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Dune Reading Order and Timeline

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Dune started as one of the most complex and fleshed out science fiction books of all time. Now, thanks in part to Frank Herbert’s son and co-writing partner Kevin J. Anderson, the franchise has grown considerable, spawning many spin-off series, and multiple adaptations. This is the Dune reading order and timeline.

What’s on the Dune Reading Order?

Dune was started by Frank Herbert in 1965. However, he was only able to finish six books before his death. His son, Brian Herbert, with the help of Kevin J. Anderson continued the series. Then they expanded the lore behind it. Here is the completely chronological Dune reading order for the entire series, including the original six novels and Brian’s additions. This list includes all of the following:

  • The original books: The six books originally written by Frank Herbert, starting with Dune in 1965.
  • Additional books: All of the books written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.
  • Road to Dune: A collection of short stories.
  • Film/Television Adaptations: The 1984 film adaptation, and the Syfy adaptations of Dune, Dune: Messiah, and Children of Dune.

The bulk of this series comes in the form of books; it’s not as diverse in the media that is used to tell this story. However, that keeps the Dune timeline and reading order quite simple, so we like it that way. We hope you enjoy. As always, if there’s a problem with the timeline, be sure to let us know. Additionally, if you enjoyed this timeline, you might like others, such as our Lord of the Rings timeline.

Where to Start Reading the Dune Series

As with many of our similar series timelines, we recommend you not start chronologically, and start with the original Dune book by Frank Herbert.

However, if you’re looking to get into the other Dune books, written after Frank Herbert’s death, we’d recommend either starting chronologically, or starting with House Atreides. Either will do.