Marvel Comics Timeline: Dark Reign – Fear Itself

What’s in the Marvel Comics Timeline: Dark Reign – Fear Itself?

Welcome to the eighth chapter of the Marvel Comics timeline. This section covers all of the major comics for popular Marvel characters early 2010s. These include Dark Reign and the build up to Fear Itself, ending just short of that event. For the full list of timelines in the Marvel comics timeline, visit our main Marvel Multiverse page.

Only comics make up this timeline. Since the contents are not a multi-media timeline like many of the other timelines on this site, there is no color coding found here. This timeline also does not include the publication year or author. We do this because Marvel releases multiple re-releases across several years, and you will often find multiple authors per trade paperback. For that reason, we do not include them. However, if you’re looking for an easy-to-follow list of books in the Marvel 616 timeline, this is the best place to start.

Be sure to let us know if you see anything that needs to be added, changed, or deleted from the timeline. You can do so on our contact page, or by contacting Jason through Twitter.

1BuyX-Men And Spider-ManGraphic NovelChristopher Yost2009-07-08Dark Reign - Fear Itself
2BuyNova: Nova CorpsGraphic NovelDan Abnett2009-05-06Dark Reign - Fear Itself
3BuyNew Avengers Vol. 10: PowerGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2009-11-11Dark Reign - Fear Itself
4BuyYoung X-Men Vol. 2: Book Of RevelationsGraphic NovelMarc Guggenheim2009-06-03Dark Reign - Fear Itself
5BuyAdam: Legend Of The Blue MarvelGraphic NovelKevin Grevioux2009-06-24Dark Reign - Fear Itself
6BuyX-InfernusGraphic NovelC. B. Cebulski2009-12-30Dark Reign - Fear Itself
7BuyNew Exiles Vol. 4: Away We GoGraphic NovelChris Claremont2009-05-27Dark Reign - Fear Itself
8BuyRoad To War Of KingsGraphic NovelChristopher Yost2009-06-03Dark Reign - Fear Itself
9BuyCaptain America: The Man with No FaceGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2009-09-30Dark Reign - Fear Itself
10BuyGuardians Of The Galaxy: War Of Kings Book 1Graphic NovelDan Abnett2009-09-23Dark Reign - Fear Itself
11BuyUncanny X-Men: LovelornGraphic NovelMatt Fraction2009-06-17Dark Reign - Fear Itself
12BuyEternals Vol. 2: Manifest DestinyGraphic NovelCharles Knauf2009-08-19Dark Reign - Fear Itself
13BuySpider-Man: Election DayGraphic NovelMarc Guggenheim2010-01-27Dark Reign - Fear Itself
14BuyWar Machine Vol. 1: Iron HeartGraphic NovelGreg Pak2009-11-04Dark Reign - Fear Itself
15BuyWerewolf By Night: In The BloodGraphic NovelDuane Swierczynski2009-08-12Dark Reign - Fear Itself
16BuyThunderbolts: Burning Down The HouseGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2009-11-04Dark Reign - Fear Itself
17BuyDark Reign: Deadpool / ThunderboltsGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2009-06-24Dark Reign - Fear Itself
18BuyAgents Of Atlas: Dark ReignGraphic NovelJeff Parker2010-01-06Dark Reign - Fear Itself
19BuyHulk: Broken WorldsGraphic NovelFred Van Lente2009-07-22Dark Reign - Fear Itself
20BuyInvincible Iron Man Vol. 2: World’s Most Wanted Book 1Graphic NovelMatt Fraction2009-11-11Dark Reign - Fear Itself
21BuyWolverine Origins Vol. 6: Dark ReignGraphic NovelDaniel Way2009-12-02Dark Reign - Fear Itself
