Marvel Comics Timeline: Secret Empire

What’s in the Marvel Comics Timeline: Secret Empire

Welcome to the twelfth chapter of the Marvel Comics timeline. This section covers all of the major comics for the popular Secret Empire event and beyond. For the full list of timelines in the Marvel comics timeline, visit our main Marvel Multiverse page.

Only comics make up this timeline. Since the contents are not a multi-media timeline like many of the other timelines on this site, there is no color coding found here. This timeline also does not include the publication year or author. We do this because Marvel releases multiple re-releases across several years, and you will often find multiple authors per trade paperback. For that reason, we do not include them. However, if you’re looking for an easy-to-follow list of books in the Marvel 616 timeline, this is the best place to start.

Be sure to let us know if you see anything that needs to be added, changed, or deleted from the timeline. You can do so on our contact page, or by contacting Jason through Twitter. We love to hear any feedback you have on our timelines.

1BuyAvengers: Unleashed Vol. 1: Kang War OneGraphic NovelMark Waid2017-07-03Marvel Now 2.0
2BuyAvengers: FourGraphic NovelMark Waid2017-06-13Marvel Now 2.0
3BuyOccupy Avengers Vol. 1: Taking Back JusticeGraphic NovelDavid F. Walker2017-07-03Marvel Now 2.0
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5BuyGreat Lakes Avengers Vol. 1: Same Old, Same OldGraphic NovelZac Gorman2017-07-11Marvel Now 2.0
6BuyThe Unworthy ThorGraphic NovelJason Aaron2017-06-06Marvel Now 2.0
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8BuyUltimates 2 Vol. 1: TroubleshootersGraphic NovelAl Ewing2017-07-03Marvel Now 2.0
9BuyChampions Vol. 1: Change the WorldGraphic NovelMark Waid2017-05-16Marvel Now 2.0
10BuyInfamous Iron Man Vol. 1Graphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2017-06-13Marvel Now 2.0
11BuyInvincible Iron Man: Ironheart Vol. 1Graphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2017-07-03Marvel Now 2.0
12BuyJessica Jones Vol. 1: Uncaged!Graphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2017-05-23Marvel Now 2.0
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14BuyHulk Vol. 1: DeconstructedGraphic NovelMariko Tamaki2017-07-25Marvel Now 2.0
15BuyGhost Rider Vol. 1: Four on the FloorGraphic NovelFelipe Smith2017-07-11Marvel Now 2.0
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17BuyVenom Vol. 1Graphic NovelMike Costa2017-06-27Marvel Now 2.0
18BuyAmazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows Vol. 1: Brawl in the FamilyGraphic NovelGerry Conway2017-06-27Marvel Now 2.0
19BuyNova Vol. 1: ResurrectionGraphic NovelJeff Loveness2017-08-15Marvel Now 2.0
20BuyThe Unstoppable Wasp Vol. 1: Unstoppable!Graphic NovelJeremy Whitley2017-09-12Marvel Now 2.0
21BuyThanos Vol. 1: Thanos ReturnsGraphic NovelJeff Lemire2017-07-11Marvel Now 2.0
22BuyStar-Lord Vol. 1: GroundedGraphic NovelChip Zdarsky2017-07-03Marvel Now 2.0
23BuyGamora Vol. 1: Momento MoriGraphic NovelNicole Perlman2017-07-18Marvel Now 2.0
24BuySlapstick Vol. 1: That’s Not FunnyGraphic NovelReilly Brown2017-08-15Marvel Now 2.0
25BuyFoolkiller Vol. 1Graphic NovelMax Bemis2017-07-11Marvel Now 2.0
26BuySolo Vol. 1: The One-Man War on TerrorGraphic NovelGerry Duggan2017-06-13Marvel Now 2.0
