Kurtherian Universe Reading Order

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What started as a single author prolifically writing books, has turned into an independent publishing empire that is absolutely enormous, yet a lot of people still haven’t heard about it. This is the Kurtherian Universe.

What’s on the Kurtherian Universe Reading Order?

The Kurtherian Universe is probably the largest, independently published shared universe out there. Originally developed by Michael Anderle, other authors have joined with their own stories set in the same universe. Therefore, this Kurtherian Universe reading order assembles all of the books in the various series in chronological order.

At one point, the timeline splits into two main continuities, one that takes place in space, called the Age of Expansion. The other takes place in Earth’s far future, the Age of Magic.

Where to Start Reading the Kurtherian Universe

Each series in the Kurtherian Universe is designed to be read separately. However, if you want to start at the beginning, we do recommend Death Becomes Her, the book that started it all. It is also the start of the largest series in the universe, the Kurtherian Gambit series.

If that series is too long for you, keep in mind that only the first six books are a complete story arc. Read those, and then you can pick another series if you wish. Additionally, if you liked this timeline, you might also enjoy the Oriceran universe.

1BuyDeath Becomes HerNovelMichael Anderle2015-11-02Kurtherian Gambit (1st Arc)
2BuyQueen BitchNovelMichael Anderle2015-11-11Kurtherian Gambit (1st Arc)
3BuyLove LostNovelMichael Anderle2015-11-25Kurtherian Gambit (1st Arc)
4BuyBite ThisNovelMichael Anderle2015-12-14Kurtherian Gambit (1st Arc)
5BuyNever ForsakenNovelMichael Anderle2016-01-11Kurtherian Gambit (1st Arc)
6BuyUnder My HeelNovelMichael Anderle2016-02-03Kurtherian Gambit (1st Arc)
7BuyYou Don't Touch John's CousinShort StoryFrank Kurns, Michael Anderle2016-03-21Stories of the UnknownWorld
8BuyKneel or DieNovelMichael Anderle2016-03-06Kurtherian Gambit (2nd Arc)
9BuyChallengesNovelNatalie Grey, Michael Anderle2018-01-24Frank Kurns Stories
10BuyTales from the Kurtherian Universe, Part 1AnthologyMichael Anderle, Ian Nicholson, N.D. Roberts, S.E. Weir, Erika Everest, Micky Cocker, James Gartside2018-01-25Fans Write For Fans
11BuyTales from the Kurtherian Universe, Part 2AnthologyMichael Anderle, Craig Martelle, Tracey Byrnes, Logan Caird, C. R. Wood, Samantha Harmer, Virgel Mitchell, Tim Bischoff, Dominic Novielli, Micky Cocker2018-06-03Fans Write For Fans
12BuyTales from the Kurtherian Universe, Part 3AnthologyMichael Anderle, Samantha Harmer, T.L. Gryfen, Kat N. Snow, Lucinda Pebre, Logan Caird, Dominic Novielli, Lisa Frett, S.E Weir2018-09-23Fans Write For Fans
13BuyWe Will BuildNovelMichael Anderle2016-04-21Kurtherian Gambit (2nd Arc)
14BuyIt's Hell to ChooseNovelMichael Anderle2016-05-25Kurtherian Gambit (2nd Arc)
15BuyRelease the Dogs of WarNovelMichael Anderle2016-06-27Kurtherian Gambit (2nd Arc)
16BuyBitch's Night OutShort StoryFrank Kurns, Michael Anderle2016-06-03Stories of the UnknownWorld
17BuySued for PeaceNovelMichael Anderle2016-07-27Kurtherian Gambit (2nd Arc)
18BuyEvacuationNovelPaul C. Middleton, Michael Anderle2016-07-14Boris Chronicles
19BuyRetaliationNovelPaul C. Middleton, Michael Anderle2016-08-11Boris Chronicles
20BuyWe Have ContactNovelMichael Anderle2016-08-30Kurtherian Gambit (2nd Arc)
21BuyRevelationsNovelPaul C. Middleton, Michael Anderle2017-01-04Boris Chronicles