22BuyMoon Knight Vol. 5: Down SouthGraphic NovelMike Benson2009-10-28Dark Reign - Fear Itself
23BuyPunisher MAX Vol. 12: Six Hours To KillGraphic NovelDuane Swierczynski2009-09-02Dark Reign - Fear Itself
24BuyPunisher Vol. 1: Dark ReignGraphic NovelRick Remender2009-01-01Dark Reign - Fear Itself
25BuySpider-Man: The Short HalloweenGraphic NovelJ. M. DeMatteis2010-03-24Dark Reign - Fear Itself
26BuyRunaways Vol. 10: Rock ZombiesGraphic NovelTerry Moore2009-11-04Dark Reign - Fear Itself
27BuyGhost Rider: Trials And TribulationsGraphic NovelJason Aaron2009-09-09Dark Reign - Fear Itself
28BuySpider-Man: 24 / 7Graphic NovelFred Van Lente2010-02-24Dark Reign - Fear Itself
29BuyMarvel Apes: The Evolution Starts HereGraphic NovelKarl Kesel2009-10-07Dark Reign - Fear Itself
30BuyAvengers / InvadersGraphic NovelAlex Ross2009-01-01Dark Reign - Fear Itself
31BuyAstonishing X-Men Vol. 5: Ghost BoxGraphic NovelWarren Ellis2009-12-09Dark Reign - Fear Itself
32BuyWolverine: Flies To A SpiderGraphic NovelGreg Hurwitz2009-08-26Dark Reign - Fear Itself
33BuyAvengers: The Initiative Vol. 4: DisassembledGraphic NovelDan Slott2009-12-09Dark Reign - Fear Itself
34BuyImmortal Iron Fist Vol. 5: Escape from The Eighth CityGraphic NovelDuane Swierczynski2009-01-01Dark Reign - Fear Itself
35BuyX-Men Legacy: SalvageGraphic NovelMike Carey2009-11-25Dark Reign - Fear Itself
36BuyDark Avengers Vol. 1: Dark Avengers AssembleGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2009-12-02Dark Reign - Fear Itself
37BuyHulk: Planet SkaarGraphic NovelGreg Pak2010-06-16Dark Reign - Fear Itself
38BuyMighty Avengers Vol. 5: Earth’s MightiestGraphic NovelDan Slott2009-01-01Dark Reign - Fear Itself
39BuyX-Factor: Time And A HalfGraphic NovelPeter David2009-11-25Dark Reign - Fear Itself
40BuySquadron Supreme: Bright Shining LiesGraphic NovelHoward Chaykin2009-09-02Dark Reign - Fear Itself
41BuyX-Force / Cable: Messiah WarGraphic NovelAriel Olivetti2010-01-06Dark Reign - Fear Itself
42BuyNew Avengers: The ReunionGraphic NovelJim McCann2010-03-17Dark Reign - Fear Itself
43BuyNew Avengers Vol. 6Graphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2011-06-15Dark Reign - Fear Itself
44BuyNew Avengers Vol. 11: Search For The Sorcerer SupremeGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2009-12-02Dark Reign - Fear Itself
45BuyUncanny X-Ment: The SisterhoodGraphic NovelMatt Fraction2009-09-09Dark Reign - Fear Itself
46BuyFantastic Four: The Master Of DoomGraphic NovelMark Millar2010-01-06Dark Reign - Fear Itself
47BuyDeadpool Vol. 2: Dark ReignGraphic NovelDaniel Way2009-12-30Dark Reign - Fear Itself
48BuySavage She-HulkGraphic NovelFred Van Lente2009-10-07Dark Reign - Fear Itself
49BuyMs. Marvel Vol. 7: Dark ReignGraphic NovelBrian Reed2009-12-23Dark Reign - Fear Itself
50BuySecret Warriors Vol. 1: Nick Fury, Agent Of NothingGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2009-12-30Dark Reign - Fear Itself
51BuyBlack Panther: The Deadliest Of The SpeciesGraphic NovelReginald Hudlin2009-12-16Dark Reign - Fear Itself
52BuyCaptain Britain And MI:13 Vol. 3: Vampire StateGraphic NovelPaul Cornell2009-09-23Dark Reign - Fear Itself
53BuyIncredible Hercules: Dark ReignGraphic NovelGreg Pak2010-01-06Dark Reign - Fear Itself
