Doctor Who Viewing Order

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Doctor Who started small, but has lasted longer than most franchises, and more than any other TV franchise. This timeline deals with just the television show and its spin-offs.

What’s on the Doctor Who Viewing Order?

Creating a Doctor Who viewing order has always been tricky. The makers of Doctor Who never made clear statements about the canon of the Doctor Who franchise. Many of the novels have little to do with the show. However, some of the recent ones do. It is also very tricky to build a timeline due to the fact that the Doctor transcends space and time. Thankfully we have the chronology of the Doctors themselves. So I have tried to put the pieces of media in a list by doctor. For now, I’ve included just the television series. Perhaps the novels and other platforms will join this timeline eventually.

This is the episode list for all the Doctor Who episodes from William Hartnell to the present. Furthermore, this timeline also contains episodes from Torchwood, the Sarah Jane Adventures, and Class. These are spin-off series. So if you’re only interested in watching the episodes, here you go. Additionally, if you want a really good timeline with all forms of Doctor Who media, including books and comics, I recommend visiting this site.

1BuyDoctor Who 1.01: An Unearthly ChildTV EpisodeWaris Hussein1963-11-23First DoctorUnearthly Child
2BuyDoctor Who 1.01: The Cave of SkullsTV EpisodeWaris Hussein1963-11-30First DoctorUnearthly Child
3BuyDoctor Who 1.01: The Forest of FearTV EpisodeWaris Hussein1963-12-07First DoctorUnearthly Child
4BuyDoctor Who 1.01: The FiremakerTV EpisodeWaris Hussein1963-12-14First DoctorUnearthly Child
5BuyDoctor Who 1.02: The Dead PlanetTV EpisodeRichard Martin, Christopher Barry1963-12-21First DoctorThe Daleks
6BuyDoctor Who 1.02: The SurvivorsTV EpisodeRichard Martin, Christopher Barry1963-12-28First DoctorThe Daleks
7BuyDoctor Who 1.02: The EscapeTV EpisodeRichard Martin, Christopher Barry1964-01-04First DoctorThe Daleks
8BuyDoctor Who 1.02: The AmbushTV EpisodeRichard Martin, Christopher Barry1964-01-11First DoctorThe Daleks
9BuyDoctor Who 1.02: The ExpeditionTV EpisodeRichard Martin, Christopher Barry1964-01-18First DoctorThe Daleks
10BuyDoctor Who 1.02: The OrdealTV EpisodeRichard Martin, Christopher Barry1964-01-25First DoctorThe Daleks
11BuyDoctor Who 1.02: The RescueTV EpisodeRichard Martin, Christopher Barry1964-02-01First DoctorThe Daleks
12BuyDoctor Who 1.03: The Edge of DestructionTV EpisodeRichard Martin, Frank Cox1964-02-08First DoctorEdge of Destruction
13BuyDoctor Who 1.03: The Brink of DisasterTV EpisodeRichard Martin, Frank Cox1964-02-15First DoctorEdge of Destruction
14BuyDoctor Who 1.04: The Roof of the WorldTV EpisodeWaris Hussein, John Crockett1964-02-22First DoctorMarco Polo. Missing, available as audio drama.
15BuyDoctor Who 1.04: The Singing SandsTV EpisodeWaris Hussein, John Crockett1964-02-29First DoctorMarco Polo. Missing, available as audio drama.
16BuyDoctor Who 1.04: Five Hundred EyesTV EpisodeWaris Hussein, John Crockett1964-03-07First DoctorMarco Polo. Missing, available as audio drama.
17BuyDoctor Who 1.04: The Wall of LiesTV EpisodeWaris Hussein, John Crockett1964-03-14First DoctorMarco Polo. Missing, available as audio drama.
18BuyDoctor Who 1.04: Rider from Shang-TuTV EpisodeWaris Hussein, John Crockett1964-03-21First DoctorMarco Polo. Missing, available as audio drama.
19BuyDoctor Who 1.04: Mighty Kublai KhanTV EpisodeWaris Hussein, John Crockett1964-03-28First DoctorMarco Polo. Missing, available as audio drama.
20BuyDoctor Who 1.04: Assassin at PekingTV EpisodeWaris Hussein, John Crockett1964-04-04First DoctorMarco Polo. Missing, available as audio drama.
