Gotham Universe Episode Order

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A Gotham before Batman, this show tried a curiously new angle in the Batman mythos. Whether or not it succeeded is up to you.

What’s in the Gotham Universe Episode Order?

Gotham started out as an interesting idea from its creators, to have a show about Gotham before Batman. The show focuses on Jim Gordon, who is probably the most important character outside of the Bat-family in other stories. Here, he’s the main character.

Gotham has received some criticism but still managed to stay airing for a while. And who knows what the future might bring. Despite some pitfalls, it does have a few shining moments (like the perfect casting of Alexander Siddig as Ra’s al Ghul), and it certainly keeps a unique tone.

Gotham does not tie-in with other known DC universes, so far at least. There are other shows that could, in theory, crossover in the future. But for now, it stands on its own. As with all of our DC timelines, if you enjoyed this one, check out our DC Comics Hub for everything DC! And if you see anything that needs correction or updating, let us know on our contact page. We love to hear any and all feedback you may have for us!

1BuyGotham: Dawn of DarknessNovelJason Starr2017-01-31GothamPrequel
2BuyGotham 1.01: PilotTV EpisodeDanny Cannon2014-09-22GothamEarly 2000s
3BuyGotham 1.02: Selina KyleTV EpisodeDanny Cannon2014-09-29Gotham
4BuyGotham 1.03:The BalloonmanTV EpisodeDermott Downs2014-10-06Gotham
5BuyGotham 1.04: ArkhamTV EpisodeTJ Scott2014-10-13Gotham
6BuyGotham 1.05: ViperTV EpisodeTim Hunter2014-10-20Gotham
7BuyGotham 1.06: Spirit of the GoatTV EpisodeTJ Scott2014-10-27GothamBrief flashbacks to 10 years before the present timeline.
8BuyGotham 1.07: Penguin's UmbrellaTV EpisodeRob Bailey2014-11-03Gotham
9BuyGotham 1.08: The MaskTV EpisodePaul Edwards2014-11-10Gotham
10BuyGotham 1.09: Harvey DentTV EpisodeKaren Gaviola2014-11-17Gotham
11BuyGotham 1.10: LovecraftTV EpisodeGuy Ferland2014-11-24Gotham
12BuyGotham 1.11: Rogues' GalleryTV EpisodeOz Scott2015-01-05Gotham
13BuyGotham 1.12: What the Little Bird Told HimTV EpisodeEagle Egilsson2015-01-19Gotham
14BuyGotham 1.13: Welcome back, Jim GordonTV EpisodeWendey Stanzler2015-01-26Gotham
15BuyGotham 1.14: The Fearsome Dr. CraneTV EpisodeJohn Behring2015-02-02Gotham
16BuyGotham 1.15: The ScarecrowTV EpisodeNick Copus2015-02-09Gotham
17BuyGotham 1.16: The Blind Fortune TellerTV EpisodeJeffrey Hunt2015-02-16Gotham
18BuyGotham 1.17: Red HoodTV EpisodeNathan Hope2015-02-23Gotham
19BuyGotham 1.18: Everyone Has a CobblepotTV EpisodeBill Eagles2015-03-02Gotham
20BuyGotham 1.19: Beasts of PreyTV EpisodeEagle Egilsson2015-04-13Gotham
21BuyGotham 1.20: Under the KnifeTV EpisodeTJ Scott2015-04-20Gotham
22BuyGotham 1.21: The Anvil or the HammerTV EpisodePaul Edwards2015-04-27Gotham
23BuyGotham 1.22: All Happy Families Are AlikeTV EpisodeDanny Cannon2015-05-04Gotham
24BuyGotham 2.01: Damned If You Do...TV EpisodeDanny Cannon2015-09-21GothamOne month later...
25BuyGotham 2.02: Knock, KnockTV EpisodeRob Bailey2015-09-28Gotham
26BuyGotham 2.03: The Last LaughTV EpisodeEagle Egilsson2015-10-05Gotham
27BuyGotham 2.04: Strike ForceTV EpisodeTJ Scott2015-10-12Gotham
28BuyGotham 2.05: ScarificationTV EpisodeBill Eagles2015-10-19Gotham
29BuyGotham 2.06: By FireTV EpisodeTJ Scott2015-10-26Gotham
30BuyGotham 2.07: Mommy's Little MonsterTV EpisodeKenneth Fink2015-11-02Gotham
31BuyGotham 2.08: Tonight's the NightTV EpisodeJeffrey Hunt2015-11-09Gotham
32BuyGotham 2.09: A Bitter Pill to SwallowTV EpisodeLouis Shaw Milito2015-11-16Gotham
33BuyGotham 2.10: The Son of GothamTV EpisodeRob Bailey2015-11-23Gotham
34BuyGotham 2.11: Worse Than a CrimeTV EpisodeJeffrey Hunt2015-11-30Gotham
35Gotham Stories: The Whole Frozen AffairWebRebecca Perry Cutter, Bart Montgomery, Tony Bedard2016-02-29GothamThere were 4 previous Gotham Stories, but they were combined with this fifth one.