54BuyDark Reign: Fantastic FourGraphic NovelJonathan Hickman2009-10-21Dark Reign - Fear Itself
55BuyTerror, Inc: Apocalypse SoonGraphic NovelDavid Lapham2009-11-18Dark Reign - Fear Itself
56BuyCaptain America: Road To RebornGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2010-02-03Dark Reign - Fear Itself
57BuySpider-Man: American SonGraphic NovelJoe Kelly2010-03-17Dark Reign - Fear Itself
58BuyWar Of KingsGraphic NovelDan Abnett2010-05-26Dark Reign - Fear Itself
59BuyWar Of Kings: WarriorsGraphic NovelC. B. Cebulski2010-06-16Dark Reign - Fear Itself
60BuyDaredevil: Return Of The KingGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2009-10-28Dark Reign - Fear Itself
61BuyDaredevil by Ed Brubaker And Michael Lark Omnibus Vol. 2Graphic NovelEd Brubaker2010-06-16Dark Reign - Fear Itself
62BuyHulk Vol. 3: Hulk No MoreGraphic NovelJeph Loeb2010-02-24Dark Reign - Fear Itself
63BuyHulk: Fall Of The Hulks PreludeGraphic NovelJeph Loeb2010-02-03Dark Reign - Fear Itself
64BuyDark Reign: ElektraGraphic NovelZeb Wells2009-12-09Dark Reign - Fear Itself
65BuyDeadpool: Suicide KingsGraphic NovelMike Benson2010-04-07Dark Reign - Fear Itself
66BuyNova: War Of KingsGraphic NovelDan Abnett2009-11-18Dark Reign - Fear Itself
67BuyBeta Ray Bill: GodhunterGraphic NovelKieron Gillen2009-10-21Dark Reign - Fear Itself
68BuyDestroyerGraphic NovelRobert Kirkman2010-06-02Dark Reign - Fear Itself
69BuyTimestorm 2009 / 2099Graphic NovelBrian Reed2009-11-18Dark Reign - Fear Itself
70BuyDark Wolverine Vol. 1: The PrinceGraphic NovelMarjorie Liu2010-03-03Dark Reign - Fear Itself
71BuyLockjaw And The Pet AvengersGraphic NovelChris Eliopoulis2010-05-05Dark Reign - Fear Itself
72BuySpider-Man: Died In Your Arms TonightGraphic NovelDan Slott2009-11-04Dark Reign - Fear Itself
73BuyX-Force Vol. 3: Not ForgottenGraphic NovelCraig Kyle2010-04-07Dark Reign - Fear Itself
74BuyDark X-Men: The BeginningGraphic NovelPaul Cornell2009-07-08Dark Reign - Fear Itself
75BuyTimely 70th Anniversary CollectionGraphic NovelJames Robinson2010-01-20Dark Reign - Fear Itself
76BuyWolverine: Weapon X Vol. 1: Adamantium MenGraphic NovelJason Aaron2010-04-28Dark Reign - Fear Itself
77BuyExiles: Point Of No ReturnGraphic NovelJeff Parker2009-11-18Dark Reign - Fear Itself
78BuyDark Reign: The HoodGraphic NovelJeff Parker2010-01-06Dark Reign - Fear Itself
79BuyNew Mutants: Return Of LegionGraphic NovelZeb Wells2010-05-12Dark Reign - Fear Itself
80BuyRunaways Vol. 11: HomeschoolingGraphic NovelKathyrn Immonen2010-04-07Dark Reign - Fear Itself
81BuyDark Reign: The UndersideGraphic NovelFrank Tieri2009-12-23Dark Reign - Fear Itself
82BuyAgents Of Atlas: Turf WarsGraphic NovelJeff Parker2010-06-16Dark Reign - Fear Itself
83BuyDark Avengers / Uncanny X-Men: UtopiaGraphic NovelMatt Fraction2010-03-24Dark Reign - Fear Itself
84BuyPunisher MAX Vol. 6Graphic NovelGregg Hurwitz2011-06-22Dark Reign - Fear Itself
85BuyPunisher MAX: Welcome To The BayouGraphic NovelVictor Gischler2009-12-30Dark Reign - Fear Itself
86BuyWolverine Origins Vol. 7: RomulusGraphic NovelDaniel Way2010-04-14Dark Reign - Fear Itself
87BuyDark Reign: Sinister Spider-ManGraphic NovelBrian Reed2010-01-06Dark Reign - Fear Itself
