Green Lantern Reading Order

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In brightest day, in darkest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Read all the Green Lantern Corp stories in chronological order.

What’s on this Green Lantern Reading Order?

Green Lantern has been around since nearly the beginning, though the design has changed multiple times. Now the Green Lantern Corp is an essential part of the cosmic DC universe.

This timeline attempts to assemble all of the major Green Lantern stories (from multiple GL characters) in one cohesive timeline. While it might not contain every single story with the character, it does look at the primary comics.

Where to Start?

You can start anywhere you like on this timeline. You can start with the classic stuff, or move on to the more recent comics. When you see the Volumes begin to start over with number 1, that’s often a good place to start.

As always, if you like this timeline, you might enjoy some of our others, including our massive collection of DC timelines in our DC Comics Hub. And if you see something that needs to be added or changed, be sure to let us know over on our contact page. We love to hear all your feedback! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this Green Lantern Reading Order.

1BuyThe Golden Age Green Lantern Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelBill Finger1999-05-01The Golden Age
2BuyThe Golden Age Green Lantern Archives Vol. 2Graphic NovelBill Finger2002-02-01The Golden Age
3BuyThe Green Lantern Chronicles Vol. 1Graphic NovelJohn Broome2009-05-05The Silver Age
4BuyThe Green Lantern Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelJohn Broome1998-09-01The Silver Age
5BuyThe Green Lantern Chronicles Vol. 2Graphic NovelJohn Broome2009-12-29The Silver Age
6BuyThe Green Lantern Archives Vol. 2Graphic NovelJohn Broome2000-01-01The Silver Age
7BuyThe Green Lantern Chronicles Vol. 3Graphic NovelJohn Broome2010-11-02The Silver Age
8BuyShowcase Presents: Green Lantern Vol. 1Graphic NovelJohn Broome, Gardner Fox2010-11-23The Silver Age
9BuyThe Green Lantern Archives Vol. 3Graphic NovelJohn Broome2001-05-01The Silver Age
10BuyThe Green Lantern Archives Vol. 4Graphic NovelGardner Fox2002-07-01The Silver Age
11BuyShowcase Presents: Green Lantern Vol. 2Graphic NovelJohn Broome, Gardner Fox2007-02-28The Silver Age
12BuyThe Green Lantern Archives Vol. 5Graphic NovelGardner Fox, John Broome2005-04-01The Silver Age
13BuyThe Green Lantern Archives Vol. 6Graphic NovelGardner Fox2007-01-03The Silver Age
14BuyShowcase Presents: Green Lantern Vol. 3Graphic NovelJohn Broome, Gardner Fox2008-06-03The Silver Age
15BuyShowcase Presents: Green Lantern Vol. 4Graphic NovelJohn Broome, Dennis O'Neil, Gardner Fox, Mike Friedrich2009-06-16The Silver Age
16BuyGreen Lantern / Green Arrow Vol. 1Graphic NovelDennis O'Neil2004-06-01Bronze Age
17BuyGreen Lantern / Green Arrow Vol. 2Graphic NovelDennis O'Neil2004-08-01Bronze Age
18BuyGreen Lantern: Tales of The Green Lantern Corps Vol. 1Graphic NovelMike W. Barr, Len Wein2009-03-03Bronze Age
19BuyGreen Lantern: Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2Graphic NovelMike W. Barr, Len Wein2010-02-02Bronze Age
20BuyGreen Lantern: In Brightest DayGraphic NovelJohn Broome, Alan Moore, Ron Marz2008-11-04Bronze Age
21BuyTales of the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 3Graphic NovelMike W. BarrLen Wein2010-12-21Legends
22BuyGreen Lantern: Emerald Dawn Vol. 1Graphic NovelKeith GiffenGerard Jones1991-09-01The 1990s
23BuyGreen Lantern: Emerald Dawn Vol. 2Graphic NovelKeith GiffenGerard Jones2003-04-01The 1990s
24BuyGreen Lantern: The Road BackGraphic NovelGerard Jones2003-06-01The 1990s
25BuyGreen Lantern: Emerald Twilight/New DawnGraphic NovelRon Marz2003-10-01The 1990s