21BuyDoctor Who 1.05: The Sea of DeathTV EpisodeJohn Gorrie1964-04-11First DoctorThe Keys of Marinus
22BuyDoctor Who 1.05: The Velvet WebTV EpisodeJohn Gorrie1964-04-18First DoctorThe Keys of Marinus
23BuyDoctor Who 1.05: The Screaming JungleTV EpisodeJohn Gorrie1964-04-25First DoctorThe Keys of Marinus
24BuyDoctor Who 1.05: The Snows of TerrorTV EpisodeJohn Gorrie1964-05-02First DoctorThe Keys of Marinus
25BuyDoctor Who 1.05: Sentence of DeathTV EpisodeJohn Gorrie1964-05-09First DoctorThe Keys of Marinus
26BuyDoctor Who 1.05: The Keys of MarinusTV EpisodeJohn Gorrie1964-05-16First DoctorThe Keys of Marinus
27BuyDoctor Who 1.06: The Temple of EvilTV EpisodeJohn Crockett1964-05-23First DoctorThe Aztecs
28BuyDoctor Who 1.06: The Warriors of DeathTV EpisodeJohn Crockett1964-05-30First DoctorThe Aztecs
29BuyDoctor Who 1.06: The Bride of SacrificeTV EpisodeJohn Crockett1964-06-06First DoctorThe Aztecs
30BuyDoctor Who 1.06: The Day of DarknessTV EpisodeJohn Crockett1964-06-13First DoctorThe Aztecs
31BuyDoctor Who 1.07: Strangers in SpaceTV EpisodeMervyn Pinfield, Frank Cox1964-06-20First DoctorThe Sensorites
32BuyDoctor Who 1.07: The Unwilling WarriorsTV EpisodeMervyn Pinfield, Frank Cox1964-06-27First DoctorThe Sensorites
33BuyDoctor Who 1.07: Hidden DangerTV EpisodeMervyn Pinfield, Frank Cox1964-07-11First DoctorThe Sensorites
34BuyDoctor Who 1.07: A Race Against DeathTV EpisodeMervyn Pinfield, Frank Cox1964-07-18First DoctorThe Sensorites
35BuyDoctor Who 1.07: KidnapTV EpisodeMervyn Pinfield, Frank Cox1964-07-25First DoctorThe Sensorites
36BuyDoctor Who 1.07: A Desperate VentureTV EpisodeMervyn Pinfield, Frank Cox1964-08-01First DoctorThe Sensorites
37BuyDoctor Who 1.08: A Land of FearTV EpisodeHenric Hirsch, John Gorrie1964-08-08First DoctorReign of Terror
38BuyDoctor Who 1.08: Guests of Madame GuillotineTV EpisodeHenric Hirsch, John Gorrie1964-08-15First DoctorReign of Terror
39BuyDoctor Who 1.08: A Change of IdentityTV EpisodeHenric Hirsch, John Gorrie1964-08-22First DoctorReign of Terror
40BuyDoctor Who 1.08: The Tyrant of FranceTV EpisodeHenric Hirsch, John Gorrie1964-08-29First DoctorReign of Terror. Missing, available as audio drama.
41BuyDoctor Who 1.08: A Bargain of NecessityTV EpisodeHenric Hirsch, John Gorrie1964-09-05First DoctorReign of Terror. Missing, available as audio drama.
42BuyDoctor Who 1.08: Prisoners of ConciergerieTV EpisodeHenric Hirsch, John Gorrie1964-09-12First DoctorReign of Terror
43BuyDoctor Who 2.01: Planet of GiantsTV EpisodeMervyn Pinfield, Douglas Camfield1964-10-31First DoctorPlanet of Giants
44BuyDoctor Who 2.01: Dangerous JourneyTV EpisodeMervyn Pinfield, Douglas Camfield1964-11-07First DoctorPlanet of Giants
45BuyDoctor Who 2.01: CrisisTV EpisodeMervyn Pinfield, Douglas Camfield1964-11-14First DoctorPlanet of Giants
46BuyDoctor Who 2.02: World's EndTV EpisodeRichard Martin1964-11-21First DoctorDalek Invasion of Earth
47BuyDoctor Who 2.02: The DaleksTV EpisodeRichard Martin1964-11-28First DoctorDalek Invasion of Earth
48BuyDoctor Who 2.02: Day of ReckoningTV EpisodeRichard Martin1964-12-05First DoctorDalek Invasion of Earth
49BuyDoctor Who 2.02: The End of TomorrowTV EpisodeRichard Martin1964-12-12First DoctorDalek Invasion of Earth
50BuyDoctor Who 2.02: The Waking AllyTV EpisodeRichard Martin1964-12-19First DoctorDalek Invasion of Earth
51BuyDoctor Who 2.02: FlashpointTV EpisodeRichard Martin1964-12-26First DoctorDalek Invasion of Earth
52BuyDoctor Who 2.03: The Powerful EnemyTV EpisodeChristopher Barry1965-01-02First DoctorThe Rescue
53BuyDoctor Who 2.03: Desperate MeasuresTV EpisodeChristopher Barry1965-01-09First DoctorThe Rescue