22BuyMy Ride is a BitchNovelMichael Anderle2016-10-05Kurtherian Gambit (2nd Arc)
23BuyBellatrixShort StoryFrank Kurns, Natalie Grey, Michael Anderle2016-12-21Stories of the UnknownWorld
24BuyRisk Be DamnedNovelNatalie Grey, Michael Anderle2017-02-28Trials and Tribulations
25BuyAlpha ClassNovelTS Paul, Michael Anderle2017-01-01Etheric Academy
26BuyDamned to HellNovelNatalie Grey, Michael Anderle2017-05-06Trials and Tribulations
27BuyAlpha Class: EngineeringNovelTS Paul, Michael Anderle2017-03-13Etheric Academy
28BuyTo Hell And BackNovelNatalie Grey, Michael Anderle2018-07-17Trials and Tribulations
29BuyAlpha Class: DiscoveryNovelN.D. Roberts, Michael Anderle2018-03-27Etheric Academy
30BuyDon't Cross This LineNovelMichael Anderle2016-11-12Kurtherian Gambit (2nd Arc)Takes place 3 years after My Ride is a Bitch
31BuyNever SubmitNovelMichael Anderle2017-02-02Kurtherian Gambit (3rd Arc)
32BuyAlpha Class: GraduationNovelN.D. Roberts, Michael Anderle2018-06-10Etheric Academy
33BuyWorld's Worst Day EverShort StoryCraig Martelle, Jeff Morris, Michael Anderle2017-04-21Standalone
34BuyNever SurrenderNovelMichael Anderle2017-03-29Kurtherian Gambit (3rd Arc)
35BuyEtheric RecruitNovelS.R. Russell, Michael Anderle2017-09-13Etheric Adventures
36BuyEtheric ResearcherNovelS.R. Russell, Michael Anderle2017-11-30Etheric Adventures
37BuyEtheric ExplorerNovelS.R. Russell, Michael Anderle2020-04-09Etheric Adventures
38BuyNomad FoundNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2016-12-20Terry Henry Walton Chronicles
39BuyForever DefendNovelMichael Anderle2017-06-30Kurtherian Gambit (3rd Arc)
40BuyNomad RedeemedNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2017-01-13Terry Henry Walton Chronicles
41BuyMight Makes RightNovelMichael Anderle2017-08-22Kurtherian Gambit (3rd Arc)
42BuyNomad UnleashedNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2017-02-05Terry Henry Walton Chronicles
43BuyAhead FullNovelMichael Anderle2017-11-02Kurtherian Gambit (3rd Arc)
44BuyNomad SupremeNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2017-03-03Terry Henry Walton Chronicles
45BuyNomad's FuryNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2017-03-13Terry Henry Walton Chronicles
46BuyNomad's JusticeNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2017-04-09Terry Henry Walton Chronicles
47BuyReprisalNovelCharles Tilman, Michael Anderle2020-06-26Akio Revelations
48BuyNomad AvengedNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2017-05-29Terry Henry Walton Chronicles
49BuyRetaliationNovelCharles Tilman, Michael Anderle2020-07-03Akio Revelations
50BuyNomad MortisNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2017-06-18Terry Henry Walton Chronicles
51BuyRetributionNovelCharles Tilman, Michael Anderle2020-07-24Akio Revelations
52BuyNomad's ForceNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2017-07-27Terry Henry Walton Chronicles
53BuyRedemptionNovelPaul C. Middleton, Michael Anderle2018-01-04Boris Chronicles
54BuyCapture DeathNovelMichael Anderle2017-12-25Kurtherian Gambit (3rd Arc)
55BuyThe Dark MessiahNovelMichael Anderle2016-12-23The Second Dark Ages
56BuyJustice is CallingNovelJustin Sloan, Michael Anderle2016-12-08Reclaiming Honor
57BuyClaimed by HonorNovelJustin Sloan, Michael Anderle2017-01-12Reclaiming Honor
58BuyJudgment Has FallenNovelJustin Sloan, Michael Anderle2017-02-13Reclaiming Honor
59BuyThe Darkest NightNovelMichael Anderle2017-05-24The Second Dark Ages
60BuyAngel of ReckoningNovelJustin Sloan, Michael Anderle2017-04-04Reclaiming Honor