88BuySpider-Man: Red-Headed StrangerGraphic NovelFred Van Lente2010-05-26Dark Reign - Fear Itself
89BuyCaptain America: Theater Of WarGraphic NovelPaul Jenkins2010-08-18Dark Reign - Fear Itself
90BuyGuardians Of The Galaxy: War Of Kings Book 2Graphic NovelDan Abnett2010-04-14Dark Reign - Fear Itself
91BuyDark Reign: Skull Kill KrewGraphic NovelAdam Felber2010-01-06Dark Reign - Fear Itself
92BuyDark Reign: Young AvengersGraphic NovelPaul Cornell2010-01-06Dark Reign - Fear Itself
93BuyInvincible Iron Man Omnibus Vol. 1Graphic NovelMatt Fraction2010-03-03Dark Reign - Fear Itself
94BuyInvincible Iron Man Vol. 3: World’s Most Wanted Book 2Graphic NovelMatt Fraction2010-05-19Dark Reign - Fear Itself
95BuyPunisher Vol. 2: Dead EndGraphic NovelRick Remender2010-05-05Dark Reign - Fear Itself
96BuyThunderbolts: WidowmakerGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2010-05-05Dark Reign - Fear Itself
97BuyMs. Marvel Vol. 8: War Of The MarvelsGraphic NovelBrian Reed2010-05-12Dark Reign - Fear Itself
98BuyX-Factor: OvertimeGraphic NovelPeter David2010-05-05Dark Reign - Fear Itself
99BuyMarvel DivasGraphic NovelRoberto Aguirre-Sacasa2010-01-20Dark Reign - Fear Itself
100BuyIncredible Hercules: The Mighty ThorculesGraphic NovelGreg Pak2010-05-12Dark Reign - Fear Itself
101BuyThor vs. HerculesGraphic NovelGerry Conway2010-11-03Dark Reign - Fear Itself
102BuySiege PreludeGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2010-01-01Dark Reign - Fear Itself
103BuyModels, Inc.Graphic NovelPaul Tobin2010-03-10Dark Reign - Fear Itself
104BuyThor by J. Michael Straczynski OmnibusGraphic NovelJ. Michael Straczynski2010-12-22Dark Reign - Fear Itself
105BuyThor Vol. 3Graphic NovelJ. Michael Straczynski2010-06-30Dark Reign - Fear Itself
106BuyAvengers: The Initiative Vol. 5: Dreams And NightmaresGraphic NovelChristos Gage2010-10-06Dark Reign - Fear Itself
107BuyCable Vol. 3: StrandedGraphic NovelDuane Swierczynski2010-05-19Dark Reign - Fear Itself
108BuyImmortal WeaponsGraphic NovelDuane Swierczynski2010-03-10Dark Reign - Fear Itself
109BuyMighty Avengers Vol. 6: The UnspokenGraphic NovelDan Slott2010-06-30Dark Reign - Fear Itself
110BuySon Of Hulk: Dark Son RisingGraphic NovelPaul Jenkins2010-06-23Dark Reign - Fear Itself
111BuyDominic Fortune: It Can Happen Here And NowGraphic NovelHoward Chaykin2010-02-17Dark Reign - Fear Itself
112BuySecret Warriors Vol. 2: God Of Fear, God Of WarGraphic NovelJonathan Hickman2010-07-14Dark Reign - Fear Itself
113BuyDark Reign: The ListGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2010-07-14Dark Reign - Fear Itself
114BuySpider-Man: Return Of The Black CatGraphic NovelJoe Kelly2010-06-23Dark Reign - Fear Itself
115BuyDark Avengers: AresGraphic NovelKieron Gillen2010-03-31Dark Reign - Fear Itself
116BuyWar Machine Vol. 2: Dark ReignGraphic NovelGreg Pak2010-02-24Dark Reign - Fear Itself
117BuyNew Avengers Vol. 12: PowerlossGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2010-08-04Dark Reign - Fear Itself
118BuyDeadpool Vol. 3: X Marks The SpotGraphic NovelDaniel Way2010-05-19Dark Reign - Fear Itself
119BuyFantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Vol. 1Graphic NovelJonathan Hickman2010-08-04Dark Reign - Fear Itself
120BuyHulk Vol. 4: Hulk Vs. X-ForceGraphic NovelJeph Loeb2010-06-30Dark Reign - Fear Itself