54BuyDoctor Who 2.04: The Slave TradersTV EpisodeChristopher Barry1965-01-16First DoctorThe Romans
55BuyDoctor Who 2.04: All Roads Lead to RomeTV EpisodeChristopher Barry1965-01-23First DoctorThe Romans
56BuyDoctor Who 2.04: ConspiracyTV EpisodeChristopher Barry1965-01-30First DoctorThe Romans
57BuyDoctor Who 2.04: InfernoTV EpisodeChristopher Barry1965-02-06First DoctorThe Romans
58BuyDoctor Who 2.05: The Web PlanetTV EpisodeRichard Martin1965-02-13First DoctorThe Web Planet
59BuyDoctor Who 2.05: The ZarbiTV EpisodeRichard Martin1965-02-20First DoctorThe Web Planet
60BuyDoctor Who 2.05: Escape to DangerTV EpisodeRichard Martin1965-02-27First DoctorThe Web Planet
61BuyDoctor Who 2.05: Crater of NeedlesTV EpisodeRichard Martin1965-03-06First DoctorThe Web Planet
62BuyDoctor Who 2.05: InvasionTV EpisodeRichard Martin1965-03-13First DoctorThe Web Planet
63BuyDoctor Who 2.05: The CentreTV EpisodeRichard Martin1965-03-20First DoctorThe Web Planet
64BuyDoctor Who 2.06: The LionTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1965-03-27First DoctorThe Crusade
65BuyDoctor Who 2.06: The Knight of JaffaTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1965-04-03First DoctorThe Crusade. Missing, available as audio drama.
66BuyDoctor Who 2.06: The Wheel of FortuneTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1965-04-10First DoctorThe Crusade
67BuyDoctor Who 2.06: The WarlordsTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1965-04-17First DoctorThe Crusade. Missing, available as audio drama.
68BuyDoctor Who 2.07: The Space MuseumTV EpisodeMervyn Pinfield1965-04-24First DoctorThe Space Museum
69BuyDoctor Who 2.07: The Dimensions of TimeTV EpisodeMervyn Pinfield1965-05-01First DoctorThe Space Museum
70BuyDoctor Who 2.07: The SearchTV EpisodeMervyn Pinfield1965-05-08First DoctorThe Space Museum
71BuyDoctor Who 2.07: The Final PhaseTV EpisodeMervyn Pinfield1965-05-15First DoctorThe Space Museum
72BuyDoctor Who 2.08: The ExecutionersTV EpisodeRichard Martin, Douglas Camfield1965-05-22First DoctorThe Chase
73BuyDoctor Who 2.08: The Death of TimeTV EpisodeRichard Martin, Douglas Camfield1965-05-29First DoctorThe Chase
74BuyDoctor Who 2.08: Flight through EternityTV EpisodeRichard Martin, Douglas Camfield1965-06-05First DoctorThe Chase
75BuyDoctor Who 2.08: Journey into TerrorTV EpisodeRichard Martin, Douglas Camfield1965-06-12First DoctorThe Chase
76BuyDoctor Who 2.08: The Death of Doctor WhoTV EpisodeRichard Martin, Douglas Camfield1965-06-19First DoctorThe Chase
77BuyDoctor Who 2.08: The Planet of DecisionTV EpisodeRichard Martin, Douglas Camfield1965-06-26First DoctorThe Chase
78BuyDoctor Who 2.09: The WatcherTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1965-07-03First DoctorThe Time Meddler
79BuyDoctor Who 2.09: The Meddling MonkTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1965-07-10First DoctorThe Time Meddler
80BuyDoctor Who 2.09: A Battle of WitsTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1965-07-17First DoctorThe Time Meddler
81BuyDoctor Who 2.09: CheckmateTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1965-07-24First DoctorThe Time Meddler
82BuyDoctor Who 3.01: Four Hundred DawnsTV EpisodeDerek Martinus, Mervyn Pinfield1965-09-11First DoctorGalaxy 4. Missing, available as audio drama.
83BuyDoctor Who 3.01: Trap of SteelTV EpisodeDerek Martinus, Mervyn Pinfield1965-09-18First DoctorGalaxy 4. Missing, available as audio drama.
84BuyDoctor Who 3.01: Air LockTV EpisodeDerek Martinus, Mervyn Pinfield1965-09-25First DoctorGalaxy 4.