36BuyGotham 2.12: Mr. FreezeTV EpisodeNick Copus2016-02-29Gotham
37BuyGotham 2.13: A Dead Man Feels No ColdTV EpisodeEagle Egilsson2016-03-07Gotham
38BuyGotham 2.14: This Ball of Mud and MeannessTV EpisodeJohn Behring2016-03-14Gotham
39BuyGotham 2.15: Mad Grey DawnTV EpisodeNick Copus2016-03-21Gotham
40BuyGotham 2.16: PrisonersTV EpisodeScott White2016-03-28Gotham
41BuyGotham 2.17: Into the WoodsTV EpisodeOz Scott2016-04-11Gotham
42BuyGotham 2.18: PinewoodTV EpisodeJohn Stephens2016-04-18Gotham
43BuyGotham 2.19: AzraelTV EpisodeLarysa Kondracki2016-05-02Gotham
44BuyGotham 2.20: UnleashedTV EpisodePaul Edwards2016-05-09Gotham
45BuyGotham 2.21: A Legion of HorriblesTV EpisodeRob Bailey2016-05-16Gotham
46BuyGotham 2.22: TransferenceTV EpisodeEagle Egilsson2016-05-23Gotham
47BuyGotham City of MonstersNovelJason Starr2018-05-29Gotham
48BuyGotham 3.01: Better to Reign in Hell...TV EpisodeDanny Cannon2016-09-19GothamSix months later...
49BuyGotham 3.02: Burn the WitchTV EpisodeDanny Cannon2016-09-26Gotham
50BuyGotham 3.03: Look Into My EyesTV EpisodeRob Bailey2016-10-03Gotham
51BuyGotham 3.04: New Day RisingTV EpisodeEagle Egilsson2016-10-10Gotham
52BuyGotham 3.05: Anything for YouTV EpisodeTJ Scott2016-10-17Gotham
53BuyGotham 3.06: Follow the White RabbitTV EpisodeNathan Hope2016-10-24Gotham
54BuyGotham 3.07: Red QueenTV EpisodeScott White2016-10-31Gotham
55BuyGotham 3.08: Blood RushTV EpisodeRob Bailey2016-11-07Gotham
56BuyGotham 3.09: The ExecutionerTV EpisodeJohn Behring2016-11-14Gotham
57BuyGotham 3.10: Time BombTV EpisodeHanelle M. Culpepper2016-11-21Gotham
58BuyGotham 3.11: Beware the Green-Eyed MonsterTV EpisodeDanny Cannon2016-11-28Gotham
59BuyGotham 3.12: GhostsTV EpisodeEagle Egilsson2017-01-16Gotham
60BuyGotham 3.13: Smile Like You Mean ItTV EpisodeOlatunde Osunsanmi2017-01-23Gotham
61BuyGotham 3.14: The Gentle Art of Making EnemiesTV EpisodeLouis Shaw Milito2017-01-30Gotham
62BuyGotham 3.15: How the Riddler Got His NameTV EpisodeTJ Scott2017-04-24Gotham
63BuyGotham 3.16: These Delicate and Dark ObsessionsTV EpisodeBen McKenzie2017-05-01Gotham
64BuyGotham 3.17: The Primal RiddleTV EpisodeMaja Vrvilo2017-05-08Gotham
65BuyGotham 3.18: Light the WickTV EpisodeMark Tonderai2017-05-15Gotham
66BuyGotham 3.19: All Will Be JudgedTV EpisodeJohn Behring2017-05-22Gotham
67BuyGotham 3.20: Pretty Hate MachineTV EpisodeDanny Cannon2017-05-29Gotham
68BuyGotham 3.21: Destiny CallingTV EpisodeNathan Hope2017-06-05Gotham
69BuyGotham 3.22: HeavydirtysoulTV EpisodeRob Bailey2017-06-05Gotham
70BuyGotham 4.01: Pax PenguinaTV EpisodeDanny Cannon2017-09-21GothamTakes place right after season 3
71BuyGotham 4.02: The Fear ReaperTV EpisodeLouis Shaw Milito2017-09-28Gotham
72BuyGotham 4.03: They Who Hide Behind MasksTV EpisodeMark Tonderai2017-10-05Gotham
73BuyGotham 4.04: The Demon's HeadTV EpisodeKenneth Fink2017-10-12Gotham
74BuyGotham 4.05: The Blade's PathTV EpisodeScott White2017-10-19Gotham
75BuyGotham 4.06: Hog Day AfternoonTV EpisodeMark Tonderai2017-10-26Gotham
76BuyGotham 4.07: A Day in the NarrowsTV EpisodeJohn Behring2017-11-02Gotham
77BuyGotham 4.08: Stop Hitting YourselfTV EpisodeRob Bailey2017-11-09Gotham
78BuyGotham 4.09: Let Them Eat PieTV EpisodeNathan Hope2017-11-16Gotham
79BuyGotham 4.10: Things That Go BoomTV EpisodeLouis Shaw Milito2017-11-30Gotham
80BuyGotham 4.11: Queen Takes KnightTV EpisodeDanny Cannon2017-12-07Gotham
81BuyGotham 4.12: Pieces of a Broken MirrorTV EpisodeHanelle M. Culpepper2018-03-01Gotham
82BuyGotham 4.13: A Beautiful DarknessTV EpisodeJohn Stephens2018-03-08Gotham
83BuyGotham 4.14. ReunionTV EpisodeAnnabelle K. Frost2018-03-15Gotham
84BuyGotham 4.15: The Sinking Ship The Grand ApplauseTV EpisodeNick Copus2018-03-22Gotham

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