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Ursula K. Le Guin is largely considered one of the greatest fantasy writers of all time, and her Earthsea Cycle is a prime example. It has become one of the most beloved fantasy stories of all time, and a huge influence on the genre.

What’s on the Earthsea Cycle Reading Order?

This is the unofficial Earthsea Cycle reading order and timeline for the series of books by Ursula K. Le Guin, one of the more popular fantasy worlds out there. Right now, it consists of five novels and a handful of short stories.

There were some other adaptations of the series, and even a Studio Ghibli film that was based on the series. However, none of these adaptations stayed true to the continuity of the series, and weren’t well endorsed by Le Guin herself. So for those reasons, they are not included on this timeline.

And that said, here is the appropriate reading order for the Earthsea Cycle. We hope you enjoy!

Where to Start Reading the Earthsea Cycle?

Even though there are a number of short stories that take place before the books, we recommend you skip those if you’re new to the story. Start with A Wizard of Earthsea.

1BuyThe Word of UnbindingShort StoryUrsula K. Le GuinEarthsea Cycle1964-01-01Collected in The Wind's Twelve Quarters
2BuyThe FinderShort StoryUrsula K. Le GuinEarthsea Cycle2001-05-01Collected in Tales from Earthsea
3BuyDarkrose and DiamondShort StoryUrsula K. Le GuinEarthsea Cycle1999-10-01Collected in Tales from Earthsea
4BuyThe Rule of NamesShort StoryUrsula K. Le GuinEarthsea Cycle1964-04-01Collected in The Wind's Twelve Quarters
5BuyThe Bones of the EarthShort StoryUrsula K. Le GuinEarthsea Cycle2001-05-01Collected in Tales from Earthsea
6BuyA Wizard of EarthseaNovelUrsula K. Le GuinEarthsea Cycle1968-11-01
7BuyThe Tombs of AtuanNovelUrsula K. Le GuinEarthsea Cycle1970-12-01
8BuyOn the High MarshShort StoryUrsula K. Le GuinEarthsea Cycle2001-05-01Collected in Tales from Earthsea
9BuyThe Farthest ShoreNovelUrsula K. Le GuinEarthsea Cycle1972-09-01
10BuyTehanuNovelUrsula K. Le GuinEarthsea Cycle1990-03-01
11BuyDragonflyShort StoryUrsula K. Le GuinEarthsea Cycle1998-10-01Collected in Tales from Earthsea
12BuyThe Daughter of OdrenShort StoryUrsula K. Le GuinEarthsea Cycle2018-10-30
13BuyThe Other WindNovelUrsula K. Le GuinEarthsea Cycle2001-09-01
14BuyFirelightShort StoryUrsula K. Le GuinEarthsea Cycle2018-10-30

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  1. Last three entries should be: “The daughter of Odren” – “The other wind” – “Firelight”.

    “The daughter of Odren” setting could be calculated as between Dragonfly and The Other Wind because it’s told that 15 years are passed after the political turmoil period occurred before The Farthest Shore).

    “Firelight” is apparently set near the end of Ged’s life, so at the end of the entire story.

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