85BuyDoctor Who 3.01: The Exploding PlanetTV EpisodeDerek Martinus, Mervyn Pinfield1965-10-02First DoctorGalaxy 4. Missing, available as audio drama.
86BuyDoctor Who 3.02: Mission to the UnknownTV EpisodeDerek Martinus1965-10-09First DoctorOne-shot
87BuyDoctor Who 3.03: Temple of SecretsTV EpisodeMichael Leeston-Smith1965-10-16First DoctorThe Myth Makers
88BuyDoctor Who 3.03: Small Prophet, Quick ReturnTV EpisodeMichael Leeston-Smith1965-10-23First DoctorThe Myth Makers
89BuyDoctor Who 3.03: Death of a SpyTV EpisodeMichael Leeston-Smith1965-10-30First DoctorThe Myth Makers
90BuyDoctor Who 3.03: Horse of DestructionTV EpisodeMichael Leeston-Smith1965-11-06First DoctorThe Myth Makers
91BuyDoctor Who 3.04: The Nightmare BeginsTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1965-11-13First DoctorDalek's Master Plan. Missing, available as audio drama.
92BuyDoctor Who 3.04: Day of ArmageddonTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1965-11-20First DoctorDalek's Master Plan
93BuyDoctor Who 3.04: Devil's PlanetTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1965-11-27First DoctorDalek's Master Plan. Missing, available as audio drama.
94BuyDoctor Who 3.04: The TraitorsTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1965-12-04First DoctorDalek's Master Plan. Missing, available as audio drama.
95BuyDoctor Who 3.04: Counter PlotTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1965-12-11First DoctorDalek's Master Plan
96BuyDoctor Who 3.04: Coronas of the SunTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1965-12-18First DoctorDalek's Master Plan. Missing, available as audio drama.
97BuyDoctor Who 3.04: The Feast of StevenTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1965-12-25First DoctorDalek's Master Plan. Missing, available as audio drama.
98BuyDoctor Who 3.04: VolcanoTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1966-01-01First DoctorDalek's Master Plan. Missing, available as audio drama.
99BuyDoctor Who 3.04: Golden DeathTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1966-01-08First DoctorDalek's Master Plan. Missing, available as audio drama.
100BuyDoctor Who 3.04: Escape SwitchTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1966-01-15First DoctorDalek's Master Plan
101BuyDoctor Who 3.04: The Abandoned PlanetTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1966-01-22First DoctorDalek's Master Plan. Missing, available as audio drama.
102BuyDoctor Who 3.04: Destruction of TimeTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1966-01-29First DoctorDalek's Master Plan. Missing, available as audio drama.
103BuyDoctor Who 3.05: War of GodTV EpisodePaddy Russell1966-02-05First DoctorThe Massacre. Missing, available as audio drama.
104BuyDoctor Who 3.05: The Sea BeggarTV EpisodePaddy Russell1966-02-12First DoctorThe Massacre. Missing, available as audio drama.
105BuyDoctor Who 3.05: Priest of DeathTV EpisodePaddy Russell1966-02-19First DoctorThe Massacre. Missing, available as audio drama.
106BuyDoctor Who 3.05: Bell of DoomTV EpisodePaddy Russell1966-02-26First DoctorThe Massacre. Missing, available as audio drama.
107BuyDoctor Who 3.06: The Steel SkyTV EpisodeMichael Imison1966-03-05First DoctorThe Ark
108BuyDoctor Who 3.06: The PlagueTV EpisodeMichael Imison1966-03-12First DoctorThe Ark
109BuyDoctor Who 3.06: The ReturnTV EpisodeMichael Imison1966-03-19First DoctorThe Ark
110BuyDoctor Who 3.06: The BombTV EpisodeMichael Imison1966-03-26First DoctorThe Ark
111BuyDoctor Who 3.07: The Celestial ToyroomTV EpisodeBill Sellars1966-04-02First DoctorThe Celestial Toy Maker. Missing, available as audio drama.
112BuyDoctor Who 3.07: The Halls of DollsTV EpisodeBill Sellars1966-04-09First DoctorThe Celestial Toy Maker. Missing, available as audio drama.
113BuyDoctor Who 3.07: The Dancing FloorTV EpisodeBill Sellars1966-04-16First DoctorThe Celestial Toy Maker. Missing, available as audio drama.
