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You know the Avengers, but you might know less about the Defenders, a similar team-up of superheroes but for more “ground-level” characters. This is the Defenders reading order.

What’s on the Defenders Reading Order?

This timeline assembles all of the major storylines that involve the Defenders. While it might not contain every single story with the characters, it does look at the primary comics.

Some of the regular team members of the Defenders include Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. These are the characters that also appeared in the Defenders Netflix series. But other characters have shown up in the group from time to time. This timeline deals primarily with the trades that are specifically about the Defenders, and not necessarily all the comics associated with any member of the group.

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1BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Defenders Vol. 1Graphic Novel2008-07-30The Early Seventies
2BuyEssential Defenders Vol. 1Graphic NovelStan Lee, Roy Thomas2005-05-18The Early Seventies
3BuyMarvel Masterworks: The Defenders Vol. 2Graphic NovelSteve Englehart2011-01-26The Early Seventies
4BuyEssential Defenders Vol. 2Graphic NovelLen Wein2006-12-20The Late Seventies
5BuyEssential Defenders Vol. 3Graphic NovelSteve Gerber2007-07-18The Late Seventies
6BuyEssential Defenders Vol. 4Graphic NovelDavid Kraft2008-07-16The Early Eighties
7BuyEssential Defenders Vol. 5Graphic NovelJ.M. DeMatteis2010-08-04The Early Eighties
8BuyDefenders: IndefensibleGraphic NovelKeith Giffen2007-02-01Pre-Civil War
9BuyNew Excalibur Vol. 1: Defenders Of The RealmGraphic NovelChris Claremont2006-08-09Road to Civil War
10BuyThe Last DefendersGraphic NovelJoe Casey2008-11-19Secret Invasion Era
11BuyFearless Defenders Vol. 1: Doom MaidensGraphic NovelCullen Bunn2013-09-03Marvel Now!
12BuyFearless Defenders Vol. 2: The Most Fabulous Fighting Team of AllGraphic NovelCullen Bunn2014-02-25Marvel Now!
13BuyDefenders Vol. 1: Diamonds Are ForeverGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2017-12-13Marvel Now 2.0
14BuyDefenders Vol. 2: Kingpins of New YorkGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2018-06-26Marvel Legacy
15BuyDefenders: The Best DefenseGraphic NovelAl Ewing2019-03-13Fresh Start

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