Marvel Comics Timelines

Welcome to the Marvel Trade Paperbacks Chronology and other various timelines related to Marvel Comics. This list compiles all of the Marvel trade paperbacks in a chronological reading order. Additionally, this page also includes fan favorites like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We hope you enjoy!


Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline

What started with a small, ambitious, B-character film in 2008’s Iron Man, has expanded to something so much larger and epic than anyone could have every imagined. This is the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline.

Marvel Events Timeline and Recommended Reading

What’s in the Marvel Events Timeline? This Marvel events timeline and recommended reading list attempts to give you the most essential stories from the Marvel universe. Obviously, the Marvel universe has been around for a very long time. In that time, thousands of trade paperbacks have been released with these stories. We’re working on assembling…

Marvel Timelines by Category

Obviously most of the Marvel timelines are comic-book related. But there are many (most notably the MCU) that fit into various categories like Film or Television. Here are some of those timelines.

This section covers the film-based universes that include Marvel characters, most notably the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU), but also others such as the 20th Century Fox X-men Universe

Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline
X-Men Cinematic Universe Timeline

This section gives us timelines for all the television-based Marvel continuities, including the Netflix shows but also many of the animated timelines that have appeared over the years.

Marvel Animated Universe Timeline
Marvel Animated Universe (2010s) Timeline
Marvel Animated Universe (Christopher Yost) Timeline
Marvel Anime Universe Timeline
Marvel Netflix Episode Order
Marvel Animated Universe (2017) Timeline
Marvel Productions Universe Timeline
Marvel Rising Timeline

While there are not as many of these timelines, this is the list of all the Marvel Games continuities.

Marvel Games Universe Timeline

Most of the timelines on this list are eras of the Primary Continuity or Earth-616. There are also other alternate universes, such as the Amalgam storyline.

Marvel Comics Timeline: The ’70s
Marvel Comics Timeline: The 2000s
Marvel Comics Timeline: The Beginning
Marvel Comics Timeline: The ’80s
Marvel Comics Timeline: The ’90s
Marvel Comics Timeline: Civil War – Secret Invasion
Marvel Comics Timeline: Classic Origins
The Amalgam Universe Timeline (DC vs. Marvel)
Marvel Comics Timeline: Dark Reign – Fear Itself
Marvel Ultimate Universe Reading Order
Marvel Comics Timeline: Fear Itself – Avengers vs. X-men
Marvel Comics Timeline: Marvel Now!
Marvel Comics Timeline: Secret Empire
Marvel Comics Timeline: Secret Wars & All New, All Different Marvel


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