114BuyDoctor Who 3.07: The Final TestTV EpisodeBill Sellars1966-04-23First DoctorThe Celestial Toy Maker
115BuyDoctor Who 3.08: A Holiday for the DoctorTV EpisodeRex Tucker1966-04-30First DoctorThe Gunfighters
116BuyDoctor Who 3.08: Don't Shoot the PianistTV EpisodeRex Tucker1966-05-07First DoctorThe Gunfighters
117BuyDoctor Who 3.08: Johnny RingoTV EpisodeRex Tucker1966-05-14First DoctorThe Gunfighters
118BuyDoctor Who 3.08: The O.K. CorralTV EpisodeRex Tucker1966-05-21First DoctorThe Gunfighters
119BuyDoctor Who 3.09: The SavagesTV EpisodeChristopher Barry1966-05-28First Doctor4 episodes. Missing, available as audio drama.
120BuyDoctor Who 3.10: The War MachinesTV EpisodeMichael Ferguson1966-06-25First Doctor4 Episodes. Missing, available as audio drama.
121BuyDoctor Who 4.01: The SmugglersTV EpisodeJulia Smith1966-09-10First Doctor4 episodes. Missing, available as audio drama.
122BuyDoctor Who 4.02: The Tenth PlanetTV EpisodeDerek Martinus1966-10-08First Doctor4 Episodes. 4th episode missing, available as audio drama.
123BuyDoctor Who 4.03: The Power of the DaleksTV EpisodeChristopher Barry1966-11-05Second Doctor6 episodes. Missing, available as audio drama.
124BuyDoctor Who 4.04: The HighlandersTV EpisodeHugh David1966-12-17Second Doctor4 episodes. Missing, available as audio drama.
125BuyDoctor Who 4.05: The Underwater MenaceTV EpisodeJulia Smith1967-01-14Second Doctor4 episodes. 1st and 4th episodes missing, available as audio drama.
126BuyDoctor Who 4.06: The MoonbaseTV EpisodeMorris Barry1967-02-11Second Doctor4 episodes. 1st and 3rd episodes missing, available as audio drama.
127BuyDoctor Who 4.07: The Macra TerrorTV EpisodeJohn Davies1967-03-11Second Doctor4 episodes. Missing, available as audio drama.
128BuyDoctor Who 4.08: The Faceless OnesTV EpisodeGerry Mill1967-04-08Second Doctor6 episodes. 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th episodes missing, available as audio drama.
129BuyDoctor Who 4.09: The Evil of the DaleksTV EpisodeDerek Martinus1967-05-20Second Doctor7 episodes. 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th episodes missing, available as audio drama.
130BuyDoctor Who 5.01: The Tomb of the CybermenTV EpisodeMorris Barry1967-09-02Second Doctor4 episodes.
131BuyDoctor Who 5.02: The Abominable SnowmenTV EpisodeGerald Blake1967-09-30Second Doctor6 episodes. 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th episodes missing, available as audio drama.
132BuyDoctor Who 5.03: The Ice WarriorsTV EpisodeDerek Martinus1967-11-11Second Doctor6 episodes. 2nd, 3rd episodes missing, available as audio drama.
133BuyDoctor Who 5.04: The Enemy of the WorldTV EpisodeBarry Letts1967-12-23Second Doctor6 episodes
134BuyDoctor Who 5.05: The Web of FearTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1968-02-03Second Doctor6 episodes. 3rd episode missing, available as audio drama.
135BuyDoctor Who 5.06: Fury from the DeepTV EpisodeHugh David1968-03-16Second Doctor6 episodes Missing, available as audio drama.
136BuyDoctor Who 5.07: The Wheel in SpaceTV EpisodeTristan DeVere Cole1968-04-27Second Doctor6 episodes. 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th episodes missing, available as audio drama.
137BuyDoctor Who 6.01: The DominatorsTV EpisodeMorris Barry1968-08-10Second Doctor5 episodes.
138BuyDoctor Who 6.02: The Mind RobberTV EpisodeDavid Maloney1968-09-14Second Doctor5 episodes.
139BuyDoctor Who 6.03: The InvasionTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1968-11-02Second Doctor8 episodes.
140BuyDoctor Who 6.04: The KrotonsTV EpisodeDavid Maloney1968-12-28Second Doctor4 episodes
141BuyDoctor Who 6.05: The Seeds of DeathTV EpisodeMichael Ferguson1969-01-25Second Doctor6 episodes
142BuyDoctor Who 6.06: The Space PiratesTV EpisodeMichael Hart1969-03-08Second Doctor6 episodes. 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th episodes missing, available as audio drama.
