Marvel Comics Timeline: The ’70s

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What’s in the Marvel Comics Timeline: The ’70s?

Welcome to the third chapter of the Marvel Comics timeline. This section covers all of the major comics for popular Marvel characters from the 1970s. While many of these comics are forgettable, there are a few classics that you can find. This includes comics focusing on characters like Captain America, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and members of the Avengers. For the full list of timelines in the Marvel 616 timeline, visit our main Marvel Multiverse page.

Only comics make up this timeline. Since the contents are not a multi-media timeline like many of the other timelines on this site, there is no color coding found here. This timeline also does not include the publication year or author. We do this because Marvel releases multiple re-releases across several years, and you will often find multiple authors per trade paperback. For that reason, we do not include them. However, if you’re looking for an easy-to-follow list of books in the Marvel 616 timeline, this is the best place to start.

Be sure to let us know if you see anything that needs to be added, changed, or deleted from the timeline. You can do so on our contact page, or by contacting Jason through Twitter.

1BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor Vol. 7Graphic Novel2008-05-21The Early Seventies
2BuyMarvel Masterworks: Doctor Strange Vol. 3Graphic Novel2007-03-28The Early Seventies
3BuySilver Surfer: OriginsGraphic NovelStan Lee2007-01-01The Early Seventies
4BuyMarvel Masterworks: Captain America Vol. 3Graphic Novel2006-08-09The Early Seventies
5BuyCaptain America Omnibus Vol. 1Graphic NovelStan Lee2011-05-25The Early Seventies
6BuyCaptain America: Collector’s EditionGraphic Novel1981-01-01The Early Seventies
7BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Invincible Iron Man Vol. 5Graphic Novel2008-11-19The Early Seventies
8BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Sub-Mariner Vol. 3Graphic Novel2009-08-05The Early Seventies
9BuyMarvel Masterworks: Daredevil Vol. 5Graphic Novel2009-01-28The Early Seventies
10BuyFantastic FourGraphic Novel1979-09-13The Early Seventies
11BuyMarvel Masterworks: Silver Surfer Vol. 1Graphic NovelStan Lee2010-05-12The Early Seventies
12BuyEssential Thor Vol. 3Graphic NovelStan Lee2011-03-02The Early Seventies
13BuyEssential Incredible Hulk Vol. 2Graphic NovelStan Lee2003-06-01The Early Seventies
14BuyOrigins Of Marvel ComicsGraphic NovelStan Lee1997-09-01The Early Seventies
15BuyEssential Avengers Vol. 3Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2010-11-03The Early Seventies
16BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Avengers Vol. 7Graphic Novel2007-10-07The Early Seventies
17BuyAmazing Spider-Man: To Crush The KingpinGraphic NovelStan Lee2006-10-01The Early Seventies
18BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 8Graphic Novel2006-10-25The Early Seventies
19BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Incredible Hulk Vol. 5Graphic Novel2009-05-06The Early Seventies
20BuyMarvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four Vol. 9Graphic NovelStan Lee2005-01-01The Early Seventies
21BuyMarvel RomanceGraphic NovelStan Lee2006-02-08The Early Seventies
22BuySpider-Man: The Secret Story Of Marvel’s World-Famous Wall CrawlerGraphic NovelRoger Stern1981-09-01The Early Seventies
23BuyMarvel Visionaries: Jim SterankoGraphic NovelStan Lee2002-10-01The Early Seventies
24BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor Vol. 8Graphic Novel2009-02-25The Early Seventies
25BuyCaptain America: Sentinel Of Liberty (Fireside)Graphic NovelStan Lee1979-10-30The Early Seventies
26BuyX-Men Visionaries: Neal AdamsGraphic NovelRoy Thomas1996-07-01The Early Seventies
27BuyMarvel Masterworks: The X-Men Vol. 6Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2006-01-01The Early Seventies
28BuyMarvel Masterworks: Captain America Vol. 4Graphic NovelStan Lee2008-03-19The Early Seventies
29BuyMarvel Masterworks: Daredevil Vol. 6Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2011-08-24The Early Seventies
30BuyIron Man Omnibus Vol. 2Graphic NovelStan Lee2010-05-12The Early Seventies
31BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Invincible Iron Man Vol. 6Graphic NovelArchie Goodwin2009-01-01The Early Seventies
32BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Sub-Mariner Vol. 4Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2011-03-30The Early Seventies
33BuyEssential Captain America Vol. 2Graphic NovelStan Lee2010-09-01The Early Seventies
34BuyEssential Captain Marvel Vol. 1Graphic NovelStan Lee, Roy Thomas2008-06-18The Early Seventies
35BuyMarvel Masterworks: Captain Marvel Vol. 2Graphic Novel2007-09-12The Early Seventies
36BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Avengers Vol. 8Graphic Novel2008-12-17The Early Seventies
37BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 9Graphic Novel2007-11-28The Early Seventies
38BuySilver Surfer Omnibus Vol. 1Graphic NovelStan Lee2007-06-06The Early Seventies
39BuyEssential Silver Surfer Vol. 1Graphic NovelStan Lee2005-12-07The Early Seventies
40BuyMarvel Masterworks: Silver Surfer Vol. 2Graphic NovelStan Lee2010-09-08The Early Seventies
41BuyEssential Spider-Man Vol. 4Graphic NovelStan Lee2005-08-10The Early Seventies
42BuyMarvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four Vol. 10Graphic NovelStan Lee2006-05-01The Early Seventies
43BuyAmazing Spider-ManGraphic NovelStan Lee1992-10-01The Early Seventies
44BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor Vol. 9Graphic NovelStan Lee2010-11-24The Early Seventies
45BuyAvengers: The Origin Of The VisionGraphic NovelStan Lee1982-01-01The Early Seventies
46BuySpider-Man: The Death Of Captain StacyGraphic Novel2004-04-07The Early Seventies
47BuyAmazing Spider-Man: The Death Of Captain StacyGraphic NovelStan Lee2007-03-01The Early Seventies
48BuyX-Men Omnibus Vol. 2Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2011-05-11The Early Seventies
49BuyEssential Daredevil Vol. 3Graphic NovelStan Lee, Roy Thomas2005-08-24The Early Seventies
50BuyMarvel Masterworks: Captain America Vol. 5Graphic NovelStan Lee2010-06-16The Early Seventies
51BuyEssential Fantastic Four Vol. 5Graphic NovelStan Lee2006-06-21The Early Seventies
52BuyEssential Iron Man Vol. 3Graphic NovelArchie Goodwin2008-04-16The Early Seventies
53BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Avengers Vol. 9Graphic Novel2009-01-01The Early Seventies
54BuyAmazing Spider-Man (Fireside)Graphic NovelStan Lee1979-05-30The Early Seventies
55BuyEssential Incredible Hulk Vol. 3Graphic NovelStan Lee, Roy Thomas2005-05-11The Early Seventies
56BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 10Graphic Novel2008-08-10The Early Seventies
57BuyIncredible Hulk: Featuring A Classic Tale by Harlan EllisonGraphic NovelStan Lee1982-01-01The Early Seventies
58BuyBlack Widow: The Sting Of The WidowGraphic NovelStan Lee2009-09-02The Early Seventies
59BuyMarvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four Vol. 11Graphic Novel2008-09-17The Early Seventies
