Far Cry Timeline

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What’s on the Far Cry Timeline?

This timeline only includes the Far Cry games, and the few other pieces of media that are part of the Far Cry story. So far, that makes for a small timeline. However, there is a theory that the Far Cry games are part of a larger universe. Check out the Ubisoft Universe timeline for more on that. The story of Far Cry varies from game to game, though almost all of them are open-world games. There have been some spin-offs, but some have been repacked and repurposed. We include those collections on this timeline.

Where to Start?

The Far Cry games all stand alone, so there’s no designated place to start. You can start at the very beginning with the original Far Cry, or you can start at the chronological beginning with Far Cry Primal. Far Cry 4 is also a good place to start, since it’s the first game on current-gen consoles.

As always, if you liked this timeline, be sure to check out some of our others. And if you see something here that needs adding, deleting, or changing, be sure to let us know.

1BuyFar Cry PrimalGameJean-Christophe Guyot, Maxime Béland10,000 BCE2016-02-23
2BuyFar CryGameCevat Yerli20042004-03-23
3BuyFar Cry Instincts: PredatorGame20062005-09-27Includes Far Cry Instincts, and Far Cry Instincts: Evolution
4BuyFar Cry 3: Blood DragonGameDean Evans, Alexandre Letendre20072013-04-30Part of a non-canon fictional universe
5BuyFar Cry 2GameClint Hocking20082008-10-21
6BuyFar Cry 3GamePatrick Plourde, Patrik Méthé20122012-12-04
7BuyFar Cry 4GameAlex Hutchinson, Patrik Méthé20142014-11-18
8BuyFar Cry: AbsolutionNovelUrban Waite20182018-02-13
9BuyFar Cry 5GameDan Hay20182018-02-27
10BuyFar Cry: New DawnGameJean-Sebastien Decant, Patrick Methe20352019-02-15

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