121BuyIncredible Hulk Vol. 1: Son Of BannerGraphic NovelGreg Pak2010-06-30Dark Reign - Fear Itself
122BuySpider-Man: Anti-VenomGraphic NovelZeb Wells2010-03-10Dark Reign - Fear Itself
123BuyNomad: Girl Without A WorldGraphic NovelSean McKeever2010-04-14Dark Reign - Fear Itself
124BuyDark Avengers Vol. 2: Molecule ManGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2010-08-04Dark Reign - Fear Itself
125BuyDark Wolverine Vol. 2: My HeroGraphic NovelDaniel Way2010-08-25Dark Reign - Fear Itself
126BuyStarr The Slayer: A Starr is BornGraphic NovelDaniel Way2010-03-17Dark Reign - Fear Itself
127BuyX-Men Legacy: EmplateGraphic NovelMike Carey2010-07-28Dark Reign - Fear Itself
128BuySpider-Man: The Gauntlet Book 1: Electro And SandmanGraphic NovelDan Slott2010-07-28Dark Reign - Fear Itself
129BuyDark Reign: HawkeyeGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2010-05-12Dark Reign - Fear Itself
130BuyCaptain America Lives OmnibusGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2011-03-30Dark Reign - Fear Itself
131BuyCaptain America: RebornGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2010-10-06Dark Reign - Fear Itself
132BuyBlack Panther: PowerGraphic NovelReginald Hudlin2010-03-03Dark Reign - Fear Itself
133BuyGhost Rider by Jason Aaron OmnibusGraphic NovelJason Aaron2010-12-16Dark Reign - Fear Itself
134BuyGhost Rider: Heaven’s On FireGraphic NovelJason Aaron2010-03-24Dark Reign - Fear Itself
135BuyMarvels: Eyes Of The CameraGraphic NovelKurt Busiek2011-01-05Dark Reign - Fear Itself
136BuyWolverine: Weapon X Vol. 2: Insane In The BrainGraphic NovelJason Aaron2010-07-21Dark Reign - Fear Itself
137BuyDoctor Voodoo: Avenger Of The SupernaturalGraphic NovelRick Remender2010-05-26Dark Reign - Fear Itself
138BuyStrange: The Doctor Is OutGraphic NovelMark Waid2010-05-12Dark Reign - Fear Itself
139BuyIron Man Vs. WhiplashGraphic NovelBrannon Bragga2010-04-21Dark Reign - Fear Itself
140BuyBlack Widow: Deadly OriginGraphic NovelPaul Cornell2010-10-20Dark Reign - Fear Itself
141BuyIncredible Hercules: Assault on New OlympusGraphic NovelGreg Pak2010-11-24Dark Reign - Fear Itself
142BuyMs. Marvel Vol. 9: Best You Can BeGraphic NovelBrian Reed2010-10-06Dark Reign - Fear Itself
143BuyX-Men: PsylockeGraphic NovelChristopher Yost2010-06-09Dark Reign - Fear Itself
144BuyFall Of The Hulks Vol. 1Graphic NovelJeph Loeb2010-10-01Dark Reign - Fear Itself
145BuyBlack Widow And The Marvel GirlsGraphic NovelPaul Tobin2010-04-21Dark Reign - Fear Itself
146BuySpider-Man: The Gauntlet Book 2: Rhino And MysterioGraphic NovelJoe Kelly2010-11-24Dark Reign - Fear Itself
147BuyAtlas: Marvel BoyGraphic NovelJeff Parker2010-06-23Dark Reign - Fear Itself
148BuyUncanny X-Men: Nation XGraphic NovelMatt Fraction2010-10-27Dark Reign - Fear Itself
149BuyX-NecroshaGraphic NovelCraig Kyle2010-12-29Dark Reign - Fear Itself
150BuyNew Mutants: NecroshaGraphic NovelZeb Wells2010-11-24Dark Reign - Fear Itself
151BuyPunisher MAX: Naked KillsGraphic NovelValerie D'Orazio2010-08-18Dark Reign - Fear Itself
152BuyVengeance Of Moon Knight Vol. 1: Shock And AweGraphic NovelGregg Hurwitz2010-07-21Dark Reign - Fear Itself
153BuySpider-Woman: Agent Of S.W.O.R.D.Graphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2011-03-02Dark Reign - Fear Itself
