Dresden Files Reading Order

What’s on the Dresden Files Reading Order?

The Dresden Files reading order takes all of the books, short stories, and comics from author Jim Butcher, and places them in chronological order. While the main series occurs in the books, there are several short stories and graphic novels that flesh out the story. All of these stories are written by Jim Butcher (sometimes in collaboration).

If you see anything on this timeline that is missing, needs rearranging, or needs any other type of changes, please let us know. We love to get your feedback to help make the site even better than it is.

“Restoration of Faith”Short StoryJim Butcher
Welcome to the JungleComicJim Butcher
Storm FrontNovelJim Butcher
Storm Front, Vol. 1: The Gathering StormComicJim Butcher
Storm Front, Vol. 2: MaelstromComicJim Butcher
Fool MoonNovelJim Butcher
Fool Moon, Vol. 1ComicJim Butcher
Fool Moon, Vol. 2ComicJim Butcher
Ghoul GoblinComicJim Butcher
“B is for Bigfoot”Short StoryJim Butcher
Grave PerilNovelJim Butcher
Summer KnightNovelJim Butcher
Death MasksNovelJim Butcher
Blood RitesNovelJim Butcher
Dead BeatNovelJim Butcher
War CryComicJim Butcher
“Something Borrowed”Short StoryJim Butcher
“I Was a Teenage Bigfoot”Short StoryJim Butcher
Proven GuiltyNovelJim Butcher
White NightNovelJim Butcher
Down TownComicJim Butcher
“It’s My Birthday Too”Short StoryJim Butcher
“Heorot”Short StoryJim Butcher
Small FavorNovelJim Butcher
“Day Off”Short StoryJim Butcher
“Backup”Short StoryJim Butcher
“The Warrior”Short StoryJim Butcher
“Last Call”Short StoryJim Butcher
“Curses”Short StoryJim Butcher
Turn CoatNovelJim Butcher
“Even Hand”Short StoryJim Butcher
“Love Hurts”Short StoryJim Butcher
“Bigfoot on Campus”Short StoryJim Butcher
ChangesNovelJim Butcher
“Aftermath”Short StoryJim Butcher
Ghost StoryNovelJim Butcher
“Bombshells”Short StoryJim Butcher
Cold DaysNovelJim Butcher
“Jury Duty”Short StoryJim Butcher
Skin GameNovelJim Butcher
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