61BuyBorn Into FlamesNovelJustin Sloan, Michael Anderle2017-07-07Reclaiming Honor
62BuyDarkest Before the DawnNovelMichael Anderle2017-10-06The Second Dark Ages
63BuyDefending the LostNovelJustin Sloan, Michael Anderle2017-08-06Reclaiming Honor
64BuySaved by ValorNovelJustin Sloan, Michael Anderle2017-08-31Reclaiming Honor
65BuyLife Goes OnNovelMichael Anderle2018-02-13Kurtherian Gambit
66BuyDawn ArrivesNovelMichael Anderle, Ell Leigh Clarke2018-02-13The Second Dark Ages
67BuyReturn of VictoryNovelJustin Sloan, Michael Anderle2017-10-04Reclaiming Honor
68BuyNomad's GalaxyNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2017-08-17Terry Henry Walton Chronicles
69BuyNomad's JournalNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2017-09-10Terry Henry Walton Chronicles
70BuyGateway to the UniverseNovelCraig Martelle, Justin Sloan, Michael Anderle2017-10-11In Bad Company
71BuyPayback Is a BitchNovelMichael Anderle2018-05-14The Kurtherian Endgame
72BuyThe Bad CompanyNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2017-11-08The Bad Company
73BuyBeyond the FrontiersNovelEll Leigh Clarke, Michael Anderle2018-07-27Deuces Wild
74BuyCompelling EvidenceNovelMichael Anderle2018-08-09The Kurtherian Endgame
75BuyBlockadeNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2017-12-24The Bad Company
76BuyRampageNovelEll Leigh Clarke, Michael Anderle2018-08-17Deuces Wild
77BuyThrough The Fire and FlameNovelMichael Anderle2018-11-29The Kurtherian Endgame
78BuyPrice of FreedomNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2018-02-18The Bad Company
79BuyLabyrinthNovelEll Leigh Clarke, Michael Anderle2018-09-05Deuces Wild
80BuyAll's Fair in Blood and WarNovelMichael Anderle2018-12-27The Kurtherian Endgame
81BuyLiberationNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2018-04-22The Bad Company
82BuyFinish What You StartedNovelMichael Anderle2019-05-16The Kurtherian Endgame
83BuyDestroyerNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2019-04-07The Bad Company
84BuyYou Have Been JudgedNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2018-06-25Judge, Jury, & Executioner
85BuyResolutionNovelEll Leigh Clarke, Michael Anderle2019-06-10Deuces Wild
86BuyEnter Into ValhallaNovelMichael Anderle2019-08-31The Kurtherian Endgame
87BuyDiscoveryNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2019-05-06The Bad Company
88BuyDestroy the CorruptNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2018-08-14Judge, Jury, & Executioner
89BuyKeep Your Friends CloseNovelN.D. Roberts, Michael Anderle2019-09-11The Kurtherian Endgame
90BuySerial KillerNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2018-09-12Judge, Jury, & Executioner
91BuyThe Valkyrie ReturnsNovelN.D. Roberts, Michael Anderle2019-11-13The Kurtherian Endgame
92BuyYour Life Is ForfeitNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2018-10-21Judge, Jury, & Executioner
93BuyIf All Else FailsNovelN.D. Roberts, Michael Anderle2019-12-05The Kurtherian Endgame
94BuySlave TradeNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2019-03-10Judge, Jury, & Executioner
95BuySuperdreadnought 1NovelCH Gideon, Tim Marquitz, Craig Martelle, Michael Anderle2018-10-14A Military AI Space Opera
96BuyFratricideNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2019-07-21Judge, Jury, & Executioner
97BuySuperdreadnought 2NovelCH Gideon, Tim Marquitz, Craig Martelle, Michael Anderle2018-11-04A Military AI Space Opera
98BuyThe Art of SmugglingNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2019-10-13Judge, Jury, & Executioner