60BuyAmazing Spider-Man: In The Grip Of The GoblinGraphic Novel2007-01-01The Early Seventies
61BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor Vol. 10Graphic NovelStan Lee2011-06-08The Early Seventies
62BuyThe ‘Nam Vol. 1Graphic NovelDoug Murray2009-12-02The Early Seventies
63BuyThe ‘Nam Vol. 2Graphic NovelDoug Murray2010-10-06The Early Seventies
64BuyPunisher Invades The ‘NamGraphic NovelDon Lomax1994-12-01The Early Seventies
65BuyPunisher: BornGraphic NovelGarth Ennis2007-02-21The Early Seventies
66BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Inhumans Vol. 1Graphic Novel2009-11-04The Early Seventies
67BuyEssential Thor Vol. 4Graphic NovelStan Lee2009-06-24The Early Seventies
68BuyEssential Avengers Vol. 4Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2010-11-17The Early Seventies
69BuyAvengers: The Kree – Skrull WarGraphic NovelRoy Thomas2008-05-07The Early Seventies
70BuySpider-Man Visionaries: John Romita Sr.Graphic NovelStan Lee2001-08-01The Early Seventies
71BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Avengers Vol. 10Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2010-05-26The Early Seventies
72BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 11Graphic Novel2009-09-02The Early Seventies
73BuyDoctor Strange: Master Of The Mystic ArtsGraphic NovelStan Lee1979-10-15The Early Seventies
74BuyAmazing Spider-Man: The Spider SlayerGraphic Novel2008-04-01The Early Seventies
75BuyEssential Spider-Man Vol. 5Graphic NovelStan Lee2006-11-15The Early Seventies
76BuyMarvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four Vol. 12Graphic Novel2010-02-24The Early Seventies
77BuyEssential Captain America Vol. 3Graphic NovelStan Lee2010-09-15The Early Seventies
78BuyEssential Classic X-Men Vol. 3Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2009-03-04The Early Seventies
79BuyMarvel Masterworks: The X-Men Vol. 7Graphic Novel2008-10-15The Early Seventies
80BuyMarvel Masterworks: Doctor Strange Vol. 4Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2010-02-03The Early Seventies
81BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Avengers Vol. 11Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2016-03-10The Early Seventies
82BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 12Graphic NovelStan Lee2010-09-15The Early Seventies
83BuyAmazing Spider-Man: Countdown To Chaos!Graphic Novel2009-01-01The Early Seventies
84BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Defenders Vol. 1Graphic Novel2008-07-30The Early Seventies
85BuyEssential Daredevil Vol. 4Graphic NovelGerry Conway2007-09-12The Early Seventies
86BuySpider-Man: The Death Of Gwen StacyGraphic NovelGerry Conway2002-09-16The Early Seventies
87BuySpider-Man: Death Of The StacysGraphic NovelStan Lee, Gerry Conway2007-02-28The Early Seventies
88BuyMarvel Masterworks: Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1Graphic NovelGerry Conway2011-01-26The Early Seventies
89BuyEssential Fantastic Four Vol. 6Graphic NovelStan Lee, Roy Thomas2007-05-09The Early Seventies
90BuyEssential Iron Man Vol. 4Graphic NovelGerry Conway2010-04-28The Early Seventies
91BuyTomb Of Dracula Vol. 1Graphic NovelGerry Conway2010-07-14The Early Seventies
92BuyEssential Incredible Hulk Vol. 4Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2006-09-27The Early Seventies
93BuyEssential Avengers Vol. 5Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2010-12-01The Early Seventies
94BuyAmazing Spider-Man: The Night Gwen Stacy DiedGraphic NovelStan Lee2009-09-01The Early Seventies
