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Apart from Star Wars, Indiana Jones is by far the most beloved and successful franchise created by George Lucas. The films cemented Harrison Ford’s career, and the franchise has gone on to produce a television show and multiple novels and comics. This is the Indiana Jones timeline.

What’s on the Indiana Jones Timeline?

The problem (or maybe the strength) of Indiana Jones is the fact that each story told in that universe is very episodic, with each story standing alone most of the time. There are several levels of canonicity in the Indiana Jones franchise, and we’ve included all of them here:

  • The Films: These are the highest level of canon, and supersede all other stories. If there are contradictions with other stories, the films take precedence.
  • Young Indiana Jones: This television show is next on the priority list. While it’s not quite at the same level as the films, it still supersedes all other stories.
  • Licensed material: This includes games, books, and comics. These stories are not really considered canon, but where there are no contradictions with the films and the show, they could be enjoyed in chronological order. That is why we’ve included them as part of this timeline.

While this is the timeline as it currently stands, Lucasfilm has already “reset” the canon of Star Wars, and it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that they would do so again with Indiana Jones. If that were the case, you could probably disregard the licensed material, but there are some good stories in there, so feel free to enjoy them!

Where to Start?

I would, of course, recommend starting with the original films in order of release (even though Temple of Doom is supposed to take place first). Then I would look into the show and licensed stories.

