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Looking into the darker side of DC Comics, Hellblazer, aka Constantine, will be one of the first characters you meet.

What’s on this Hellblazer Reading Order?

Constantine started out as a minor character in a Swamp Thing story, but eventually became the signiture character from DC’s imprint, Vertigo. At times, his stories were unique to Vertigo, but he’s come in and out of the main DC continuity.

This timeline attempts to take all of his major stories (both in and out of the DC Universe) and place them in a rough reading order. While it might not contain every single story with the character, it does look at the primary comics.

Where to Start?

You can start anywhere you like on this timeline. You can start with the classic stuff, or move on to the more recent comics. When you see the Volumes begin to start over with number 1, that’s often a good place to start.

As always, if you like this timeline, you might enjoy some of our others, including our massive collection of DC timelines in our DC Comics Hub. And if you see something that needs to be added or changed, be sure to let us know over on our contact page. We love to hear all your feedback! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this Hellblazer Reading Order.

1BuySaga of the Swamp Thing: Book 3Graphic NovelAlan Moore2010-06-29Bronze Age
2BuySaga of the Swamp Thing: Book 4Graphic NovelAlan Moore2013-07-16Bronze Age
3BuySaga of the Swamp Thing Vol. 5Graphic NovelAlan Moore2011-07-12Legends
4BuySaga of the Swamp Thing Vol. 6Graphic NovelAlan Moore2011-11-15Legends
5BuyHellblazer Vol. 1: Original SinsGraphic NovelJamie Delano2011-03-08Millennium
6BuyHellblazer Vol. 2: The Devil You KnowGraphic NovelJamie Delano2012-01-03Millennium
7BuyHellblazer Vol. 3: The Fear MachineGraphic NovelJamie Delano2012-06-26The 1990s
8BuyHellblazer Vol. 4: The Family ManGraphic NovelJamie Delano, Dick Foreman2012-11-20Vertigo
9BuyHellblazer Vol. 5: Dangerous HabitsGraphic NovelGarth Ennis2013-05-14Vertigo
10BuyHellblazer Vol. 6: BloodlinesGraphic NovelGarth Ennis, John Smith2013-09-03Vertigo
11BuyHellblazer Vol. 7: Tainted LoveGraphic NovelGarth Ennis, John Smith2014-01-07Vertigo
12BuyHellblazer Vol. 8: Rake at the Gates of HellGraphic NovelGarth Ennis, John Smith2014-06-10Vertigo
13BuyHellblazer Vol. 9: Critical MassGraphic NovelJamie Delano, Eddie Campbell, Paul Jenkins2014-10-21Vertigo
14BuyHellblazer Vol. 10: In The Line Of FireGraphic NovelPaul Jenkins2015-02-17Vertigo
15BuyHellblazer Vol. 11: Last Man StandingGraphic NovelPaul Jenkins2015-08-18Vertigo
16BuyHellblazer Vol. 12: How to Play with FireGraphic NovelPaul Jenkins, Garth Ennis2016-01-19Vertigo
17BuyHellblazer: Son of ManGraphic NovelGarth Ennis2004-05-01Vertigo
18BuyHellblazer Vol. 13: HauntedGraphic NovelWarren Ellis2016-05-17Vertigo
19BuyHellblazer Vol. 14: Good IntentionsGraphic NovelBrian Azzarello2016-08-23Vertigo
20BuyHellblazer: Freezes OverGraphic NovelBrian Azzarello2003-06-01Vertigo
21BuyHellblazer: The GiftGraphic NovelMike Carey2018-01-30Vertigo
22BuyHellblazer Vol. 15: HighwaterGraphic NovelBrian Azzarello2017-01-17Vertigo
23BuyHellblazer: Red SepulchreGraphic NovelMike Carey2005-06-01Vertigo
24BuyHellblazer: Lady ConstantineGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2006-03-29Vertigo
25BuyHellblazer Vol. 16: The Wild CardGraphic NovelMike Carey2017-05-30Vertigo
26BuyHellblazer: Black FlowersGraphic NovelMike Carey2005-10-01Vertigo