95BuyPunisher: Year OneGraphic NovelDan Abnett2009-07-01The Early Seventies
96BuyEssential Thor Vol. 5Graphic NovelGerry Conway2011-05-04The Early Seventies
97BuyVampire Tales Vol. 1Graphic NovelSteve Gerber2010-08-11The Early Seventies
98BuyEssential Doctor Strange Vol. 2Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2007-12-26The Early Seventies
99BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 13Graphic NovelGerry Conway2011-03-23The Early Seventies
100BuySpider-Man vs. Doctor OctopusGraphic NovelStan Lee2000-04-01The Early Seventies
101BuyMarvel Masterworks: Captain Marvel Vol. 3Graphic Novel2008-04-16The Early Seventies
102BuyEssential Defenders Vol. 1Graphic NovelStan Lee, Roy Thomas2005-05-18The Early Seventies
103BuyMarvel Masterworks: Warlock Vol. 1Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2007-02-07The Early Seventies
104BuyEssential Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2006-08-02The Early Seventies
105BuyTomb Of Dracula Vol. 2Graphic NovelMarv Wolfman2010-10-13The Early Seventies
106BuyAmazing Spider-Man: The Punisher Strikes TwiceGraphic Novel2010-01-01The Early Seventies
107BuyEssential Werewolf By Night Vol. 1Graphic NovelGerry Conway2005-10-26The Early Seventies
108BuyThe Life Of Captain MarvelGraphic NovelJim Starlin1991-10-01The Early Seventies
109BuyEssential The Tomb Of Dracula Vol. 1Graphic NovelMarv Wolfman2004-11-10The Early Seventies
110BuyEssential Spider-Man Vol. 6Graphic NovelGerry Conway2011-12-28The Early Seventies
111BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Defenders Vol. 2Graphic NovelSteve Englehart2011-01-26The Early Seventies
112BuyVampire Tales Vol. 2Graphic NovelChris Claremont2011-03-09The Early Seventies
113BuySpider-Man: His Greatest Team-Up BattlesGraphic NovelJim Salicrup1981-01-01The Early Seventies
114BuyDoctor Strange: A Separate RealityGraphic NovelSteve Englehart2002-06-01The Early Seventies
115BuyHulk AnnualGraphic NovelRoy Thomas1981-01-01The Early Seventies
116BuyEssential Man-Thing Vol. 1Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2006-12-13The Early Seventies
117BuyGiant-Size MarvelGraphic NovelRoy Thomas2005-06-01The Early Seventies
118BuyEssential Tales Of The Zombie Vol. 1Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2006-10-11The Early Seventies
119BuyTomb Of Dracula Omnibus Vol. 1Graphic NovelGerry Conway2008-11-12The Early Seventies
120BuyTomb Of Dracula Vol. 3Graphic NovelMarv Wolfman2011-01-12The Early Seventies
121BuyAmazing Spider-Man: The Green Goblin Lives AgainGraphic Novel2010-09-01The Early Seventies
122BuyAvengers: Celestial MadonnaGraphic NovelSteve Englehart2002-05-01The Early Seventies
123BuyEssential Captain America Vol. 4Graphic NovelSteve Gerber2010-09-29The Early Seventies
124BuyCaptain America And The Falcon: NomadGraphic NovelSteve Englehart2007-01-10The Early Seventies
125BuyEssential Fantastic Four Vol. 7Graphic NovelGerry Conway2008-08-13The Early Seventies
126BuyEssential Daredevil Vol. 5Graphic NovelSteve Gerber2010-02-24The Early Seventies
127BuyEssential Monster Of Frankenstein Vol. 1Graphic NovelGary Friedrich2004-10-20The Early Seventies
128BuyIncredible Hulk: A Man-Brute BerserkGraphic NovelLen Wein1991-03-15The Early Seventies
129BuyLuke Cage: Hero For Hire Vol. 1Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2005-03-02The Early Seventies
130BuyMarvel Masterworks: The X-Men Vol. 8Graphic NovelSteve Englehart2010-03-24The Early Seventies
131BuyEssential Avengers Vol. 6Graphic NovelSteve Englehart2008-02-20The Early Seventies
