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Marvel Comics Timelines

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Welcome to the Marvel Trade Paperbacks Chronology and other various timelines related to Marvel Comics. This list compiles all of the Marvel trade paperbacks in a chronological reading order. Additionally, this page also includes fan favorites like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We hope you enjoy!

Our Most Popular Timelines

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Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline

What started with a small, ambitious, B-character film in 2008’s Iron Man, has expanded to something so much larger and epic than anyone could have

Marvel Timelines by Category

  • Marvel Film
  • Marvel Television
  • Marvel Games
  • Marvel Eras
  • Marvel Characters

This section covers the film-based universes that include Marvel characters, most notably the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU), but also others such as the 20th Century Fox X-men Universe.

While there are not as many of these timelines, this is the list of all the Marvel Games continuities.

Additional Resources

As always, if you have questions or comments about these timelines, we recommend you visit our contact page.