Dragonriders of Pern Reading Order

What’s in the Dragonriders of Pern Reading Order?

The Dragonriders of Pern reading order takes the series written primarily by Anne McCaffrey and places them in chronological order. Some of the books were co-written by Anne and other authors, including her son Todd McCaffrey. All of the main books and short stories are included in this timeline. One book, After the Fall is Over, was being written by Anne, but she died in 2011 and was unable to complete it. At this point, it’s unclear if her children will continue the series or not.

As with all of our timelines, don’t hestitate to let us know if there’s something else to add or correct on the list. We welcome all feedback.

“The Survey: P.E.R.N.”Short StoryAnne McCaffrey
DragonsdawnNovelAnne McCaffrey
“The Dolphins’ Bell”Short StoryAnne McCaffrey
“The Ford of Red Hanrahan”Short StoryAnne McCaffrey
“The Second Weyr”Short StoryAnne McCaffrey
“Rescue Run”Short StoryAnne McCaffrey
Red Star Rising (Dragonseye)NovelAnne McCaffrey
“Ever the Twain”Short StoryAnne McCaffrey
Dragon’s KinNovelAnne & Todd McCaffrey
Dragon’s FireNovelAnne & Todd McCaffrey
Dragon HarperNovelAnne & Todd McCaffrey
DragonheartNovelTodd McCaffrey
DragonsbloodNovelTodd McCaffrey
DragongirlNovelTodd McCaffrey
Dragon’s TimeNovelAnne & Todd McCaffrey
Sky DragonsNovelAnne & Todd McCaffrey
Moreta: Dragonlady of PernNovelAnne McCaffrey
Nerilka’s StoryNovelAnne McCaffrey
“Beyond Between”Short StoryAnne McCaffrey
The Masterharper of PernNovelAnne McCaffrey
“Runner of Pern”Short StoryAnne McCaffrey
DragonflightNovelAnne McCaffrey
DragonquestNovelAnne McCaffrey
DragonsongNovelAnne McCaffrey
DragonsingerNovelAnne McCaffrey
DragondrumsNovelAnne McCaffrey
The White DragonNovelAnne McCaffrey
“The Impression”Short StoryAnne McCaffrey
“The Smallest Dragonboy”Short StoryAnne McCaffrey
“The Girl Who Heard Dragons”Short StoryAnne McCaffrey
The Renegades of PernNovelAnne McCaffrey
All the Weyrs of PernNovelAnne McCaffrey
The Dolphins of PernNovelAnne McCaffrey
The Skies of PernNovelAnne McCaffrey
After the Fall is OverNovelN/A
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