132BuyGuardians Of The Galaxy: Earth Shall OvercomeGraphic NovelArnold Drake2009-05-13The Early Seventies
133BuyMarvel Masterworks: Iron Fist Vol. 1Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2011-06-29The Late Seventies
134BuySpider-Man: Clone GenesisGraphic NovelGerry Conway1995-08-01The Late Seventies
135BuyClassic PunisherGraphic NovelGerry Conway1989-01-01The Late Seventies
136BuyMarvel Masterworks: Doctor Strange Vol. 5Graphic NovelSteve Englehart2011-05-04The Late Seventies
137BuyAvengers: The Coming Of The BeastGraphic NovelSteve Englehart2011-01-26The Late Seventies
138BuyAvengers: The Serpent CrownGraphic NovelSteve Englehart2005-09-07The Late Seventies
139BuyEssential Incredible Hulk Vol. 5Graphic NovelSteve Englehart2008-11-19The Late Seventies
140BuyX-Men First Class: Tomorrow’s BrightestGraphic NovelJeff Parker2007-12-05The Late Seventies
141BuyX-Men First Class: Mutant MayhemGraphic NovelJeff Parker2008-04-16The Late Seventies
142BuyX-Men First Class: Band Of BrothersGraphic NovelJeff Parker2008-12-10The Late Seventies
143BuyX-Men First Class: The Wonder YearsGraphic NovelJeff Parker2009-04-01The Late Seventies
144BuyX-Men: First Class Vol. 1Graphic NovelJeff Parker2011-03-09The Late Seventies
145BuyX-Men: First Class Vol. 2Graphic NovelJeff Parker2011-04-13The Late Seventies
146BuyX-Men First Class: FinalsGraphic NovelJeff Parker2009-08-26The Late Seventies
147BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1Graphic NovelChris Claremont1989-06-01The Late Seventies
148BuyEssential Captain America Vol. 5Graphic NovelJack Kirby2010-07-07The Late Seventies
149BuyCaptain America And The Falcon: MadbombGraphic NovelJack Kirby2016-02-11The Late Seventies
150BuyEssential Captain Marvel Vol. 2Graphic NovelMike Friedrich2013-03-06The Late Seventies
151BuyEssential Spider-Man Vol. 7Graphic NovelBill Mantlo2005-10-26The Late Seventies
152BuyEssential Ghost Rider Vol. 1Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2006-12-20The Late Seventies
153BuyEssential The Tomb Of Dracula Vol. 2Graphic NovelMarv Wolfman2004-04-21The Late Seventies
154BuyThing: Liberty LegionGraphic NovelRoy Thomas2011-07-06The Late Seventies
155BuyX-Men: Enter The PhoenixGraphic NovelChris Claremont1996-01-15The Late Seventies
156BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Black Panther Vol. 1Graphic NovelJack Kirby2016-11-15The Late Seventies
157BuyEssential Marvel Team-Up Vol. 2Graphic NovelLen Wein2006-08-02The Late Seventies
158BuyThor: If Asgard Should PerishGraphic NovelLen Wein2011-01-26The Late Seventies
159BuyEssential Defenders Vol. 2Graphic NovelLen Wein2006-12-20The Late Seventies
160BuyThe Superhero WomenGraphic NovelStan Lee1977-11-15The Late Seventies
161BuyCaptain America: Bicentennial BattlesGraphic NovelJack Kirby2005-06-15The Late Seventies
162BuyUncanny X-Men: Second GenesisGraphic NovelChris Claremont2004-07-01The Late Seventies
163BuyChampions Classic Vol. 1Graphic NovelTony Isabella2006-07-05The Late Seventies
164BuyEssential Marvel Two-In-One Vol. 1Graphic NovelLen Wein2005-11-16The Late Seventies
165BuyEssential Werewolf By Night Vol. 2Graphic NovelDoug Moench2007-11-14The Late Seventies
166BuyMarvel Masterworks: Warlock Vol. 2Graphic NovelJim Starlin2009-07-08The Late Seventies
167BuyCaptain Britain Vol. 1: Birth Of A LegendGraphic NovelChris Claremont2007-02-02The Late Seventies
168BuyEternals by Jack Kirby Vol. 1Graphic NovelJack Kirby2008-06-25The Late Seventies
169BuyEssential Fantastic Four Vol. 8Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2010-06-09The Late Seventies
170BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Inhumans Vol. 2Graphic NovelDoug Moench2010-04-28The Late Seventies
171BuyGuardians Of The Galaxy: The Power Of StarhawkGraphic NovelSteve Gerber2009-07-29The Late Seventies
172BuyCaptain Britain Vol. 2: Hero RebornGraphic Novel2007-11-05The Late Seventies
173BuyEssential Avengers Vol. 7Graphic NovelJim Shooter2010-01-20The Late Seventies
174BuyFantastic Four Visionaries: George Perez Vol. 1Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2005-06-08The Late Seventies
175BuyCaptain America by Jack Kirby Omnibus Vol. 1Graphic NovelJack Kirby2011-03-30The Late Seventies
176BuyCaptain America And The Falcon: The SwineGraphic NovelJack Kirby2006-11-29The Late Seventies
177BuyEssential Marvel Horror Vol. 2Graphic NovelSteve Gerber2008-11-12The Late Seventies
178BuyThor: The Quest for OdinGraphic NovelLen Wein2011-03-30The Late Seventies
179BuyBlack Panther By Jack KirbyGraphic NovelJack Kirby2005-02-16The Late Seventies
180BuyEternals by Jack Kirby Vol. 2Graphic NovelJack Kirby2008-09-24The Late Seventies
181BuyEternals OmnibusGraphic NovelJack Kirby2006-07-12The Late Seventies
182BuySilver Surfer: The Ultimate Cosmic ExperienceGraphic NovelStan Lee1978-09-09The Late Seventies
183BuyEssential Iron Fist Vol. 1Graphic NovelChris Claremont2004-10-01The Late Seventies
184BuyEssential Luke Cage, Power Man Vol. 2Graphic NovelDon McGregor2006-08-30The Late Seventies
185BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Uncanny X-Men Vol. 2Graphic NovelChris Claremont2010-01-06The Late Seventies
186BuyX-Men Vignettes Vol. 1Graphic NovelChris Claremont2002-03-25The Late Seventies
187BuyAvengers: Ultron UnleashedGraphic NovelRoy Thomas1999-01-01The Late Seventies
188BuyChampions Classic Vol. 2Graphic NovelBill Mantlo2007-01-10The Late Seventies
189BuySpider-Man: A New GoblinGraphic NovelLen Wein2008-11-12The Late Seventies
190BuyEssential Doctor Strange Vol. 3Graphic NovelSteve Englehart2007-12-26The Late Seventies
191BuyEssential Defenders Vol. 3Graphic NovelSteve Gerber2007-07-18The Late Seventies
192BuySpider-Man 2: Together With Thor, Havok, And The Man-ThingGraphic NovelJim Salicrup1982-01-01The Late Seventies
193BuyEssential Incredible Hulk Vol. 6Graphic NovelLen Wein2010-09-08The Late Seventies
194BuyIncredible Hulk: The Secret Story Of Marvel’s Gamma-Powered GoliathGraphic NovelDavid Anthony Kraft1981-09-01The Late Seventies
195BuyEssential Howard The Duck Vol. 1Graphic NovelSteve Gerber2002-03-11The Late Seventies
196BuyMarvel Visionaries: Jack Kirby Vol. 1Graphic NovelJack Kirby2004-11-10The Late Seventies
197BuyMarvel Visionaries: Jack Kirby Vol. 2Graphic NovelStan Lee2006-03-24The Late Seventies
198BuyEssential Spider-Man Vol. 8Graphic NovelLen Wein2007-04-18The Late Seventies
199BuyAvengers Legends Vol. 2: The Korvac SagaGraphic NovelJim Shooter2003-01-01The Late Seventies
200BuyAvengers: The Korvac SagaGraphic NovelJim Shooter2010-03-10The Late Seventies
201BuySpider-Woman Pocket BookGraphic Novel1979-08-01The Late Seventies
202BuyDevil Dinosaur OmnibusGraphic NovelJack Kirby2007-08-01The Late Seventies
203BuyThor: RagnarokGraphic NovelRoy Thomas2011-02-02The Late Seventies
204BuyThe Uncanny X-MenGraphic NovelLen Wein1982-01-01The Late Seventies
205BuyX-Men: Magneto TriumphantGraphic NovelStan Lee2005-05-31The Late Seventies
206BuyBlack Panther By Jack Kirby Vol. 2Graphic NovelJack Kirby2006-07-19The Late Seventies
207BuyFantastic Four: The Secret Story Of Marvel’s Cosmic QuartetGraphic NovelStan Lee1981-09-01The Late Seventies
