Magic Sequence Reading Order

What’s on the Magic Sequence Reading Order?

The Magic Sequence is a series of books by Andre Norton. There are only seven books in the series, but they are quite popular and worth posting here. This timeline also includes the last book, Dragon Mage: A Sequel to Dragon Magic, which was completed posthumously by Jean Rabe. Though these books are few, we thought they were good enough to warrant their own timeline. And who knows, maybe we’ll see more from Rabe in the future.

Be sure to let us know if the chronology needs an update or anything else seems out of place. Thank you!

Steel MagicNovelAndre Norton
Octagon MagicNovelAndre Norton
Fur MagicNovelAndre Norton
Dragon MagicNovelAndre Norton
Lavender-Green MagicNovelAndre Norton
Red Hart MagicNovelAndre Norton
Dragon Mage: A Sequel to Dragon MagicNovelAndre Norton, Jean Rabe
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