26BuyZero Hour: Crisis in TimeGraphic NovelDan Jurgens1994-08-23Zero Hour
27BuyGreen Lantern: Baptism of FireGraphic NovelRon Marz1999-03-10Zero Hour
28BuyFinal NightGraphic NovelKarl Kesel1998-03-01Final Night
29BuyGreen Lantern: Emerald AlliesGraphic NovelRon Marz, Chuck Dixon2000-03-01Final Night
30BuyGreen Lantern: Emerald KnightsGraphic NovelRon Marz, Chuck Dixon1998-11-01Final Night
31BuyFlash and Green Lantern: The Brave and the BoldGraphic NovelMark Waid2001-04-01DC One Million
32BuyGreen Lantern: Circle of FireGraphic NovelBrian K. Vaughan, Jay Faerber, Judd Winick, Scott Beatty2002-06-01DC One Million
33BuyGreen Lantern: New Journey, Old PathGraphic NovelJudd Winick2001-08-01DC One Million
34BuyGreen Lantern Legacy: The Last Will of Hal JordanGraphic NovelJoe Kelly2002-05-01Our Worlds at War/Joker’s Last Laugh
35BuyGreen Lantern: The Power of IonGraphic NovelJudd Winick2003-03-01Our Worlds at War/Joker’s Last Laugh
36BuyGreen Lantern: Brother's KeeperGraphic NovelJudd Winick, Ben Raab2003-07-01The 2000s
37BuyGreen Lantern: Passing the TorchGraphic NovelJudd Winick, Eliot Brown2004-09-01The 2000s
38BuyAbsolute Green Lantern: RebirthGraphic NovelGeoff Johns2010-04-27Identity Crisis
39BuyGreen Lantern: No FearGraphic NovelGeoff Johns2006-04-19Identity Crisis
40BuyGreen Lantern Corps: RechargeGraphic NovelDave Gibbons, Geoff Johns2006-06-21Identity Crisis
41BuyInfinite CrisisGraphic NovelGeoff Johns2006-09-20Infinite Crisis
42BuyGreen Lantern Corps: To Be a LanternGraphic NovelDave Gibbons, Patrick Gleason2007-05-0252/One Year Later
43BuyGreen Lantern: Revenge of the Green LanternsGraphic NovelGeoff Johns2006-11-2952/One Year Later
44BuyGreen Lantern Corps: The Dark Side of GreenGraphic NovelKeith Champagne, Dave Gibbons, Patrick Gleason2007-11-0752/One Year Later
45BuyGreen Lantern: Wanted – Hal JordanGraphic NovelGeoff Johns2007-08-0152/One Year Later
46BuyIon: The TorchbearerGraphic NovelRon Marz2007-01-3152/One Year Later
47BuyIon: The Dying FlameGraphic NovelRon Marz2007-09-1252/One Year Later
48BuyGreen Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War Book OneGraphic NovelGeoff Johns, Dave Gibbons, Peter Tomasi2012-10-02Countdown to Final Crisis
49BuyGreen Lantern: Tales of the Sinestro CorpsGraphic NovelRon Marz, Geoff Johns2008-07-08Countdown to Final Crisis
50BuyGreen Lantern: Secret OriginGraphic NovelGeoff Johns2008-12-16Countdown to Final Crisis
51BuyGreen Lantern Corps: Ring QuestGraphic NovelPeter Tomasi2008-12-02Countdown to Final Crisis
52BuyFinal CrisisGraphic NovelGrant Morrison2014-04-22Final Crisis
53BuyGreen Lantern: Rage of the Red LanternsGraphic NovelGeoff Johns2009-07-07Final Crisis
54BuyGreen Lantern Corps: Sins of the Star SapphireGraphic NovelPeter Tomasi2009-06-09Final Crisis
55BuyGreen Lantern Corps: Emerald EclipseGraphic NovelPeter Tomasi2010-11-16Final Crisis
56BuyGreen Lantern: Agent OrangeGraphic NovelGeoff Johns2009-11-17Final Crisis
57BuyBlackest NightGraphic NovelGeoff Johns2010-07-13Blackest Night
58BuyBlackest Night: Green LanternGraphic NovelGeoff Johns2010-07-13Blackest Night
59BuyBlackest Night: Green Lantern CorpsGraphic NovelPeter Tomasi2010-07-13Blackest Night
60BuyBlackest Night: Tales of the CorpsGraphic NovelGeoff Johns2010-07-27Blackest Night
61BuyBlackest Night: Black Lantern Corps Vol. 1Graphic NovelJames Robinson, Peter Tomasi, JT Krul2010-07-20Blackest Night
62BuyBlackest Night: Black Lantern Corps Vol. 2Graphic NovelGeoff Johns, James Robinson, Greg Rucka2010-07-20Blackest Night
63BuyBlackest Night: Rise of the Black LanternsGraphic NovelGeoff Johns, James Robinson, Greg Rucka2010-07-27Blackest Night
64BuyBrightest Day Vol. 1Graphic NovelGeoff Johns, Peter Tomasi2010-12-07Brightest Day/Flashpoint
65BuyGreen Lantern Corps: Revolt of the Alpha LanternsGraphic NovelTony Bedard2011-05-31Brightest Day/Flashpoint