208BuyEssential Captain America Vol. 6Graphic NovelJack Kirby2011-04-06The Late Seventies
209BuyMighty Marvel Team-Up ThrillersGraphic NovelStan Lee1987-01-01The Late Seventies
210BuyEssential X-Men Vol. 1Graphic NovelChris Claremont2008-05-21The Late Seventies
211BuyEssential Marvel Horror Vol. 1Graphic NovelGary Friedrich2006-10-18The Late Seventies
212BuyEssential Nova Vol. 1Graphic NovelMarv Wolfman2006-04-05The Late Seventies
213BuyEssential Marvel Team-Up Vol. 3Graphic NovelChris Claremont2009-09-02The Late Seventies
214BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3Graphic NovelChris Claremont2011-01-12The Late Seventies
215BuyX-Men Vignettes Vol. 2Graphic NovelChris Claremont2005-08-17The Late Seventies
216BuyEssential Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1Graphic NovelGerry Conway2007-05-02The Late Seventies
217BuyEssential Marvel Two-In-One Vol. 2Graphic NovelMarv Wolfman2007-06-27The Late Seventies
218BuyEssential The Rampaging Hulk Vol. 1Graphic NovelDoug Moench2008-06-11The Late Seventies
219BuyEssential GodzillaGraphic NovelDoug Moench2006-03-22The Late Seventies
220BuyNight Raven: The Collected StoriesGraphic NovelSteve Parkhouse1990-01-01The Late Seventies
221BuyTomb Of Dracula Omnibus Vol. 2Graphic NovelMarv Wolfman2009-12-23The Late Seventies
222BuyUncanny X-MenGraphic NovelChris Claremont1990-11-15The Late Seventies
223BuyCaptain Britain Vol. 3: The Lion And The SpiderGraphic NovelBrian K. Vaughan2008-12-17The Late Seventies
224BuyAvengers: The Yesterday QuestGraphic NovelMark Gruenwald1994-01-01The Late Seventies
225BuyThunderbolts: Marvel’s Most WantedGraphic NovelStan Lee1998-03-01The Late Seventies
226BuyOmega The Unknown ClassicGraphic NovelSteve Gerber2005-12-28The Late Seventies
227BuyThe Power Of Iron ManGraphic NovelDavid Michelinie1991-10-01The Late Seventies
228BuyIron Man: Demon In A BottleGraphic NovelDavid Michelinie2010-09-01The Late Seventies
229BuyBackpack Marvels: The Avengers: Nights Of WundagoreGraphic Novel2000-11-01The Late Seventies
230BuyAvengers: Nights Of WundagoreGraphic NovelDavid Michelinie2009-02-18The Late Seventies
231BuyThing: Project PegasusGraphic NovelRalph Macchio2010-02-03The Late Seventies
232BuyX-Men: ProteusGraphic NovelChris Claremont2009-05-13The Late Seventies
233BuyFantastic Four Visionaries: George Perez Vol. 2Graphic NovelLen Wein2006-05-03The Late Seventies
234BuyEmma Frost Vol. 1: Higher LearningGraphic NovelKarl Bollers2004-09-01The Late Seventies
235BuyEmma Frost Vol. 2: Mind GamesGraphic NovelKarl Bollers2005-02-02The Late Seventies
236BuyEmma Frost Vol. 3: BloomGraphic NovelKarl Bollers2005-06-08The Late Seventies
237BuyEmma Frost Ultimate CollectionGraphic NovelRandy Green2011-06-08The Late Seventies
238BuySpider-Man: Newspaper Strips Vol. 1Graphic NovelStan Lee2009-11-11The Late Seventies
239BuyFantastic Four: In Search Of GalactusGraphic NovelMarv Wolfman2010-03-03The Late Seventies
240BuyThor: The Eternals Saga Vol. 1Graphic NovelRoy Thomas2006-10-11The Late Seventies
241BuyThe Thing: The Project Pegasus SagaGraphic NovelMark Gruenwald1988-12-01The Late Seventies
242BuyUncanny X-Men Omnibus Vol. 1Graphic NovelChris Claremont2006-08-02The Late Seventies
243BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Uncanny X-Men Vol. 4Graphic NovelChris Claremont2004-01-01The Late Seventies
244BuyEssential The Tomb Of Dracula Vol. 3Graphic NovelMarv Wolfman2006-08-02The Late Seventies
245BuyEssential Spider-Woman Vol. 1Graphic NovelMarv Wolfman2005-12-21The Late Seventies

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