Discworld Reading Order

What’s in the Discworld Reading Order?

While there are many recommended ways to read the Discworld series, written by the late Terry Pratchett, I prefer the chronological approach. There are mostly standalone novels in the Discworld series, but some of them do tie together. What follows is the Discworld series in chronological order as best as I can place it. There are some short stories that may or may not be in the correct place.

As always, we ask you to let us know if there’s anything out of place or missing. You can do this on our contact page. In the mean time, we hope you enjoy this Discworld reading order.

The Colour of MagicNovelTerry Pratchett
The Light FantasticNovelTerry Pratchett
SourceryNovelTerry Pratchett
EricNovelTerry Pratchett
Interesting TimesNovelTerry Pratchett
Troll BridgeShort StoryTerry Pratchett
The Last ContinentNovelTerry Pratchett
The Last HeroComicTerry Pratchett
Unseen AcademicalsNovelTerry Pratchett
A Collegiate Casting-out of Devilish DevicesShort StoryTerry Pratchett
Equal RitesNovelTerry Pratchett
Wyrd SistersNovelTerry Pratchett
Witches AbroadNovelTerry Pratchett
Lords and LadiesNovelTerry Pratchett
MaskeradeNovelTerry Pratchett
Carpe JugulumNovelTerry Pratchett
The Sea and Little FishiesShort StoryTerry Pratchett
The Wee Free MenYA NovelTerry Pratchett
The Amazing Maurice and his Educated RodentsYA NovelTerry Pratchett
A Hat Full of SkyYA NovelTerry Pratchett
WintersmithYA NovelTerry Pratchett
I Shall Wear MidnightYA NovelTerry Pratchett
The Shepherd’s CrownYA NovelTerry Pratchett
PyramidsNovelTerry Pratchett
Small GodsNovelTerry Pratchett
Death and What Comes NextShort StoryTerry Pratchett
MortNovelTerry Pratchett
Reaper ManNovelTerry Pratchett
Soul MusicNovelTerry Pratchett
HogfatherNovelTerry Pratchett
Thief of TimeNovelTerry Pratchett
Guards! Guards!NovelTerry Pratchett
Men at ArmsNovelTerry Pratchett
Theatre of CrueltyShort StoryTerry Pratchett
Feet of ClayNovelTerry Pratchett
JingoNovelTerry Pratchett
The Fifth ElephantNovelTerry Pratchett
Night WatchNovelTerry Pratchett
Thud!NovelTerry Pratchett
SnuffNovelTerry Pratchett
Where’s my Cow?Junior NovelTerry Pratchett
The World of PooJunior NovelTerry Pratchett
Moving PicturesNovelTerry Pratchett
The TruthNovelTerry Pratchett
Monstrous RegimentNovelTerry Pratchett
Going PostalNovelTerry Pratchett
Making MoneyNovelTerry Pratchett
Raising SteamNovelTerry Pratchett
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