27BuyDeadpool: Too Soon?Graphic NovelJoshua Corin2017-04-04Marvel Now 2.0
28BuyDeadpool the DuckGraphic NovelStuart Moore2017-06-13Marvel Now 2.0
29BuyDeadpool. vs. The PunisherGraphic NovelFred Van Lente2017-08-30Marvel Now 2.0
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32BuySpider-Gwen Vol. 3: Long DistanceGraphic NovelJason Latour2017-07-03Marvel Now 2.0
33BuySpider-Man/Spider-Gwen: Sitting in a TreeGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2017-05-17Marvel Now 2.0
34BuySpider-Woman: Shifting Gears Vol. 3: Scare TacticsGraphic NovelDennis Hopeless2017-06-13Marvel Now 2.0
35BuyCarnage Vol. 3: What Dwells BeneathGraphic NovelGerry Conway2017-05-09Marvel Now 2.0
36BuySpider-Man: Miles Morales Vol. 3Graphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2017-11-21Marvel Now 2.0
37BuySpider-Gwen Vol. 4: PredatorsGraphic NovelJason Latour2017-10-18Marvel Now 2.0
38BuyAmazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows Vol. 2: The Venom ExperimentGraphic NovelGerry Conway2017-11-29Marvel Now 2.0
39BuyBlack Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet Book 3Graphic NovelTa-Nehisi Coates2017-04-25Marvel Now 2.0
40BuyBlack Panther: World of Wakanda Vol. 1: Dawn of the Midnight AngelsGraphic NovelTa-Nehisi Coates2017-06-27Marvel Now 2.0
41BuyThe Totally Awesome Hulk Vol. 3: Big Apple ShowdownGraphic NovelGreg Pak2017-07-25Marvel Now 2.0
42BuyMs. Marvel Vol. 7Graphic NovelG. Willow Wilson2017-08-01Marvel Now 2.0
43BuyBlack Widow Vol. 2: No More SecretsGraphic NovelMark Waid2017-05-09Marvel Now 2.0
44BuyShe-Hulk Vol. 2: Let Them Eat CakeGraphic NovelMariko Tamaki2018-01-10Marvel Now 2.0
45BuyThe Unstoppable Wasp Vol. 2Graphic NovelJeremy Whitley2018-02-28Marvel Now 2.0
46BuyInfamous Iron Man Vol. 2: The Absolution of DoomGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2017-11-22Marvel Now 2.0
47BuyInvincible Iron Man: Ironheart Vol. 2: ChoicesGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2017-12-20Marvel Now 2.0
48BuyDoctor Strange Vol. 4: Mr. MiseryGraphic NovelJason Aaron2017-09-20Marvel Now 2.0
49BuyScarlet Witch Vol. 3: The Final HexGraphic NovelJames Robinson2017-05-02Marvel Now 2.0
50BuyThe Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 5: Like I’m the Only Squirrel in the WorldGraphic NovelRyan North2017-04-04Marvel Now 2.0
51BuyThe Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 6: Who Run the World? SquirrelsGraphic NovelRyan North2017-10-03Marvel Now 2.0
52BuyDeadpool: World’s Greatest Vol. 6Graphic NovelGerry Duggan2017-05-09Marvel Now 2.0
53BuyDeadpool: World’s Greatest Vol. 7: Deadpool Does ShakespeareGraphic NovelGerry Duggan2017-06-06Marvel Now 2.0
54BuyMighty Thor Vol. 3: Asgard/Shi’ar WarGraphic NovelJason Aaron2017-08-01Marvel Now 2.0
55BuyMighty Thor Vol. 4: The War ThorGraphic NovelJason Aaron2018-01-17Marvel Now 2.0
56BuyMs. Marvel Vol. 8: MeccaGraphic NovelG. Willow Wilson2017-12-13Marvel Now 2.0
57BuyGuardians of the Galaxy: New Guard Vol. 4: GroundedGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2017-07-03Marvel Now 2.0
58BuyRocket Raccoon: GroundedGraphic NovelMatthew Rosenberg2017-08-22Marvel Now 2.0
59BuySilver Surfer Vol. 5: The Man Who Lived TwiceGraphic NovelDan Slott2017-12-12Marvel Now 2.0