154BuyWolverine Origins: Seven The Hard WayGraphic NovelDaniel Way2010-10-06Dark Reign - Fear Itself
155BuyDark X-MenGraphic NovelPaul Cornell2010-11-24Dark Reign - Fear Itself
156BuyInvincible Iron Man Vol. 4: Stark DisassembledGraphic NovelMatt Fraction2011-01-19Dark Reign - Fear Itself
157BuyPunisherMax: KingpinGraphic NovelJason Aaron2010-11-17Dark Reign - Fear Itself
158BuyRealm Of KingsGraphic NovelDan Abnett2010-12-01Dark Reign - Fear Itself
159BuyS.W.O.R.D.: No Time To BreatheGraphic NovelKieron Gillen2010-07-07Dark Reign - Fear Itself
160BuyCable Vol. 4: HomecomingGraphic NovelDuane Swierczynski2010-10-20Dark Reign - Fear Itself
161BuyIncredible Hulk Vol. 2: Fall Of The HulksGraphic NovelGreg Pak2010-10-27Dark Reign - Fear Itself
162BuyHulk Vol. 5: Fall Of The HulksGraphic NovelJeph Loeb2010-11-03Dark Reign - Fear Itself
163BuyX-Factor: Invisible Woman Has VanishedGraphic NovelPeter David2010-11-03Dark Reign - Fear Itself
164BuyX-Men: Origins IIGraphic NovelStuart Moore2011-03-30Dark Reign - Fear Itself
165BuySiegeGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2010-11-17Dark Reign - Fear Itself
166BuySiege: X-MenGraphic NovelDaniel Way2010-12-01Dark Reign - Fear Itself
167BuySpider-Man: The Gauntlet Book 3: Vulture And MorbiusGraphic NovelGreg Weisman2010-11-03Dark Reign - Fear Itself
168BuyDeadpool Corps PreludeGraphic NovelVictor Gischler2011-01-12Dark Reign - Fear Itself
169BuyThor: Latverian PrometheusGraphic NovelKieron Gillen2010-06-09Dark Reign - Fear Itself
170BuyNova: Realm Of KingsGraphic NovelDan Abnett2010-07-07Dark Reign - Fear Itself
171BuyAgents Of Atlas vs. X-Men And AvengersGraphic NovelJeff Parker2010-12-01Dark Reign - Fear Itself
172BuyDeadpool Team-Up Vol. 1Graphic NovelAdam Glass2010-12-15Dark Reign - Fear Itself
173BuyGuardians Of The Galaxy: Realm Of KingsGraphic NovelDan Abnett2010-12-08Dark Reign - Fear Itself
174BuySiege: ThunderboltsGraphic NovelJeff Parker2011-01-12Dark Reign - Fear Itself
175BuyMighty Avengers: Dark ReignGraphic NovelDan Slott2011-08-17Dark Reign - Fear Itself
176BuyMighty Avengers Vol. 7: SiegeGraphic NovelDan Slott2011-02-02Dark Reign - Fear Itself
177BuyAvengers: The Initiative Vol. 6: SiegeGraphic NovelChristos Gage2010-12-15Dark Reign - Fear Itself
178BuySpider-Man: JackpotGraphic NovelMarc Guggenheim2010-07-14Dark Reign - Fear Itself
179BuyNew Avengers: SiegeGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2011-02-02Dark Reign - Fear Itself
180BuyCaptain America: Two AmericasGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2010-11-24Dark Reign - Fear Itself
181BuyFantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Vol. 2Graphic NovelJonathan Hickman2010-12-01Dark Reign - Fear Itself
182BuyFall Of The Hulks: Red HulkGraphic NovelJonathan Hickman2010-12-01Dark Reign - Fear Itself
183BuyDeadpool Vol. 4: Monkey BusinessGraphic NovelDaniel Way2010-12-01Dark Reign - Fear Itself
184BuySpider-Man: The Gauntlet Book 4: JuggernautGraphic NovelRoger Stern2011-02-09Dark Reign - Fear Itself
185BuySuper Hero Squad: Infinity Sword QuestGraphic NovelTodd Dezago2011-01-12Dark Reign - Fear Itself
186BuySuper Hero Squad: Super StarsGraphic NovelPaul Tobin2010-06-23Dark Reign - Fear Itself
