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What’s on the Indiana Jones Timeline?

The problem (or maybe the strength) of Indiana Jones is the fact that each story told in that universe is very episodic, with each story standing alone most of the time. Only the films and the Young Indiana Jones television show hold a solid chronology. The novels, comics, and video games are just too complicated to be included as canonical. But on the other hand, chronology and canon don’t seem to matter to Indiana Jones stories.

Regardless, this timeline is chronological, and therefore only focuses on the films and the television show. These are the highest level of canon according to Lucasfilm, though this could change now that Disney is holding the reigns. After all, the canonical status of the Star Wars expanded universe has already been wiped clean.

Young Indy: “My First Adventure”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Passion for Life”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “The Perils of Cupid”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Journey of Radiance”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Travels with Father”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Spring Break Adventure”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Love’s Sweet Song”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Trenches of Hell”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Demons of Deception”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Phantom Train of Doom”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Oganga, the Giver and Taker of Life”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Young Indiana Jones adn the Attack of the Hawkmen”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Adventures in the Secret Service”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Espionage Escapades”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Daredevils of the Desert”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Tales of Innocence”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Masks of Evil”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Treasure of the Peacock’s Eye”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Winds of Change”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Young Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Young Indiana Jones and the Scandal of 1920”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Young Indy: “Hollywood Follies”TelevisionGeorge Lucas
Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomFilmSteven Spielberg
Raiders of the Lost ArkFilmSteven Spielberg
Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeFilmSteven Spielberg
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullFilmSteven Spielberg
Indiana Jones 5FilmSteven Spielberg
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