Known Space Reading Order

Whats on the Known Space Reading Order?

Known Space consists of several series by Larry Niven that he stitched together into one cohesive universe. One of those series, Man-Kzin Wars, is a collection of short stories written by various authors, and compiled/edited by Larry Niven. The end of the Man-Kzin Wars also includes the book Treasure Planet, which is a modernized version of Treasure Island, and was itself adapted as an animated film by Disney.

So here is the comprehensive Known Space reading order. Let us know if you see anything that needs changing, adding, or otherwise modified. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy.

RingworldNovelLarry Niven
The Ringworld EngineersNovelLarry Niven
The Ringworld ThroneNovelLarry Niven
Ringworld’s ChildrenNovelLarry Niven
“The Coldest Place”Short StoryLarry Niven
World of PtavvsNovelLarry Niven
“Becalmed in Hell”Short StoryLarry Niven
“Eye of an Octopus”Short StoryLarry Niven
“The Warriors”Short StoryLarry Niven
“How the Heroes Die”Short StoryLarry Niven
“Neutron Star”Short StoryLarry Niven
“At the Core”Short StoryLarry Niven
“At the Bottom of a Hole”Short StoryLarry Niven
“A Relic of the Empire”Short StoryLarry Niven
“The Jigsaw Man”Short StoryLarry Niven
“The Handicapped”Short StoryLarry Niven
“The Soft Weapon”Short StoryLarry Niven
“Flatlander”Short StoryLarry Niven
“The Ethics of Madness”Short StoryLarry Niven
“Safe at Any Speed”Short StoryLarry Niven
“The Adults”Short StoryLarry Niven
“Wait it Out”Short StoryLarry Niven
“Grendel”Short StoryLarry Niven
“The Deceivers”Short StoryLarry Niven
“Tere is a Tide”Short StoryLarry Niven
A Gift from EarthNovelLarry Niven
“Cloak of Anarchy”Short StoryLarry Niven
ProtectorNovelLarry Niven
“The Borderland of Sol”Short StoryLarry Niven
“Procrustes”Short StoryLarry Niven
“Ghost”Short StoryLarry Niven
“Death by Ecstasy”Short StoryLarry Niven
“The Defenseless Dead”Short StoryLarry Niven
“ARM”Short StoryLarry Niven
The Patchword GirlNovelLarry Niven
“The Woman in Del Rey Crater”Short StoryLarry Niven
The Man-Kzin WarsAnthologyLarry Niven
Man-Kzin Wars IIAnthologyLarry Niven
Man-Kzin Wars IIIAnthologyLarry Niven
Man-Kzin Wars IVAnthologyLarry Niven
Man-Kzin Wars VAnthologyLarry Niven
Man-Kzin Wars VIAnthologyLarry Niven
Man-Kzin Wars VIIAnthologyLarry Niven
Choosing NamesAnthologyLarry Niven
Man-Kzin Wars IXAnthologyLarry Niven
Man-Kzin Wars X: The Wunder WarAnthologyLarry Niven
Man-Kzin Wars XIAnthologyLarry Niven
Man-Kzin Wars XIIAnthologyLarry Niven
Man-Kzin Wars XIIIAnthologyLarry Niven
Man-Kzin Wars XIVAnthologyLarry Niven
Treasure PlanetNovelJessica Q. Fox, Hal Colebatch
Fleet of WorldsNovelLarry Niven, Edward M. Lerner
Juggler of WorldsNovelLarry Niven, Edward M. Lerner
Destroyer of WorldsNovelLarry Niven, Edward M. Lerner
Betrayer of WorldsNovelLarry Niven, Edward M. Lerner
Fate of Worlds: Return from the RingworldNovelLarry Niven, Edward M. Lerner
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