Foundation Reading Order

What’s on the Foundation Reading Order?

The Foundation series started as just a few collections of short stories by Isaac Asimov. He eventually wrote several prequel novels, and connected it to other series that he had written, including the Robot series. After his death, several authors continued that stories in Foundation and filled in the holes, almost as a way to honor the original author.

As with our other timelines, lists, and reading orders, we hope you will let us know if there’s anything out of place or anything that needs to be added. In the mean time, we hope you enjoy this Foundation reading order.

I, RobotNovelIsaac Asimov
The Rest of the RobotsNovelIsaac Asimov
The Complete RobotNovelIsaac Asimov
Robot DreamsNovelIsaac Asimov
Robot VisionsNovelIsaac Asimov
The Positronic ManNovelIsaac Asimov, Robert Silverberg
Mother EarthShort StoryIsaac Asimov
The Caves of SteelNovelIsaac Asimov
The Naked SunNovelIsaac Asimov
Mirror ImageShort StoryIsaac Asimov
The Robots of DawnNovelIsaac Asimov
MirageNovelMark W. Tiedemann
ChimeraNovelMark W. Tiedemann
AuroraNovelMark W. Tiedemann
Have Robot, Will TravelNovelAlexander C. Irvine
Robots and EmpireNovelIsaac Asimov
Isaac Asimov’s CalibanNovelRoger MacBride Allen
Isaac Asimov’s InfernoNovelRoger MacBride Allen
Isaac Asimov’s UtopiaNovelRoger MacBride Allen
The Stars, Like DustNovelIsaac Asimov
The Currents of SpaceNovelIsaac Asimov
Pebble in the SkyNovelIsaac Asimov
Prelude to FoundationNovelIsaac Asimov
Forward the FoundationNovelIsaac Asimov
Foudation’s FearNovelGregory Benford
Foundation and ChaosNovelGreg Bear
Foundation’s TriumphNovelDavid Brin
FoundationNovelIsaac Asimov
Foundation and EmpireNovelIsaac Asimov
Second FoundationNovelIsaac Asimov
Foundation’s EdgeNovelIsaac Asimov
Foundation and EarthNovelIsaac Asimov
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