66BuyGreen Lantern: Brightest DayGraphic NovelGeoff Johns2011-06-21Brightest Day/Flashpoint
67BuyGreen Lantern: Emerald WarriorsGraphic NovelPeter Tomasi2011-08-16Brightest Day/Flashpoint
68BuyGreen Lantern Corps: The WeaponerGraphic NovelTony Bedard2011-10-04Brightest Day/Flashpoint
69BuyBrightest Day Vol. 2Graphic NovelGeoff Johns2011-05-10Brightest Day/Flashpoint
70BuyBrightest Day Vol. 3Graphic NovelGeoff Johns2011-09-13Brightest Day/Flashpoint
71BuyGreen Lantern: War of the Green LanternsGraphic NovelGeoff Johns, Tony Bedard, Peter Tomasi2011-11-22Brightest Day/Flashpoint
72BuyWar of the Green Lanterns: AftermathGraphic NovelTony Bedard2012-01-24Brightest Day/Flashpoint
73BuyFlashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring Green LanternGraphic NovelAdam Schlagman, Jeff Lemire2012-03-27Brightest Day/Flashpoint
74BuyJustice League Vol. 1: OriginGraphic NovelGeoff Johns2012-05-08New 52 Vol. 1
75BuyGreen Lantern: New Guardians Vol. 1: The Ring BearerGraphic NovelTony Bedard2012-10-23New 52 Vol. 1
76BuyGreen Lantern Vol. 1: SinestroGraphic NovelGeoff Johns2012-05-22New 52 Vol. 1
77BuyRed Lanterns Vol. 1: Blood and RageGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2012-06-12New 52 Vol. 1
78BuyGreen Lantern Corps Vol. 1: FearsomeGraphic NovelPeter Tomasi2012-09-25New 52 Vol. 1
79BuyJustice League Vol. 2: The Villain's JourneyGraphic NovelGeoff Johns2013-02-05New 52 Vol. 2 - Zero Month
80BuyGreen Lantern Vol. 2: The Revenge of Black HandGraphic NovelGeoff Johns2013-01-08New 52 Vol. 2 - Zero Month
81BuyGreen Lantern Corps Vol. 2: Alpha WarGraphic NovelPeter Tomasi2013-07-09New 52 Vol. 2 - Zero Month
82BuyGreen Lantern: New Guardians Vol. 2: Beyond HopeGraphic NovelTony Bedard2013-08-06New 52 Vol. 2 - Zero Month
83BuyRed Lanterns Vol. 2: Death of the Red LanternsGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2013-03-12New 52 Vol. 2 - Zero Month
84BuyGreen Lantern: Rise of the Third ArmyGraphic NovelGeoff Johns, Peter Tomasi, Peter Milligan, Tony Bedard2013-09-10New 52 Vol. 3 - Death of the Family
85BuyGreen Lantern: Wrath of the First LanternGraphic NovelGeoff Johns, Peter Tomasi, Peter Milligan, Tony Bedard2014-08-19New 52 Vol. 3 - Death of the Family
86BuyGreen Lantern Vol. 3: The EndGraphic NovelGeoff Johns2013-10-22New 52 Vol. 3 - Death of the Family
87BuyGreen Lantern Corps Vol. 3: WillpowerGraphic NovelPeter Tomasi2014-06-17New 52 Vol. 3 - Death of the Family
88BuyGreen Lantern: New Guardians Vol. 3: Love and DeathGraphic NovelTony Bedard2014-02-04New 52 Vol. 3 - Death of the Family
89BuyRed Lanterns Vol. 3: The Second ProphecyGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2013-11-19New 52 Vol. 3 - Death of the Family
90BuyGreen Lantern: Lights OutGraphic NovelRobert Venditti, Justin Jordan, Van Jensen, Charles Soule2014-06-24New 52 Vol. 4 - Trinity War
91BuyGreen Lantern Vol. 4: Dark DaysGraphic NovelRobert Venditti2014-11-04New 52 Vol. 4 - Trinity War
92BuyGreen Lantern Corps Vol. 4: RebuildGraphic NovelVan Jensen, Robert Venditti2014-07-08New 52 Vol. 4 - Trinity War
93BuyGreen Lantern: New Guardians Vol. 4: Gods and MonstersGraphic NovelJustin Jordan2014-09-02New 52 Vol. 4 - Trinity War
94BuyRed Lanterns Vol. 4: Blood BrothersGraphic NovelCharles Soule, Robert Venditti2014-06-03New 52 Vol. 4 - Trinity War
95BuyGreen Lantern Corps Vol. 5: UprisingGraphic NovelVan Jensen, Robert Venditti2015-01-20New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
96BuyGreen Lantern Vol. 5: Test of WillsGraphic NovelVan Jensen2014-11-04New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
97BuyRed Lanterns Vol. 5: AtrocitiesGraphic NovelCharles Soule2014-12-09New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
98BuySinestro Vol. 1: The Demon WithinGraphic NovelMatt Kindt, Cullen Bunn2015-01-13New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