1BuyYoung Indiana Jones: My First AdventureTV EpisodeJim O'Brien, Michael Schultz19082000-07-10
2BuyYoung Indiana Jones: Passion for LifeTV EpisodeRene Manzor, Carl Schultz19082000-09-18
3BuyYoung Indiana Jones: The Perils of CupidTV EpisodeBille August, Mike Newell19082000-09-19
4BuyYoung Indiana Jones: Travels with FatherTV EpisodeMichael Schultz, Deepa Mehta19102007-10-23
5BuyYoung Indiana Jones: Journey of RadianceTV EpisodeGavin Millar, Deepa Mehta19102000-07-11
6Young Indiana Jones and the Instruments of ChaosGameCharles Wiltgen19101994-01-01
7BuyYoung Indiana Jones and the Titanic AdventureJunior NovelLes Martin19121993-09-21
8BuyYoung Indiana Jones and the Pirates' LootJunior NovelJ.N. Fox19121994-11-01
9BuyYoung Indiana Jones and the Lost Gold of DurangoJunior NovelMegan Stine, H. William Stine19121993-10-19
10BuyYoung Indiana Jones and the Plantation TreasureJunior NovelWilliam McCay19131990-07-01
11BuyYoung Indiana Jones and the Tomb of TerrorJunior NovelLes Martin19131990-07-01
12BuyYoung Indiana Jones and the Princess of PerilJunior NovelLes Martin19131991-04-30
13BuyYoung Indiana Jones and the Ghostly RidersJunior NovelWilliam McCay19131991-06-11
14BuyYoung Indiana Jones and the Circle of DeathJunior NovelWilliam McCay19131990-07-07
15BuyYoung Indiana Jones and the Journey to the UnderworldJunior NovelMegan Stine19141994-05-24
16BuyYoung Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Ruby CrossJunior NovelWilliam McCay19141991-04-30
17BuyYoung Indiana Jones and the Gypsy RevengeJunior NovelLes Martin19141991-04-30
18BuyYoung Indiana Jones and the Secret CityJunior NovelLes Martin19141990-06-23
19BuyYoung Indiana Jones and the Mountain of FireJunior NovelWilliam McCay19141994-09-13
20BuyYoung Indiana Jones and the Face of the DragonJunior NovelWilliam McCay19141994-05-10
21BuyYoung Indiana Jones and the Eye of the TigerJunior NovelWilliam McCay19141995-05-10
22BuyYoung Indiana Jones: Spring Break AdventureTV EpisodeJoe Johnston, Michael Schultz19161999-10-17
23BuyYoung Indiana Jones: Love's Sweet SongTV EpisodeGillies Mackinnon, Carl Schultz19162000-07-12
24BuyYoung Indiana Jones: Trenches of HellTV EpisodeSimon Wincer19161999-10-24
25BuyYoung Indiana Jones: Demons of DeceptionTV EpisodeRene Manzor, Nicolas Roeg19161999-10-31
26BuyYoung Indiana Jones: Phantom Train of DoomTV EpisodePeter Macdonald19161999-10-24
27BuyYoung Indiana Jones: Oganga, the Giver and Taker of LifeTV EpisodeSimon Wincer19161999-11-14
28BuyYoung Indiana Jones: Attack of the HawkmenTV EpisodeBen Burtt19171995-10-08
29BuyYoung Indiana Jones: Adventures in the Secret ServiceTV EpisodeVic Armstrong, Simon Wincer19171999-11-21
30BuyYoung Indiana Jones: Espionage EscapadesTV EpisodeTerry Jones, Robert Young19172000-07-13
31BuyYoung Indiana Jones: Daredevils of the DesertTV EpisodeSimon Wincer19171999-11-21
32BuyYoung Indiana Jones: Tales of InnocenceTV EpisodeBille August, Michael Schultz19181999-07-14
33BuyYoung Indiana Jones: Masks of EvilTV EpisodeMike Newell, Dick Maas19181999-11-28
34BuyYoung Indiana Jones: Treasure of the Peacock's EyeTV EpisodeCarl Schultz19191999-10-26
35BuyYoung Indiana Jones: Winds of ChangeTV EpisodeDavid Hare, Michael Schultz19192000-09-20
36BuyYoung Indiana Jones: Mystery of the BluesTV EpisodeCarl Schultz19201999-10-27
37BuyYoung Indiana Jones: The Scandal of 1920TV EpisodeSyd Macartney19201999-10-21
38BuyYoung Indiana Jones: Hollywood FolliesTV EpisodeMichael Schultz19201999-10-26
39BuyIndiana Jones and the Peril at DelphiNovelRob MacGregor19221991-01-01
40BuyIndiana Jones and the Dance of the GiantsNovelRob MacGregor19251991-05-01
41BuyIndiana Jones and the Seven VeilsNovelRob MacGregor19261991-11-01
42BuyIndiana Jones and the Genesis DelugeNovelRob MacGregor19261992-01-01
43BuyIndiana Jones and the Unicorn's LegacyNovelRob MacGregor19281992-08-01
44BuyIndiana Jones and the Interior WorldNovelRob MacGregor19291992-11-01
45BuyIndiana Jones and the Sky PiratesNovelMartin Caidin19301993-11-01
46BuyIndiana Jones and the White WitchNovelMartin Caidin19301994-03-01
47BuyIndiana Jones Adventures: Volume 1Graphic NovelPhilip Gelatt19302008-06-25
48BuyIndiana Jones Adventures: Volume 2: Curse of the Invincible RubyGraphic NovelMark Evanier19312009-09-16
49BuyIndiana Jones and the Philosopher's StoneNovelMax McCoy19331995-04-01
50BuyIndiana Jones and the Curse of Horror IslandJunior NovelR. L. Stine19331984-05-12
