Firefly Timeline

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Firefly, one of the most notorious entries in geek culture. Its early cancellation immortalized it our collective geek minds. But it didn’t end there. Check out what other stories in other mediums have since come.

What’s in the Firefly Timeline?

Firefly was unfortunately cancelled after only airing a few episodes of its first season. However, fans have since clamored for more stories featuring these characters. That is what led to a feature film to wrap up several story threads. Additionally, several comics would eventually continue the story even further.

So this timeline takes all the media in the Firefly universe and puts them together into one cohesive viewing order. We list this Firefly timeline in chronological order by default. However, you can still sort by release date or other factors. So feel free to play around with the table. As with all of our timelines, don’t forget to let us know if there’s something else we should add or change. You can do this on our contact page. Additionally, you can visit one of our other timelines if you liked this one, such as our Star Trek timeline. Thank you, and enjoy!

Where to Start?

The best place (by far) to start is with the original series. Just watch it already. You need to. Like now. Go. Do it. Even if you’ve already seen it. Go watch.

1BuyFirefly Vol. 1Graphic NovelGreg Pak2019-04-24Firefly
2BuyFirefly Vol. 2: The Unification WarGraphic NovelGreg Pak2019-12-11Firefly
3BuyFirefly Vol. 3: The Unification WarGraphic NovelGreg Pak2020-05-05Firefly
4BuyFirefly Vol. 4: New Sheriff in the 'Verse: Part OneGraphic NovelGreg Pak2020-09-09Firefly
5BuyFirefly Vol. 5: New Sheriff in the 'Verse: Part TwoGraphic NovelGreg Pak2021-01-27Firefly
6BuyR. Tam SessionsShort FilmJoss Whedon2005-08-16FireflyAnonymously released by Whedon, Included in the Serenity DVD/Blu-ray
7BuyFirefly 1.01: SerenityTV EpisodeJoss Whedon2002-12-20Firefly
8BuyFirefly 1.02: The Train JobTV EpisodeJoss Whedon2002-09-20Firefly
9BuyFirefly 1.03: BushwhackedTV EpisodeTim Minear2002-09-27Firefly
10BuyFirefly 1.04: ShindigTV EpisodeVern Gillum2002-11-01Firefly
11BuyFirefly 1.05: SafeTV EpisodeMichael Grossman2002-11-08Firefly
12BuyFirefly 1.06: Our Mrs. ReynoldsTV EpisodeVondie Curtis Hall2002-10-04Firefly
13BuyFirefly 1.07: JaynestownTV EpisodeMarita Grabiak2002-10-18Firefly
14BuyFirefly 1.08: Out of GasTV EpisodeDavid Solomon2002-10-25Firefly
15BuyFirefly 1.09: ArielTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2002-11-15Firefly
16BuyFirefly 1.10: War StoriesTV EpisodeJames Contner2002-12-06Firefly
17BuyFirefly 1.11: TrashTV EpisodeVern Gillum2003-07-21Firefly
18BuyFirefly 1.12: The MessageTV EpisodeTim Minear2003-07-28Firefly
19BuyFirefly 1.13: Heart of GoldTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright2003-08-04Firefly
20BuyFirefly 1.14: Objects in SpaceTV EpisodeJoss Whedon2002-12-13Firefly
21BuyFirefly: The StingGraphic NovelDelilah Dawson2019-11-13Firefly
22BuySerenity Vol. 1: Those Left BehindGraphic NovelJoss Whedon, Brett Matthews2006-01-31Firefly
23BuySerenity Vol. 2: Better Days and Other StoriesGraphic NovelJoss Whedon, Jim Krueger, Brett Matthews, Patton Oswalt, Zack Whedon2011-09-06FireflyEverything in this collection takes place here except "Float Out" which takes place after Serenity
24BuyFirefly: Big Damn HeroNovelJames Lovegrove, Nancy Holder2018-11-20Firefly
25BuyFirefly: The Magnificent NineNovelJames Lovegrove2019-03-26Firefly
26BuyFirefly: The Ghost MachineNovelJames Lovegrove2020-03-24Firefly
27BuyFirefly: GenerationsNovelTim Lebbon2019-10-15Firefly
28BuyFirefly: Life SignsNovelJames Lovegrove2021-03-16Firefly
29BuySerenityFilmJoss Whedon2005-08-22Firefly
30BuySerenityNovelKeith R. A. DeCandido, Joss Whedon2005-08-30FireflyNovelization of the film.
31BuyFirefly: Watch How I SoarGraphic NovelJeff Jensen2020-11-25Firefly
32BuySerenity Vol. 3: The Shepherd's TaleGraphic NovelJoss Whedon, Zack Whedon2010-11-03Firefly
33BuySerenity Vol. 4: Leaves on the WindGraphic NovelZack Whedon2014-11-18Firefly
34BuySerenity Vol. 5: No Power in the 'VerseGraphic NovelChris Roberson2017-07-26Firefly

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