99BuySuperdreadnought 3NovelCH Gideon, Tim Marquitz, Craig Martelle, Michael Anderle2018-12-10A Military AI Space Opera
100BuyDisputeNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2020-01-12Judge, Jury, & Executioner
101BuySuperdreadnought 4NovelCH Gideon, Tim Marquitz, Craig Martelle, Michael Anderle2019-02-03A Military AI Space Opera
102BuyOverwhelming ForceNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2020-06-15The Bad Company
103BuyRise of the AINovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2020-04-27Judge, Jury, & Executioner
104BuySuperdreadnought 5NovelCH Gideon, Tim Marquitz, Craig Martelle, Michael Anderle2019-03-17A Military AI Space Opera
105BuyReturn Of The QueenNovelMichael Anderle2020-04-03The Kurtherian Endgame
106BuyAdverse PossessionNovelCraig Martelle, Michael Anderle2020-09-07Judge, Jury, & Executioner
107BuySuperdreadnought 6NovelCH Gideon, Tim Marquitz, Craig Martelle, Michael Anderle2019-11-03A Military AI Space Opera
108BuyPromises KeptNovelMichael Anderle2020-09-11The Kurtherian Endgame
109BuyGravity StormNovelTom Dublin, Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle2018-02-11Shadow Vanguard
110BuyVigilanteNovelNatalie Grey, Michael Anderle2018-05-21The Vigilante
111BuyFormationNovelSarah Noffke, Michael Anderle2017-11-12Ghost Squadron
112BuyAwakenedNovelEll Leigh Clarke, Michael Anderle2017-05-10The Ascension Myth
113BuyLunar CrisisNovelTom Dublin, Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle2018-06-04Shadow Vanguard
114BuySentinelNovelNatalie Grey, Michael Anderle2018-06-11The Vigilante
115BuyExplorationNovelSarah Noffke, Michael Anderle2017-12-03Ghost Squadron
116BuyActivatedNovelEll Leigh Clarke, Michael Anderle2017-05-17The Ascension Myth
117BuyImmortality CurseNovelTom Dublin, Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle2018-12-23Shadow Vanguard
118BuyWardenNovelNatalie Grey, Michael Anderle2018-07-02The Vigilante
119BuyEvolutionNovelSarah Noffke, Michael Anderle2017-12-20Ghost Squadron
120BuyCalledNovelEll Leigh Clarke, Michael Anderle2017-06-05The Ascension Myth
121BuyUltimate PaybackNovelTom Dublin, Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle2019-08-08Shadow Vanguard
122BuyPaladinNovelNatalie Grey, Michael Anderle2018-07-24The Vigilante
123BuyDegenerationNovelSarah Noffke, Michael Anderle2018-01-22Ghost Squadron
124BuySanctionedNovelEll Leigh Clarke, Michael Anderle2017-07-05The Ascension Myth
125BuyJusticiarNovelNatalie Grey, Michael Anderle2018-10-17The Vigilante
126BuyImpersonationNovelSarah Noffke, Michael Anderle2018-02-26Ghost Squadron
127BuyRebirthNovelEll Leigh Clarke, Michael Anderle2017-07-23The Ascension Myth
128BuyAny Port in a WarNovelTim Marquitz, Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle2018-07-29Enemy of My Enemy
129BuyDefenderNovelNatalie Grey, Michael Anderle2018-10-31The Vigilante
130BuyRecollectionNovelSarah Noffke, Michael Anderle2018-04-02Ghost Squadron
131BuyRetributionNovelEll Leigh Clarke, Michael Anderle2017-08-27The Ascension Myth
132BuyRefuge in the StarsNovelTim Marquitz, Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle2018-08-26Enemy of My Enemy
133BuyProtectorNovelNatalie Grey, Michael Anderle2018-12-17The Vigilante
134BuyPreservationNovelSarah Noffke, Michael Anderle2018-05-15Ghost Squadron
135BuyCloakedNovelEll Leigh Clarke, Michael Anderle2017-09-17The Ascension Myth
136BuyA Subtle WarNovelTim Marquitz, Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle2018-10-21Enemy of My Enemy
137BuyValerie's ElitesNovelJustin Sloan, P.T. Hylton, Michael Anderle2017-12-06Valerie's Elites
