Diablo Timeline and Chronology

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Blizzard took the world by storm (no pun intended) with their highly successful Diablo games in 1996 and 2000. Now there’s much more to take you into this world, including novels, comics, and of course, Diablo III.

What’s on the Diablo Timeline?

This Diablo Timeline takes all of the canon media that is part of the Diablo series and places it in chronological order. This includes the three games and their expansions, as well as several books, comics, and even a few in-universe books (placed at the end). While only consisting of three games, there is actually quite a lot to process. We hope you enjoy diving into the Diablo universe.

Where to Start?

If you’re new to the games, we recommend starting with Diablo III, which is the most accessible to modern audiences. But if you’ve played the games and want to dive into the lore, we recommend starting at the beginning.

As always, if you see anything you think should change, drop us a note on our Facebook page. And if you enjoyed this timeline, you might enjoy some of our others, such as the Doom timeline.

1BuyThe Sin War: BirthrightNovelRichard A. KnaakThe Sin War2006-10-01
2BuyThe Sin War: Scales of the SerpentNovelRichard A. KnaakThe Sin War2007-03-27
3BuyThe Sin War: The Veiled ProphetNovelRichard A. KnaakThe Sin War2007-09-25
4BuyDemonsbaneNovelRobert B. MarksDiablo Archive2000-10-31
5BuyDiablo IGameDiablo1996-12-31
6BuyThe Black RoadNovelMel OdomDiablo Archive2002-04-02Takes place parallel to Diablo I
7BuyDiablo IIGameDiablo2000-06-29
8BuyLegacy of BloodNovelRichard A. KnaakDiablo Archive2001-05-01Takes place parallel to Diablo II
9BuyTales of SanctuaryGraphic NovelDavid Land, Phil AmaraDiablo Comics2001-11-09Three seperate stories all taking place within the Sanctuary.
10BuyThe Kingdom of ShadowNovelRichard A. KnaakDiablo Archive2002-08-01Takes place parallel to Diablo II
11BuyDiablo II: Lord of DestructionGameDiablo2001-06-29
12BuyMoon of the SpiderNovelRichard A. KnaakDiablo2006-01-01
13BuyThe OrderNovelNate KenyonDiablo2012-05-15
14BuySword of JusticeGraphic NovelAaron WilliamsDiablo Comics2013-07-09
15BuyDiablo IIIGameDiablo2012-05-15
16BuyStorm of LightNovelNate KenyonDiablo2014-02-27
17BuyDiablo III: Reaper of SoulsGameDiablo2014-03-25
18Diablo III: Rise of the NecromancerGameDiablo2017-06-27Available as a downloadable DLC.
19BuyHeroes Rise, Darkness FallsAnthologyMicky Neilson, Cameron Dayton, Matt Burns, Michael Chu, James Waugh, Erik SabolDiablo2012-11-27
20BuyMorbedNovelMicky NeilsonDiablo2014-04-21
21BuyBook of CainNovelDiablo2011-12-13
22BuyBook of TyraelNovelMatt BurnsDiablo2013-10-22

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