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61BuyUltimates 2 Vol. 2: Eternity WarGraphic NovelAl Ewing2017-11-22Marvel Now 2.0
62BuyWolverine: Old Man Logan Vol. 4Graphic NovelJeff Lemire2017-06-13Marvel Now 2.0
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64BuyX-Men Gold Vol. 1: Back to the BasicsGraphic NovelMarc Guggenheim2017-09-05X-men ResurreXion
65BuyX-Men Blue Vol. 1Graphic NovelCullen Bunn2017-09-05X-men ResurreXion
66BuyWeapon X Vol. 1: Weapons of Mutant Destruction PreludeGraphic NovelGreg Pak2017-09-05X-men ResurreXion
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68BuyGeneration XGraphic NovelChristina Strain2017-11-14X-men ResurreXion
69BuyOld Man Logan Vol. 5Graphic NovelJeff Lemire2017-10-03X-men ResurreXion
70BuyAstonishing X-Men Vol. 1: Life of XGraphic NovelCharles Soule2018-03-06X-men ResurreXion
71BuyCable Vol. 1: ConquestGraphic NovelJames Robinson2017-12-19X-men ResurreXion
72BuyIceman Vol. 1: Thawing OutGraphic NovelSina Grace2018-01-09X-men ResurreXion
73BuyX-Men Gold Vol. 2: Evil EmpiresGraphic NovelMarc Guggenheim2017-11-28X-men ResurreXion
74BuyWeapons of Mutant DestructionGraphic NovelGreg Pak2017-11-07X-men ResurreXion
75BuyOld Man Logan Vol. 6: Days of AngerGraphic NovelEd Brisson2018-02-06X-men ResurreXion
76BuyWeapon X Vol. 2: The Search for Weapon HGraphic NovelGreg Pak2018-03-13X-men ResurreXion
77BuyX-Men Blue Vol. 2: Toil and TroubleGraphic NovelCullen Bunn2017-11-22X-men ResurreXion
78BuyAll-New Wolverine Vol. 4: ImmuneGraphic NovelTom Taylor2017-12-12X-men ResurreXion
79BuyMoon Knight Vol. 3: Birth and DeathGraphic NovelJeff Lemire2017-09-20Marvel Now 2.0
80BuyDaredevil: Back in Black Vol. 4: IdentityGraphic NovelCharles Soule2017-08-01Marvel Now 2.0
81BuyMoon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol. 3: The Smartest There IsGraphic NovelAmy Reeder2017-07-11Marvel Now 2.0
82BuyMoon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol. 4: Girl-MoonGraphic NovelAmy Reeder2017-12-27Marvel Now 2.0
83BuyGwenpool, the Unbelievable Vol. 3: Totally in ContinuityGraphic NovelChristopher Hastings2017-08-29Marvel Now 2.0
84BuyGwenpool, the Unbelievable Vol. 4: Beyond the Fourth WallGraphic NovelChristopher Hastings2017-12-20Marvel Now 2.0
85BuySpider-Man/Deadpool Vol. 3: Itsy BitsyGraphic NovelJoe Kelly2017-10-03Marvel Now 2.0
86BuyThe Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 7: I've Been Waiting for a Squirrel Like YouGraphic NovelRyan North2018-03-13Marvel Now 2.0
87BuyDaredevil: Back in Black Vol. 5: SupremeGraphic NovelCharles Soule2017-11-29Marvel Now 2.0
88BuySpider-Man/Deadpool Vol. 4: Serious BusinessGraphic NovelJoshua Corin2018-01-03Marvel Now 2.0
89BuyDeadpool: World’s Greatest Vol. 9: Deadpool in SpaceGraphic NovelGerry Duggan2017-09-13Marvel Now 2.0
90BuyDoctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme Vol. 2: Time After TimeGraphic NovelRobbie Thompson2017-11-22Marvel Now 2.0
91BuyMonsters Unleashed: Monster-SizeGraphic NovelCullen Bunn2017-07-18Marvel Now 2.0
92BuyMonsters Unleashed: BattlegroundGraphic NovelJim Zub2017-07-25Marvel Now 2.0
93BuyDefenders Vol. 1: Diamonds Are ForeverGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2017-12-13Marvel Now 2.0
94BuyLuke Cage Vol. 1: Sins of the FatherGraphic NovelDavid F. Walker2017-11-28Marvel Now 2.0
95BuyIron Fist Vol. 1: The Trial of the Seven MastersGraphic NovelEd Brisson2017-09-06Marvel Now 2.0