143BuyDoctor Who 6.07: The War GamesTV EpisodeDavid Maloney1969-04-19Second Doctor10 episodes
144BuyDoctor Who 7.01: Spearhead from SpaceTV EpisodeDerek Martinus1970-01-03Third Doctor4 episodes
145BuyDoctor Who 7.02: Doctor Who and the SiluriansTV EpisodeTimothy Combe1970-01-31Third Doctor7 episodes
146BuyDoctor Who 7.03: The Ambassadors of DeathTV EpisodeMichael Ferguson1970-03-21Third Doctor7 episodes
147BuyDoctor Who 7.04: InfernoTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield, Barry Letts1970-05-09Third Doctor7 episodes
148BuyDoctor Who 8.01: Terror of the AutonsTV EpisodeBarry Letts1971-01-02Third Doctor4 episodes
149BuyDoctor Who 8.02: The Mind of EvilTV EpisodeTimothy Combe1971-01-30Third Doctor6 episodes
150BuyDoctor Who 8.03: The Claws of AxosTV EpisodeMichael Ferguson1971-03-13Third Doctor4 episodes
151BuyDoctor Who 8.04: Colony in SpaceTV EpisodeMichael E. Briant1971-04-10Third Doctor6 episodes
152BuyDoctor Who 8.05: The DaemonsTV EpisodeChristopher Barry1971-05-22Third Doctor5 episodes
153BuyDoctor Who 9.01: Day of the DaleksTV EpisodePaul Bernard1972-01-01Third Doctor4 episodes
154BuyDoctor Who 9.02: The Curse of PeladonTV EpisodeLennie Mayne1972-01-29Third Doctor4 episodes
155BuyDoctor Who 9.03: The Sea DevilsTV EpisodeMichael E. Briant1972-02-26Third Doctor6 episodes
156BuyDoctor Who 9.04: The MutantsTV EpisodeChristopher Barry1972-04-08Third Doctor6 episodes
157BuyDoctor Who 9.05: The Time MonsterTV EpisodePaul Bernard1972-05-20Third Doctor6 episodes
158BuyDoctor Who 10.01: The Three DoctorsTV EpisodeLennie Mayne1972-12-30Third Doctor4 episodes
159BuyDoctor Who 10.02: Carnival of MonstersTV EpisodeBarry Letts1973-01-27Third Doctor4 episodes
160BuyDoctor Who 10.03: Frontier in SpaceTV EpisodePaul Bernard1973-02-24Third Doctor6 episodes
161BuyDoctor Who 10.04: Planet of the DaleksTV EpisodeDavid Maloney1973-04-07Third Doctor6 episodes
162BuyDoctor Who 10.05: The Green DeathTV EpisodeMichael E. Briant1973-05-19Third Doctor6 episodes
163BuyDoctor Who 11.01: The Time WarriorTV EpisodeAlan Bromly1973-12-15Third Doctor4 episodes
164BuyDoctor Who 11.02: Invasion of the DinosaursTV EpisodePaddy Russell1974-01-12Third Doctor6 episodes
165BuyDoctor Who 11.03: Death to the DaleksTV EpisodeMichael E. Briant1974-02-23Third Doctor4 episodes
166BuyDoctor Who 11.04: The Monster of PeladonTV EpisodeLennie Mayne1974-03-23Third Doctor6 episodes
167BuyDoctor Who 11.05: Planet of the SpidersTV EpisodeBarry Letts1974-05-04Third Doctor6 episodes
168BuyDoctor Who 12.01: RobotTV EpisodeChristopher Barry1974-12-28Fourth Doctor4 episodes
169BuyDoctor Who 12.02: The Ark in SpaceTV EpisodeRodney Bennett1975-01-25Fourth Doctor4 episodes
170BuyDoctor Who 12.03: The Sontaran ExperimentTV EpisodeRodney Bennett1975-02-22Fourth Doctor2 episodes
171BuyDoctor Who 12.04: Genesis of the DaleksTV EpisodeDavid Maloney1975-03-08Fourth Doctor6 episodes
172BuyDoctor Who 12.05: Revenge of the CybermenTV EpisodeMichael E. Briant1975-04-19Fourth Doctor4 episodes