187BuySiege: BattlefieldGraphic NovelKieron Gillen2010-12-08Dark Reign - Fear Itself
188BuyFall Of The Hulks: The Savage She-HulksGraphic NovelJeff Parker2010-08-18Dark Reign - Fear Itself
189BuyThe TorchGraphic NovelAlex Ross2010-09-15Dark Reign - Fear Itself
190BuyDeathlok: The DemolisherGraphic NovelCharlie Huston2011-01-26Dark Reign - Fear Itself
191BuySecret Warriors Vol. 3: Wake The BeastGraphic NovelJonathan Hickman2011-01-12Dark Reign - Fear Itself
192BuySiege: EmbeddedGraphic NovelBrian Reed2010-11-24Dark Reign - Fear Itself
193BuyDark Avengers OmnibusGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2011-07-27Dark Reign - Fear Itself
194BuyDark Avengers: SiegeGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2011-01-26Dark Reign - Fear Itself
195BuyX-Men: Pixie Strikes BackGraphic NovelKathyrn Immonen2010-07-28Dark Reign - Fear Itself
196BuySiege: ThorGraphic NovelKieron Gillen2011-01-12Dark Reign - Fear Itself
197BuyFall Of The Hulks Vol. 2Graphic NovelJeph Loeb2010-10-04Dark Reign - Fear Itself
198BuySpider-Man: The Gauntlet Book 5: LizardGraphic NovelZeb Wells2011-02-16Dark Reign - Fear Itself
199BuyWomen Of Marvel: Celebrating Seven DecadesGraphic Novel2010-08-11Dark Reign - Fear Itself
200BuyDaredevil: The Devil’s HandGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2010-08-25Dark Reign - Fear Itself
201BuyX-Men: Second ComingGraphic NovelZeb Wells2010-09-29Dark Reign - Fear Itself
202BuyX-Men: Second Coming – RevelationsGraphic NovelChristopher Yost2010-10-27Dark Reign - Fear Itself
203BuyX-Factor: Second ComingGraphic NovelPeter David2011-01-26Dark Reign - Fear Itself
204BuyLockjaw And The Pet Avengers: UnleashedGraphic NovelChris Eliopoulis2011-02-02Dark Reign - Fear Itself
205BuySpider-Man: FeverGraphic NovelBrendan McCarthy2010-09-20Dark Reign - Fear Itself
206BuyHeroic AgeGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2010-11-17Dark Reign - Fear Itself
207BuyHeraldsGraphic NovelKathyrn Immonen2011-04-06Dark Reign - Fear Itself
208BuyDeath Of DraculaGraphic NovelVictor Gischler2011-06-01Dark Reign - Fear Itself
209BuySpider-Man: Peter ParkerGraphic NovelBob Gale2010-11-10Dark Reign - Fear Itself
210BuyWolverine: The ReckoningGraphic NovelDaniel Way2011-02-16Dark Reign - Fear Itself
211BuyGirl ComicsGraphic NovelTrina Robbins2011-03-23Dark Reign - Fear Itself
212BuyMarvel Her-OesGraphic NovelGrace Randolph2010-11-03Dark Reign - Fear Itself
213BuyHulk: World War Hulks: Hulked Out HeroesGraphic Novel2010-11-10Dark Reign - Fear Itself
214BuyInvincible Iron Man Vol. 5: Stark Resilient Book 1Graphic NovelMatt Fraction2011-02-23Dark Reign - Fear Itself
215BuyVengeance Of Moon Knight Vol. 2Graphic NovelGregg Hurwitz2010-12-22Dark Reign - Fear Itself
216BuySpider-Man: The Grim HuntGraphic NovelJoe Kelly2011-03-16Dark Reign - Fear Itself
217BuyDeadpool: Merc With A Mouth Vol. 1: Head TripGraphic NovelVictor Gischler2010-09-29Dark Reign - Fear Itself
218BuyAstonishing X-Men Vol. 6: ExogeneticGraphic NovelWarren Ellis2011-03-09Dark Reign - Fear Itself
219BuyDarkstar And The Winter GuardGraphic NovelDavid Gallaher2010-11-24Dark Reign - Fear Itself
220BuyDoomwarGraphic NovelJonathan Maberry2011-05-11Dark Reign - Fear Itself
