNetflix2018-03-08
92BuyJessica Jones 2.06: AKA FacetimeTV EpisodeJet WilkinsonNetflix2018-03-08
93BuyJessica Jones 2.07: AKA I Want Your Cray CrayTV EpisodeJennifer GetzingerNetflix2018-03-08
94BuyJessica Jones 2.08: AKA Ain't We Got FunTV EpisodeZetna FuentesNetflix2018-03-08
95BuyJessica Jones 2.09: AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the BedTV EpisodeRosemary RodriguezNetflix2018-03-08
96BuyJessica Jones 2.10: AKA Pork ChopTV EpisodeNeasa HardimanNetflix2018-03-08
97BuyJessica Jones 2.11: AKA Three Lives and CountingTV EpisodeJennifer LynchNetflix2018-03-08
98BuyJessica Jones 2.12: AKA Pray For My PatsyTV EpisodeLiz FriedlanderNetflix2018-03-08
99BuyJessica Jones 2.13: AKA PlaylandTV EpisodeUta BriesewitzNetflix2018-03-08
100BuyLuke Cage 2.01: Soul Brother #1TV EpisodeLucy LiuNetflix2018-06-22
101BuyLuke Cage 2.02: Straighten It OutTV EpisodeSteph GreenNetflix2018-06-22
102BuyLuke Cage 2.03: Wig OutTV EpisodeMarc JobstNetflix2018-06-22
103BuyLuke Cage 2.04: I Get PhysicalTV EpisodeSalli Richardson-WhitfieldNetflix2018-06-22
104BuyLuke Cage 2.05: All Souled OutTV EpisodeKasi LemmonsNetflix2018-06-22
105BuyLuke Cage 2.06: The BasementTV EpisodeMillicent SheltonNetflix2018-06-22
106BuyLuke Cage 2.07: On and OnTV EpisodeRashaad Ernesto GreenNetflix2018-06-22
107BuyLuke Cage 2.08: If It Ain't Rough, It Ain't RightTV EpisodeNeema BarnetteNetflix2018-06-22
108BuyLuke Cage 2.09: For Pete's SakeTV EpisodeClark JohnsonNetflix2018-06-22
109BuyLuke Cage 2.10: The Main IngredientTV EpisodeAndy GoddardNetflix2018-06-22
110BuyLuke Cage 2.11: The CreatorTV EpisodeStephen SurjikNetflix2018-06-22
111BuyLuke Cage 2.12: Can't Front On MeTV EpisodeEvarado GoutNetflix2018-06-22
112BuyLuke Cage 2.13: They Reminisce Over YouTV EpisodeAlex Garcia LopezNetflix2018-06-22
113Iron Fist 2.01: The Fury of Iron FistTV EpisodeDavid DobkinNetflix2018-09-07
114Iron Fist 2.02: The City's Not for BurningTV EpisodeRachel TalalayNetflix2018-09-07
115Iron Fist 2.03: This Deadly SecretTV EpisodeToa FraserNetflix2018-09-07
116Iron Fist 2.04: Target: Iron FistTV EpisodeMJ BassettNetflix2018-09-07
117Iron Fist 2.05: Heart of the DragonTV EpisodeMairzee AlmasNetflix2018-09-07
118Iron Fist 2.06: The Dragon Dies at DawnTV EpisodePhilip JohnNetflix2018-09-07
119Iron Fist 2.07: Morning of the MindstormTV EpisodeStephen SurjikNetflix2018-09-07
120Iron Fist 2.08: Citadel on the Edge of VengeanceTV EpisodeJulian HolmesNetflix2018-09-07
121Iron Fist 2.09: War Without EndTV EpisodeSanford BookstaverNetflix2018-09-07
122Iron Fist 2.10: A Duel of IronTV EpisodeJonas PateNetflix2018-09-07
123Daredevil 3.01: ResurrectionTV EpisodeMarc JobstNetflix2018-10-19
124Daredevil 3.02: PleaseTV EpisodeLukas EttlinNetflix2018-10-19
125Daredevil 3.03: No Good DeedTV EpisodeJennifer GetzingerNetflix2018-10-19