51BuyIndiana Jones and the Giants of the Silver TowerJunior NovelR. L. Stine19331984-08-01
52BuyIndiana Jones and the Dinosaur EggsNovelMax McCoy19331996-02-01
53BuyIndiana Jones and the Hollow EarthNovelMax McCoy19341997-02-03
54BuyIndiana Jones and the Cult of the Mummy's CryptJunior NovelR. L. Stine19341985-01-12
55BuyIndiana Jones and the Secret of the SphinxNovelMax McCoy19341999-02-02
56BuyIndiana Jones and his Desktop AdventuresGameHal Barwood19341996-01-01
57BuyIndiana Jones and the Cup of the VampireJunior NovelAndrew Helfer19351984-09-12
58BuyIndiana Jones and the Emperor's TombGameBrad Santos19352003-02-17
59BuyIndiana Jones and the Shrine of the Sea DevilGraphic NovelGary Gianni19351992-10-01
60BuyIndiana Jones and the Temple of DoomFilmSteven Spielberg19351984-05-23Prequel to Raiders, despite coming out second.
61BuyIndiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (novel)NovelJames Kahn19351984-06-01
62BuyIndiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (comic)Graphic NovelDavid Michelinie19351984-09-01
63Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (game)GamePeter Lipson19351985-08-01
64BuyIndiana Jones and the Legion of DeathJunior NovelRichard Wenk19361984-12-01
65BuyIndiana Jones and the Tomb of the GodsGraphic NovelRob Williams19362008-07-01
66BuyRaiders of the Lost ArkFilmSteven Spielberg19361981-06-12
67BuyRaiders of the Lost Ark (novel)NovelCampbell Black19361981-04-01
68BuyRaiders of the Lost Ark (comic)Graphic NovelWalter Simonson19361981-09-01
69Raiders of the Lost Ark (game)Game19361981-06-12
70BuyThe Further Adventures of Indiana Jones, Vol. 1Graphic NovelWalt Simonson, John Byrne, Denny O'Neil, David Michelinie, Archie Goodwin19361983-01-01
71BuyThe Further Adventures of Indiana Jones, Vol. 2Graphic NovelWalt Simonson, John Byrne, Denny O'Neil, David Michelinie, Archie Goodwin19361984-01-01
72BuyThe Further Adventures of Indiana Jones, Vol. 3Graphic NovelWalt Simonson, John Byrne, Denny O'Neil, David Michelinie, Archie Goodwin19361985-01-01
73BuyIndiana Jones and the Eye of the FatesJunior NovelRichard Wenk19371984-07-12
74BuyIndiana Jones and the Arms of GoldGraphic NovelLee Marrs19371994-02-01
75BuyIndiana Jones and the Dragon of VengeanceJunior NovelMegan Stine19381985-03-12
76BuyIndiana Jones and the Last CrusadeFilmSteven Spielberg19381989-05-24
77BuyIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade (novel)NovelRob MacGregor19381989-06-01
78BuyIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade (comic)Graphic NovelDavid Michelinie19381989-10-01
79Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (game)GameDavid Fox, Ron Gilbert19381991-01-01
80BuyIndiana Jones and the Gold of Genghis KhanJunior NovelEllen Weiss19381985-04-12
81BuyIndiana Jones and the Lost Treasure of ShebaJunior NovelRose Estes19381984-05-12
82BuyIndiana Jones: Thunder in the OrientGraphic NovelDan Barry19381993-09-01
83BuyIndiana Jones and the Ape Slaves of Howling IslandJunior NovelR. L. Stine19391986-12-12
84BuyIndiana Jones and the Staff of KingsGame19392009-06-09
85BuyIndiana Jones and the Fate of AtlantisGameHal Barwood19391992-06-01
86BuyIndiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (comic)Graphic NovelWilliam Messner-Loebs, Dan Barry, Mike Richardson19391991-03-01
87BuyIndiana Jones and the Sargasso PiratesGraphic NovelKarl Kesel19391995-12-01
88BuyIndiana Jones and the Mask of the ElephantJunior NovelMegan Stine, H. William Stine?1987-01-12
89BuyIndiana Jones and the Golden FleeceGraphic NovelPat McGreal, Dave Rawson19411994-06-01
90BuyIndiana Jones and the Army of the DeadNovelSteve Perry19432009-09-29
91BuyIndiana Jones and the Spear of DestinyGraphic NovelElaine Lee19451995-04-01
92BuyIndiana Jones and the Infernal MachineGameHal Barwood19471999-11-22
93BuyIndiana Jones and the Iron PhoenixGraphic NovelLee Marrs19471994-12-01
94BuyIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullFilmSteven Spielberg19572008-05-22
95BuyIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (novel)NovelJames Rollins19572008-05-20
96BuyIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (comic)Graphic NovelJohn Jackson Miller19572008-05-22

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  1. One could argue that “Young Indiana Jones: Mystery of the Blues” takes place AFTER “Last Crusade” and is seen as a flashback. 🙂

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