27BuyHellblazer: Staring at the WallGraphic NovelMike Carey2006-01-04Vertigo
28BuyHellblazer: Stations of the CrossGraphic NovelMike Carey2006-08-23Vertigo
29BuyHellblazer: Reasons to Be CheerfulGraphic NovelMike Carey2007-04-07Vertigo
30BuyHellblazer: All His EnginesGraphic NovelMike Carey2006-07-12Vertigo
31BuyHellblazer: Papa MidniteGraphic NovelMat Johnson2006-04-05Vertigo
32BuyHellblazer: Empathy is the EnemyGraphic NovelDenise Mina2011-01-01Vertigo
33BuyHellblazer: The Red Right HandGraphic NovelDenise Mina2007-07-04Vertigo
34BuyHellblazer: JoyrideGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2008-02-20Vertigo
35BuyHellblazer: The Laughing MagicianGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2008-09-09Vertigo
36BuyHellblazer: The Roots of CoincidenceGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2009-05-19Vertigo
37BuyDark EntriesGraphic NovelIan Rankin2010-08-31Vertigo
38BuyHellblazer: ScabGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2009-11-10Vertigo
39BuyHellblazer: HookedGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2010-06-22Vertigo
40BuyHellblazer: IndiaGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2010-10-26Vertigo
41BuyHellblazer: Bloody CarnationsGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2011-08-23Vertigo
42BuyHellblazer: Phantom PainsGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2012-02-21Vertigo
43BuyHellblazer: PandemoniumGraphic NovelJamie Delano2011-03-01Vertigo
44BuyHellblazer: The Devil's TrenchcoatGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2012-10-16Vertigo
45BuyHellblazer: Death and CigarettesGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2013-07-02Vertigo
46BuyJustice League Dark Vol. 1: In the DarkGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2012-10-16New 52 Vol. 1
47BuyJustice League Dark Vol. 2: The Books of MagicGraphic NovelPeter Milligan, Jeff Lemire2013-07-16New 52 Vol. 3 - Death of the Family
48BuyJustice League Dark Vol. 3: The Death of MagicGraphic NovelJeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes2014-02-04New 52 Vol. 3 - Death of the Family
49BuyConstantine Vol. 1: The Spark and the FlameGraphic NovelRay Fawkes, Jeff Lemire2014-02-18New 52 Vol. 4 - Trinity War
50BuyJustice League Dark Vol. 4: Rebirth of EvilGraphic NovelJeff Lemire, J.M. DeMatteis2014-08-26New 52 Vol. 5 - Forever Evil
51BuyConstantine Vol. 2: BlightGraphic NovelRay Fawkes2014-08-12New 52 Vol. 5 - Forever Evil
52BuyJustice League Dark Vol. 5: Paradise LostGraphic NovelJ.M. DeMatteis, Len Wein2015-03-03New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
53BuyConstantine Vol. 3: The Voice in the FireGraphic NovelRay Fawkes2015-02-24New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
54BuyConstantine Vol. 4: The Apocalypse RoadGraphic NovelRay Fawkes2015-08-25New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
55BuyConstantine: The Hellblazer Vol. 1: Going DownGraphic NovelMing Doyle2016-02-16DC You
56BuyConstantine, the Hellblazer Vol. 2: The Art of the DealGraphic NovelJames Tynion IV, Ming Doyle2016-09-27DC You
57BuyNightwing Vol. 2: Back to BludhavenGraphic NovelTim Seeley2017-06-20Rebirth
58BuySuicide Squad Vol. 3: Burning Down the HouseGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander, Rob Williams2017-09-12Rebirth
59BuyThe Hellblazer Vol. 3: The Inspiration GameGraphic NovelRichard Kadrey, Tim Seeley2018-03-13Rebirth
60BuyThe Hellblazer Vol. 4: The Good Old DaysGraphic NovelTim Seeley2018-12-24Rebirth

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