96BuyAll-New Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1: Communication BreakdownGraphic NovelGerry Duggan2017-11-22Marvel Now 2.0
97BuyAll-New Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Riders in the SkyGraphic NovelGerry Duggan2017-12-20Marvel Now 2.0
98BuyAmerica Vol. 1: The Life and Times of America ChavezGraphic NovelGabby Rivera2017-10-18Marvel Now 2.0
99BuyRoyals Vol. 1: Beyond InhumanGraphic NovelAl Ewing2017-10-04Marvel Now 2.0
100BuyBlack Bolt Vol. 1: Hard TimeGraphic NovelSaladin Ahmed2017-12-19Marvel Now 2.0
101BuyPeter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1: Into the TwilightGraphic NovelChip Zdarsky2017-12-13Marvel Now 2.0
102BuyBen Reilly: Scarlet Spider Vol. 1: Back in the HoodGraphic NovelPeter David2017-10-25Marvel Now 2.0
103BuyBen Reilly: Scarlet Spider Vol. 2: Death's StingGraphic NovelPeter David2018-01-31Marvel Now 2.0
104BuyDoctor Strange/Punisher: Magic BulletsGraphic NovelJohn Barber2017-08-30Marvel Now 2.0
105BuyBlack Panther & the Crew: We Are the StreetsGraphic NovelTa-Nehisi Coates2017-10-18Marvel Now 2.0
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133BuyHulk: Return to Planet HulkGraphic NovelGreg Pak2018-05-29Marvel Legacy
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143BuySpirits of Vengeance: War at the Gates of HellGraphic NovelVictor Gischler2018-05-08Marvel Legacy
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146BuyThanos WinsGraphic NovelDonny Cates2018-07-10Marvel Legacy
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150BuyLuke Cage Vol. 2: Caged!Graphic NovelDavid F. Walker2018-05-01Marvel Legacy
151BuyDaredevil: Back in Black Vol. 6: Mayor FiskGraphic NovelCharles Soule2018-08-07Marvel Legacy
152BuyMoon Knight Vol. 1: Dalla MorteGraphic NovelMax Bemis2018-05-29Marvel Legacy
153BuyThe Punisher: War Machine Vol. 1Graphic NovelMatthew Rosenberg2018-06-12Marvel Legacy
154BuyRoyals Vol. 2: Judgment DayGraphic NovelAl Ewing2018-02-13Marvel Legacy
155BuySecret Warriors Vol. 2: If Trouble Must ComeGraphic NovelMatthew Rosenberg2018-03-06Marvel Legacy
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157BuyBlack Bolt Vol. 2: Home FreeGraphic NovelSaladin Ahmed2018-06-19Marvel Legacy
158BuyInhumans: Once and Future KingsGraphic NovelChristopher Priest2018-02-20Marvel Legacy
159BuyGwenpool, The Unbelievable Vol. 5: Lost in the PlotGraphic NovelChris Hastings2018-04-24Marvel Legacy
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161BuyAmerica Vol. 2: Fast and FuertonaGraphic NovelGabby Rivera2018-04-24Marvel Legacy
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169BuySpider-Man: Miles Morales Vol. 4Graphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2018-07-17Marvel Legacy
170BuySpider-Men IIGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2018-04-03Marvel Legacy
171BuySpider-Man/Deadpool Vol. 5: Arms RaceGraphic NovelRobbie Thompson2018-04-24Marvel Legacy
172BuyBen Reilly: Scarlet Spider Vol. 3: Slingers ReturnGraphic NovelPeter David2018-05-29Marvel Legacy
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174BuyAmazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows Vol. 3: Eight Years LaterGraphic NovelRyan Stegman2018-06-12Marvel Legacy
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