138BuyCorruptionNovelSarah Noffke, Michael Anderle2018-06-27Precious Galaxy
139BuyRogue OperatorNovelEll Leigh Clarke, Michael Anderle2017-11-06Confessions of a Space Anthropologist
140BuyVengeanceNovelTim Marquitz, Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle2019-01-06Enemy of My Enemy
141BuyDeath DefiedNovelJustin Sloan, P.T. Hylton, Michael Anderle2017-12-26Valerie's Elites
142BuyInvestigationNovelSarah Noffke, Michael Anderle2018-07-23Precious Galaxy
143BuyBourneNovelEll Leigh Clarke, Michael Anderle2018-01-07The Ascension Myth
144BuyPrime EnforcerNovelJustin Sloan, P.T. Hylton, Michael Anderle2018-02-07Valerie's Elites
145BuyDeterminationNovelSarah Noffke, Michael Anderle2018-08-29Precious Galaxy
146BuyRogue InstigatorNovelEll Leigh Clarke, Michael Anderle2018-02-21Confessions of a Space Anthropologist
147BuyJustice EarnedNovelJustin Sloan, P.T. Hylton, Michael Anderle2018-04-08Valerie's Elites
148BuyObliterationNovelSarah Noffke, Michael Anderle2018-09-18Precious Galaxy
149BuyCommittedNovelEll Leigh Clarke, Michael Anderle2018-03-25The Ascension Myth
150BuySubversionNovelEll Leigh Clarke, Michael Anderle2018-05-01The Ascension Myth
151BuyInvasionNovelEll Leigh Clarke, Michael Anderle2018-05-31The Ascension Myth
152BuyAscensionNovelEll Leigh Clarke, Michael Anderle2018-06-28The Ascension Myth
153BuyMadness UnleashedNovelHenry Lawson, Michael Anderle2018-05-30Live Free or Die
154BuyMadness RisingNovelHenry Lawson, Michael Anderle2018-06-19Live Free or Die
155BuyEscaping MadnessNovelHenry Lawson, Michael Anderle2018-08-14Live Free or Die
156BuyThe Line UnbrokenNovelN.D. Roberts, Michael Anderle2020-05-13Birth Of Magic
157BuyDawn of ChaosNovelDaniel Willcocks, Michael Anderle2018-08-06The Caitlin Chronicles
158BuyInto the FireNovelDaniel Willcocks, Michael Anderle2018-08-20The Caitlin Chronicles
159BuyHunting the BrokenNovelDaniel Willcocks, Michael Anderle2018-09-03The Caitlin Chronicles
160BuyThe City RevoltsNovelDaniel Willcocks, Michael Anderle2018-12-09The Caitlin Chronicles
161BuyChasing The CureNovelDaniel Willcocks, Michael Anderle2019-10-29The Caitlin Chronicles
162BuyRestrictionNovelCM Raymond, LE Barbant, Michael Anderle2017-03-15The Rise of Magic
163BuyReawakeningNovelCM Raymond, LE Barbant, Michael Anderle2017-03-24The Rise of Magic
164BuyRebellionNovelCM Raymond, LE Barbant, Michael Anderle2017-04-19The Rise of Magic
165BuyRevolutionNovelCM Raymond, LE Barbant, Michael Anderle2017-06-02The Rise of Magic
166BuyThe Arcadian DruidNovelCandy Crum, Michael Anderle2017-07-19Tales of the Feisty Druid
167BuyThe Undying IllusionistNovelCandy Crum, Michael Anderle2017-08-08Tales of the Feisty Druid
168BuyDawn of DestinyNovelAmy Hopkins, Michael Anderle2017-09-29A New Dawn
169BuyDawn of DarknessNovelAmy Hopkins, Michael Anderle2017-10-06A New Dawn
170BuyThe Frozen WastelandNovelCandy Crum, Michael Anderle2017-09-14Tales of the Feisty Druid
171BuyThe DeceiverNovelCandy Crum, Michael Anderle2017-10-24Tales of the Feisty Druid
172BuyDawn of DeliveranceNovelAmy Hopkins, Michael Anderle2017-10-23A New Dawn
173BuyRogue MageNovelBrandon Barr, Michael Anderle2017-08-10Path of Heroes
174BuyThe LostNovelCandy Crum, Michael Anderle2017-11-26Tales of the Feisty Druid
175BuyThe DamnedNovelCandy Crum, Michael Anderle2017-12-22Tales of the Feisty Druid
176BuyUnlawful PassageNovelCM Raymond, LE Barbant, Michael Anderle2017-08-03The Rise of Magic
177BuyDarkness RisesNovelCM Raymond, LE Barbant, Michael Anderle2017-09-21The Rise of Magic
178BuyDawn of DaysNovelAmy Hopkins, Michael Anderle2017-12-18A New Dawn