221BuyWolverine By Jason Aaron Omnibus Vol. 1Graphic NovelJason Aaron2011-10-26Dark Reign - Fear Itself
222BuyWolverine: Weapon X Vol. 3: Tomorrow Dies TodayGraphic NovelJason Aaron2011-03-23Dark Reign - Fear Itself
223BuyIncredible Hercules: The New Prince Of PowerGraphic NovelGreg Pak2010-12-15Dark Reign - Fear Itself
224BuySecret Warriors Vol. 4: Last Ride Of The Howling CommandosGraphic NovelJonathan Hickman2011-04-13Dark Reign - Fear Itself
225BuyBlack Widow: In The Name Of The RoseGraphic NovelMarjorie Liu2011-07-06Dark Reign - Fear Itself
226BuyAge Of HeroesGraphic NovelKurt Busiek2011-03-30Dark Reign - Fear Itself
227BuySpider-Man: The Osborn IdentityGraphic NovelBrian Reed2010-12-01Dark Reign - Fear Itself
228BuyThunderbolts: CageGraphic NovelJeff Parker2011-03-30Dark Reign - Fear Itself
229BuyFantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Vol. 3Graphic NovelJonathan Hickman2010-11-10Dark Reign - Fear Itself
230BuyDeadpool Vol. 5: What Happened In VegasGraphic NovelDaniel Way2011-03-23Dark Reign - Fear Itself
231BuyIncredible Hulk Vol. 3: World War HulksGraphic NovelGreg Pak2011-04-06Dark Reign - Fear Itself
232BuyHulk: World War HulksGraphic NovelJeph Loeb2011-03-23Dark Reign - Fear Itself
233BuySpider-Man: One Moment In TimeGraphic NovelJoe Quesada2011-05-04Dark Reign - Fear Itself
234BuySpider-Man: Animal MagnetismGraphic NovelStuart Moore2011-02-23Dark Reign - Fear Itself
235BuyPunisher Vol. 3: Franken-CastleGraphic NovelRick Remender2011-05-11Dark Reign - Fear Itself
236BuyCaptain America: Forever AlliesGraphic NovelRoger Stern2011-11-16Dark Reign - Fear Itself
237BuyAtlas: Return Of The Three Dimensional ManGraphic NovelJeff Parker2011-01-12Dark Reign - Fear Itself
238BuyGorilla ManGraphic NovelJeff Parker2010-12-15Dark Reign - Fear Itself
239BuyHit-MonkeyGraphic NovelDaniel Way2011-01-05Dark Reign - Fear Itself
240BuyDeadpool Corps Vol. 1: Pool-Pocalypse NowGraphic NovelVictor Gischler2010-10-27Dark Reign - Fear Itself
241BuyDeadpool Team-Up Vol. 2Graphic NovelRob Williams2010-12-22Dark Reign - Fear Itself
242BuySpider-Man: The ExtremistGraphic NovelFred Van Lente2011-05-25Dark Reign - Fear Itself
243BuyX-Men: SchismGraphic NovelJason Aaron2012-01-11Dark Reign - Fear Itself
244BuySecret Avengers Vol. 1: Mission To MarsGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2011-02-02Dark Reign - Fear Itself
245BuyThor: Siege AftermathGraphic NovelKieron Gillen2010-11-24Dark Reign - Fear Itself
246BuyCaptain America: No EscapeGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2011-06-22Dark Reign - Fear Itself
247BuyDeadpool: Wade Wilson’s WarGraphic NovelDuane Swierczynski2011-06-01Dark Reign - Fear Itself
248BuyHercules: Twilight Of A GodGraphic NovelBob Layton2010-12-15Dark Reign - Fear Itself
249BuyX-Force: Sex And ViolenceGraphic NovelChristopher Yost2011-07-13Dark Reign - Fear Itself
250BuyMarvel Universe Vs. The PunisherGraphic NovelJonathan Maberry2011-07-13Dark Reign - Fear Itself
251BuyOne Month To LiveGraphic NovelRick Remender2011-07-13Dark Reign - Fear Itself
252BuySpider-Man: New York StoriesGraphic NovelJ. M. Dematteis2011-05-04Dark Reign - Fear Itself
253BuyIron Man: War Of The Iron MenGraphic NovelFred Van Lente2011-06-15Dark Reign - Fear Itself
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