173BuyDoctor Who 13.01: Terror of the ZygonsTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1975-08-30Fourth Doctor4 episodes
174BuyDoctor Who 13.02: Planet of EvilTV EpisodeDavid Maloney1975-09-27Fourth Doctor4 episodes
175BuyDoctor Who 13.03: Pyramids of MarsTV EpisodePaddy Russell1975-10-25Fourth Doctor4 episodes
176BuyDoctor Who 13.04: The Android InvasionTV EpisodeBarry Letts1975-11-22Fourth Doctor4 episodes
177BuyDoctor Who 13.05: The Brain of MorbiusTV EpisodeChristopher Barry1976-01-03Fourth Doctor4 episodes
178BuyDoctor Who 13.06: The Seeds of DoomTV EpisodeDouglas Camfield1976-01-31Fourth Doctor6 episodes
179BuyDoctor Who 14.01: The Masque of MandragoraTV EpisodeRodney Bennett1976-09-04Fourth Doctor4 episodes
180BuyDoctor Who 14.02: The Hand of FearTV EpisodeLennie Mayne1976-10-02Fourth Doctor4 episodes
181BuyDoctor Who 14.03: The Deadly AssassinTV EpisodeDavid Maloney1976-10-30Fourth Doctor4 episodes
182BuyDoctor Who 14.04: The Face of EvilTV EpisodePennant Roberts1977-01-01Fourth Doctor4 episodes
183BuyDoctor Who 14.05: The Robots of DeathTV EpisodeMichael E. Briant1977-01-29Fourth Doctor4 episodes
184BuyDoctor Who 14.06: The Talons of Weng-ChiangTV EpisodeDavid Maloney1977-02-26Fourth Doctor6 episodes
185BuyDoctor Who 15.01: Horror of Fang RockTV EpisodePaddy Russell1977-09-03Fourth Doctor4 episodes
186BuyDoctor Who 15.02: The Invisible EnemyTV EpisodeDerrick Goodwin1977-10-01Fourth Doctor4 episodes
187BuyDoctor Who 15.03: Image of the FendahlTV EpisodeGeorge Spenton-Foster1977-10-29Fourth Doctor4 episodes
188BuyDoctor Who 15.04: The Sun MakersTV EpisodePennant Roberts1977-11-26Fourth Doctor4 episodes
189BuyDoctor Who 15.05: UnderworldTV EpisodeNorman Stewart1978-01-07Fourth Doctor4 episodes
190BuyDoctor Who 15.06: The Invasion of TimeTV EpisodeGerald Blake1978-02-04Fourth Doctor6 episodes
191BuyDoctor Who 16.01: The Ribos OperationTV EpisodeGeorge Spenton-Foster1978-09-02Fourth Doctor4 episodes
192BuyDoctor Who 16.02: The Pirate PlanetTV EpisodePennant Roberts1978-09-30Fourth Doctor4 episodes
193BuyDoctor Who 16.03: The Stones of BloodTV EpisodeDarrol Blake1978-10-28Fourth Doctor4 episodes
194BuyDoctor Who 16.04: The Androids of TaraTV EpisodeMichael Hayes1978-11-25Fourth Doctor4 episodes
195BuyDoctor Who 16.05: The Power of KrollTV EpisodeNorman Stewart1978-12-23Fourth Doctor4 episodes
196BuyDoctor Who 16.06: The Armageddon FactorTV EpisodeMichael Hayes1979-01-20Fourth Doctor6 episodes
197BuyDoctor Who 17.01: Destiny of the DaleksTV EpisodeKen Grieve1979-09-01Fourth Doctor4 episodes
198BuyDoctor Who 17.02: City of DeathTV EpisodeMichael Hayes1979-09-29Fourth Doctor4 episodes
199BuyDoctor Who 17.03: The Creature from the PitTV EpisodeChristopher Barry1979-10-27Fourth Doctor4 episodes
200BuyDoctor Who 17.04: Nightmare of EdenTV EpisodeAlan Bromly1979-11-24Fourth Doctor4 episodes
201BuyDoctor Who 17.05: The Horns of NimonTV EpisodeKenny McBain1979-12-22Fourth Doctor4 episodes
202BuyDoctor Who 17.06: ShadaTV EpisodePennant Roberts1992-07-06Fourth DoctorUnaired, later released on home video.