179BuyInto the MaelstromNovelCandy Crum, Michael Anderle2018-04-10Tales of the Feisty Druid
180BuyBroken SkiesNovelAmy Hopkins, Michael Anderle2018-03-26A New Dawn
181BuyThe Gods BeneathNovelCM Raymond, LE Barbant, Michael Anderle2017-10-30The Rise of Magic
182BuyRebornNovelCM Raymond, LE Barbant, Michael Anderle2017-12-07The Rise of Magic
183BuyLegends Of The AncientsNovelCandy Crum, Michael Anderle2020-06-08Tales of the Feisty Druid
184BuyBroken BonesNovelAmy Hopkins, Michael Anderle2018-05-29A New Dawn
185BuySolyrian ConspiracyNovelCM Raymond, LE Barbant, Michael Anderle2019-12-17The Rise of Magic
186BuyStorm RaidersNovelPT Hylton, Michael Anderle2017-06-15Storms of Magic
187BuyShades of LightNovelJustin Sloan, Michael Anderle2017-05-18The Hidden Magic Chronicles
188BuyTrading Into ShadowNovelCM Simpson, Michael Anderle2019-02-28Magic Beneath Paris
189BuyStorm CallersNovelPT Hylton, Michael Anderle2017-07-25Storms of Magic
190BuyShades of DarkNovelJustin Sloan, Michael Anderle2017-07-10The Hidden Magic Chronicles
191BuyTrading Into DarknessNovelCM Simpson, Michael Anderle2019-03-13Magic Beneath Paris
192BuyStorm BreakersNovelPT Hylton, Michael Anderle2017-09-14Storms of Magic
193BuyShades of GloryNovelJustin Sloan, Michael Anderle2017-09-17The Hidden Magic Chronicles
194BuyTrading Close to LightNovelCM Simpson, Michael Anderle2019-03-27Magic Beneath Paris
195BuyThe Dark MageNovelJace Mitchell, Michael Anderle2018-12-11Hand of Justice
196BuyStorm WarriorNovelPT Hylton, Michael Anderle2017-10-19Storms of Magic
197BuyShades of JusticeNovelJustin Sloan, Michael Anderle2017-10-22The Hidden Magic Chronicles
198BuyTrading by FirelightNovelCM Simpson, Michael Anderle2019-04-17Magic Beneath Paris
199BuyChasing MagicNovelJace Mitchell, Michael Anderle2018-12-18Hand of Justice
200BuyResistance to MagicNovelPeter Glenn, Michael Anderle2020-07-15The Sariah Chronicles
201BuyTrading By ShroomlightNovelCM Simpson, Michael Anderle2019-07-31Magic Beneath Paris
202BuyMagic RisingNovelJace Mitchell, Michael Anderle2018-12-25Hand of Justice
203BuyBetrayal of MagicNovelPeter Glenn, Michael Anderle2020-07-23The Sariah Chronicles
204BuyTrading Into DaylightNovelCM Simpson, Michael Anderle2019-10-31Magic Beneath Paris
205BuyMagic UnchainedNovelJace Mitchell, Michael Anderle2019-02-27Hand of Justice
206BuySurvival By MagicNovelPeter Glenn, Michael Anderle2020-08-05The Sariah Chronicles
207BuyTrading By StormlightNovelCM Simpson, Michael Anderle2020-01-28Magic Beneath Paris
208BuyTriumph Through MagicNovelPeter Glenn, Michael Anderle2020-08-19The Sariah Chronicles

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  1. I’ve been using your site to make sure I’m reading the Kurtherian Universe books in order. I can no longer get the list to open on my tablet. All I get is a cover page that only partially loads. What’s really odd is when I touched “comments” on the menu, the list flashed by at warp speed but it wouldn’t allow me could catch it. It was a great compilation while it lasted.

    1. Hm, not sure what’s going on there. It’s working on my end. Can you try looking at it on another browser or device?

  2. I started to read Michael Anderle books wjth the “Ascension Myth” and discovered the Kurthrian Univers. I was using Goodread chronology list that has only 173 books. Then I got my daughter interressted by the serie. She is the one that send me the link to your list. So now I am all mixed up to where should I start?

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