126Daredevil 3.04: BlindsidedTV EpisodeAlex Garcia LopezNetflix2018-10-19
127Daredevil 3.05: The Perfect GameTV EpisodeJulian HolmesNetflix2018-10-19
128Daredevil 3.06: The Devil You KnowTV EpisodeStephen SurjikNetflix2018-10-19
129Daredevil 3.07: AftermathTV EpisodeToa FraserNetflix2018-10-19
130Daredevil 3.08: Upstairs/DownstairsTV EpisodeAlex ZakrzewskiNetflix2018-10-19
131Daredevil 3.09: RevelationsTV EpisodeJennifer LynchNetflix2018-10-19
132Daredevil 3.10: KarenTV EpisodeAlex Garcia LopezNetflix2018-10-19
133Daredevil 3.11: ReunionTV EpisodeJet WilkinsonNetflix2018-10-19
134Daredevil 3.12: One Last ShotTV EpisodePhil AbrahamNetflix2018-10-19
135Daredevil 3.13: A New NapkinTV EpisodeSam MillerNetflix2018-10-19
136Punisher 2.01: Roadhouse BluesTV EpisodeJim O'HanlonNetflix2019-01-18
137Punisher 2.02: Fight or FlightTV EpisodeJim O'HanlonNetflix2019-01-18
138Punisher 2.03: Trouble the WateTV EpisodeJeremy WebbNetflix2019-01-18
139Punisher 2.04: Scar TissueTV EpisodeIain B. MacDonaldNetflix2019-01-18
140Punisher 2.05: One-Eyed JacksTV EpisodeStacie PassonNetflix2019-01-18
141Punisher 2.06: NakazatTV EpisodeJamie M. DaggNetflix2019-01-18
142Punisher 2.07: One Bad DayTV EpisodeJet WilkinsonNetflix2019-01-18
143Punisher 2.08: My Brother's KeeperTV EpisodeMichael OfferNetflix2019-01-18
144Punisher 2.09: FlustercluckTV EpisodeSalli Richardson-WhitfieldNetflix2019-01-18
145Punisher 2.10: The Dark Hearts of MenTV EpisodeAlex Garcia LopezNetflix2019-01-18
146Punisher 2.11: The AbyssTV EpisodeMeera MenonNetflix2019-01-18
147Punisher 2.12: Collision CourseTV EpisodeStephen KayNetflix2019-01-18
148Punisher 2.13: The WhirlwindTV EpisodeJeremy WebbNetflix2019-01-18
149Jessica Jones 3.01: A.K.A The Perfect BurgerTV EpisodeMichael LehmannNetflix2019-06-14
150Jessica Jones 3.02: A.K.A You're WelcomeTV EpisodeKrysten RitterNetflix2019-06-14
151Jessica Jones 3.03: A.K.A I Have No SpleenTV EpisodeAnton CropperNetflix2019-06-14
152Jessica Jones 3.04: A.K.A Customer Service is Standing ByTV EpisodeLiesl TommyNetflix2019-06-14
153Jessica Jones 3.05: A.K.A I WishTV EpisodeMairzee AlmasNetflix2019-06-14
154Jessica Jones 3.06: A.K.A Sorry FaceTV EpisodeTim IacofanoNetflix2019-06-14
155Jessica Jones 3.07: A.K.A The Double Half-WappingerTV EpisodeLarry TengNetflix2019-06-14
156Jessica Jones 3.08: A.K.A Camera FriendlyTV EpisodeStephen SurjikNetflix2019-06-14
157Jessica Jones 3.09: A.K.A I Did Something TodayTV EpisodeJennifer GetzingerNetflix2019-06-14
158Jessica Jones 3.10: A.K.A Hero PantsTV EpisodeSanford BookstaverNetflix2019-06-14
159Jessica Jones 3.11: A.K.A HellcatTV EpisodeJennifer GetzingerNetflix2019-06-14
160Jessica Jones 3.12: A.K.A A Lotta WormsTV EpisodeSarah BoydNetflix2019-06-14
161Jessica Jones 3.13: A.K.A EverythingTV EpisodeNeasa HardimanNetflix2019-06-14

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