203BuyDoctor Who 18.01: The Leisure HiveTV EpisodeLovett Bickford1980-08-30Fourth Doctor4 episodes
204BuyDoctor Who 18.02: MeglosTV EpisodeTerence Dudley1980-09-27Fourth Doctor4 episodes
205BuyDoctor Who 18.03: Full CircleTV EpisodePeter Grimwade1980-10-25Fourth Doctor4 episodes
206BuyDoctor Who 18.04: State of DecayTV EpisodePeter Moffatt1980-11-22Fourth Doctor4 episodes
207BuyDoctor Who 18.05: Warriors' GateTV EpisodePaul Joyce, Graeme Harper1981-01-03Fourth Doctor4 episodes
208BuyDoctor Who 18.06: The Keeper of the TrakenTV EpisodeJohn Black1981-01-31Fourth Doctor4 episodes
209BuyDoctor Who 18.07: LogopolisTV EpisodePeter Grimwade1981-02-28Fourth Doctor4 episodes
210BuyK-9 and Company: A Girl's Best FriendTV EpisodeJohn Black1981-12-28Fourth Doctor
211BuyDoctor Who 19.01: CastrovalvaTV EpisodeFiona Cumming1982-01-04Fifth Doctor4 episodes
212BuyDoctor Who 19.02: Four to DoomsdayTV EpisodeJohn Black1982-01-18Fifth Doctor4 episodes
213BuyDoctor Who 19.03: KindaTV EpisodePeter Grimwade1982-02-01Fifth Doctor4 episodes
214BuyDoctor Who 19.04: The VisitationTV EpisodePeter Moffatt1982-02-15Fifth Doctor4 episodes
215BuyDoctor Who 19.05: Black OrchidTV EpisodeRon Jones1982-03-01Fifth Doctor2 episodes
216BuyDoctor Who 19.06: EarthshockTV EpisodePeter Grimwade1982-03-08Fifth Doctor4 episodes
217BuyDoctor Who 19.07: Time-FlightTV EpisodeRon Jones1982-03-22Fifth Doctor4 episodes
218BuyDoctor Who 20.01: Arc of InfinityTV EpisodeRon Jones1983-01-03Fifth Doctor4 episodes
219BuyDoctor Who 20.02: SnakedanceTV EpisodeFiona Cumming1983-01-18Fifth Doctor4 episodes
220BuyDoctor Who 20.03: Mawdryn UndeadTV EpisodePeter Moffatt1983-02-01Fifth Doctor4 episodes
221BuyDoctor Who 20.04: TerminusTV EpisodeMary Ridge1983-02-15Fifth Doctor4 episodes
222BuyDoctor Who 20.05: EnlightenmentTV EpisodeFiona Cumming1983-03-01Fifth Doctor4 episodes
223BuyDoctor Who 20.06: The King's DemonsTV EpisodeTony Virgo1983-03-15Fifth Doctor2 episodes
224BuyDoctor Who The Five DoctorsTV EpisodePeter Moffatt1983-11-25Fifth Doctor
225BuyDoctor Who 21.01: Warriors of the DeepTV EpisodePennant Roberts1984-01-05Fifth Doctor4 episodes
226BuyDoctor Who 21.02: The AwakeningTV EpisodeMichael Owen Morris1984-01-19Fifth Doctor2 episodes
227BuyDoctor Who 21.03: FrontiosTV EpisodeRon Jones1984-01-26Fifth Doctor4 episodes
228BuyDoctor Who 21.04: Resurrection of the DaleksTV EpisodeMatthew Robinson1984-02-08Fifth Doctor2 episodes
229BuyDoctor Who 21.05: Planet of FireTV EpisodeFiona Cumming1984-02-23Fifth Doctor4 episodes
230BuyDoctor Who 21.06: The Caves of AndrozaniTV EpisodeGraeme Harper1984-03-08Fifth Doctor4 episodes
231BuyDoctor Who 21.07: The Twin DilemmaTV EpisodePeter Moffatt1984-03-22Sixth Doctor4 episodes
232BuyDoctor Who 22.01: Attack of the CybermenTV EpisodeMatthew Robinson1985-01-05Sixth Doctor2 episodes
233BuyDoctor Who 22.02: Vengeance on VarosTV EpisodeRon Jones1985-01-19Sixth Doctor2 episodes
234BuyDoctor Who 22.03: The Mark of the RaniTV EpisodeSarah Hellings1985-02-02Sixth Doctor2 episodes
235BuyDoctor Who 22.04: The Two DoctorsTV EpisodePeter Moffatt1985-02-16Sixth Doctor3 episodes
236BuyDoctor Who 22.05: TimelashTV EpisodePennant Roberts1985-03-09Sixth Doctor2 episodes
237BuyDoctor Who 22.06: Revelation of the DaleksTV EpisodeGraeme Harper1985-03-23Sixth Doctor2 episodes
238BuyDoctor Who 23.01: The Mysterious PlanetTV EpisodeNicholas Mallett1986-09-06Sixth DoctorPart of The Trial of a Time Lord, 4 episodes
239BuyDoctor Who 23.02: MindwarpTV EpisodeRon Jones1986-10-04Sixth DoctorPart of The Trial of a Time Lord, 4 episodes
240BuyDoctor Who 23.03: Terror of the VervoidsTV EpisodeChris Clough1986-11-01Sixth DoctorPart of The Trial of a Time Lord, 4 episodes
241BuyDoctor Who 23.04: The Ultimate FoeTV EpisodeChris Clough1986-11-29Sixth DoctorPart of The Trial of a Time Lord, 2 episodes
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