99BuyGreen Lantern: New Guardians Vol. 5: GodkillersGraphic NovelJustin Jordan2015-02-24New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
100BuyGreen Lantern/New Gods: GodheadGraphic NovelVan Jensen, Justin Jordan, Robert Venditti, Charles Soule, Cullen Bunn2015-09-15New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
101BuyGreen Lantern Vol. 6: The Life EquationGraphic NovelRobert Venditti2015-05-19New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
102BuyGreen Lantern Corps Vol. 6: ReckoningGraphic NovelVan Jensen2015-07-21New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
103BuyGreen Lantern: New Guardians Vol. 6: Storming the GatesGraphic NovelJustin Jordan2015-08-25New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
104BuyRed Lanterns Vol. 6: Forged in BloodGraphic NovelCharles Soule, Landry Q. Walker2015-08-04New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
105BuySinestro Vol. 2 SacrificeGraphic NovelCullen Bunn2015-07-14New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
106BuyGreen Lantern Vol. 7: RenegadeGraphic NovelRobert Venditti2016-04-26New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
107BuySinestro Vol. 3: RisingGraphic NovelCullen Bunn2016-02-16New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
108BuyGreen Lantern: Evil's MightGraphic NovelHoward Chaykin2002-01-01Elseworld
109BuyGreen Lantern: 1001 Emerald NightsGraphic NovelTerry LaBan2001-01-01Elseworld
110BuyGreen Lantern: Earth One Vol. 1Graphic NovelCorinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman2018-03-20Earth One
111BuySinestro Vol. 4: The Fall of SinestroGraphic NovelCullen Bunn2016-12-06DC You
112BuyGreen Lantern Vol. 8: ReflectionsGraphic NovelRobert Venditti2016-10-04DC You
113BuyGreen Lantern Corps: Edge of OblivionGraphic NovelTom Taylor2016-11-15DC You
114BuyWonder Woman Vol. 1: The LiesGraphic NovelGreg Rucka2017-02-28Rebirth
115BuyGreen Arrow Vol. 2: Island of ScarsGraphic NovelBenjamin Percy2017-04-11Rebirth
116BuyGreen Lanterns Vol. 2: The Phantom LanternGraphic NovelSam Humphries2017-05-02Rebirth
117BuyHarley Quinn Vol. 1: Die LaughingGraphic NovelAmanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti2017-03-21Rebirth
118BuyGreen Lanterns Vol. 3: PolarityGraphic NovelSam Humphries2017-09-19Rebirth
119BuyDoom Patrol Vol. 1: Brick by BrickGraphic NovelGerard Way2017-06-06Rebirth
120BuyThe Wild Storm Vol. 1Graphic NovelWarren Ellis2017-10-24Rebirth
121BuyHal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 4: FractureGraphic NovelRobert Venditti2018-01-09Rebirth
122BuyGreen Lanterns Vol. 4: The First RingsGraphic NovelSam Humphries2017-12-26Rebirth
123BuyGreen Lanterns Vol. 5: Out of TimeGraphic NovelSam Humphries2018-04-03Rebirth
124BuyHal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 5: Twilight of the GuardiansGraphic NovelRobert Venditti2018-06-12Rebirth
125BuyGreen Lanterns Vol. 6: A World of Our OwnGraphic NovelTim Seeley2018-07-03Rebirth
126BuyHal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 6: Zod's WillGraphic NovelRobert Venditti2018-09-25Rebirth
127BuyGreen Lanterns Vol. 7: Superhuman TraffickingGraphic NovelTim Seeley2018-10-16Rebirth
128BuyHal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 7: Darkstars RisingGraphic NovelRobert Venditti2019-01-08Rebirth
129BuyGreen Lanterns Vol. 8: Ghosts of the PastGraphic NovelAaron Gillespie, Tim Seeley2019-02-05Rebirth
130BuyGreen Lanterns Vol. 9: Evil’s MightGraphic NovelDan Jurgens2019-06-04Rebirth
131BuyThe Green Lantern Vol. 1: Intergalactic LawmanGraphic NovelGrant Morrison2019-07-16Rebirth
132BuyThe Green Lantern Vol. 2: The Day The Stars FellGraphic NovelGrant Morrison2019-12-24Rebirth

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