Doom Timeline and Chronology

What’s on the Doom Timeline?

The Doom franchise is tricky to piece together, because some of the tie-in material takes significant artistic liberty. The chronology is uncertain as a result, but this is the chronological timeline as best we can make it. The novels may or may not tie-in well with the games, and the games themselves follow a limited chronology. The franchise was also rebooted with Doom (previously Doom 4) in 2016. This could launch a new continuity for the franchise.

Doom is primarily a series of first-person-shooter games that take place on Mars, where someone has discovered a portal to hell. The result is an uproar of horror action. As with our other timelines, be sure to let us know if we missed something.

DoomGameid Software
DoomFilmAndrzej Bartkowiak
Doom II: Hell on EarthGameid Software
Knee-Deep in the DeadNovelDafydd ab Hugh, Brad Linaweaver
Hell on EarthNovelDafydd ab Hugh, Brad Linaweaver
Infernal SkyNovelDafydd ab Hugh, Brad Linaweaver
EndgameNovelDafydd ab Hugh, Brad Linaweaver
Final DoomGameid Software
Doom 64Gameid Software
Doom 3Gameid Software
Doom 3: World’s on FireNovelMatthew Costello
Doom 3: MaelstromNovelMatthew Costello
Doom RPGGameid Software
Doom ResurrectionGameid Software
Doom II RPGGameid Software
DoomGameid Software
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