DC’s Silver Age Reading Order

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The Silver age brought us some of the more recognizable versions of our favorite characters, such as the Flash or Green Lantern.

What’s on DC’s Silver Age reading order?

This timeline assembles all of the main stories that make up the Silver Age of DC Comics. These stories began mostly after the newer version of The Flash became popular. In fact, some of these characters that we know today actually originated in the Silver Age, while thier Golden Age counterparts became a bit more obscure (though most are still around). While it’s hard to assemble a perfect timeline of this era, we’ve done our best, and we hope you like what you see.

Where to start?

You can start at the beginning here, with the new Flash comics. But otherwise we suggest picking and choosing the comics you read from this timeline. Some of them can be a bit hard to get through, though still fun for historical purposes.

As always, if you like this timeline, you might enjoy some of our others, including our massive collection of DC timeline in our DC Comics Hub. And if you see something that needs to be added or changed, be sure to let us know over on our contact page. We love to hear all your feedback! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this DC’s Silver Age reading order.

1BuyThe Flash Chronicles Vol. 1Graphic NovelRobert Kanigher, John Broome2009-09-29The Silver Age
2BuyWorld’s Finest Comics Archives Vol. 2Graphic NovelEdmond Hamilton, Bill Finger, Dave Wood2002-01-01The Silver Age
3BuyThe Green Arrow By Jack KirbyGraphic NovelJack Kirby2001-01-01The Silver Age
4BuyChallengers Of The Unknown Archives Vol. 2Graphic NovelWally Wood2004-11-15The Silver Age
5BuySuperman in The FiftiesGraphic NovelJerry Siegel2002-10-01The Silver Age
6BuySuperman: The Man Of Tomorrow Archives Vol. 2Graphic NovelBill Finger, Jerry Coleman, Otto Binder, Robert Bernstein, Alvin Schwartz2006-03-28The Silver Age
7BuyThe Flash Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelRobert Kanigher, John Broome1998-05-04The Silver Age
8BuyShowcase Presents: Superman Vol. 1Graphic NovelOtto Binder, Bill Finger, Jerry Coleman, Robert Bernstein, Alvin Schwartz, Jerry Siegel2005-10-01The Silver Age
9BuyBatman in The FiftiesGraphic NovelBill Finger, Edmond Hamilton, France Herron, David Vern Reed, David Wood, Joe Samachson2002-05-01The Silver Age
10BuyThe Greatest 1950s Stories Ever ToldGraphic NovelEdmond Hamilton, George Kashdan, Dave Wood, Sheldon Mayer, Jerry Coleman, Ed Herron, John Broome, Gardner Fox, Robert Kanigher, Alphine Beard, Bill Finger, David Vern Reed, Joe Samachson, Otto Binder, Alvin Schwartz, Jack Kirby1997-10-01The Silver Age
11BuyShowcase Presents: Challengers Of The Unknown Vol. 1Graphic NovelDavid Wood, Ed Herron2006-09-27The Silver Age
12BuyAdventures Of The FlyGraphic NovelJoe Simon2004-10-19The Silver Age
13BuyThe Green Lantern Chronicles Vol. 1Graphic NovelJohn Broome2009-05-05The Silver Age
14BuySecret Origins (Of The World’s Greatest Super-Heroes)Graphic NovelMark Waid1991-09-01The Silver Age
15BuyShowcase Presents: Superman Family Vol. 3Graphic NovelOtto Binder, Don Cameron, Jerry Coleman2009-03-03The Silver Age
16BuyThe Flash Chronicles Vol. 2Graphic NovelJohn Broome2010-10-05The Silver Age
17BuyShowcase Presents: World’s Finest Vol. 1Graphic NovelEdmond Hamilton, Alvin Schwartz, Bill Finger, Dave Wood, Jerry Coleman2007-10-17The Silver Age
18BuyThe Supergirl Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelOtto Binder, Jerry Siegel2001-11-01The Silver Age
19BuyShowcase Presents: Wonder Woman Vol. 1Graphic NovelRobert Kanigher2007-08-22The Silver Age
20BuyThe Flash Archives Vol. 2Graphic NovelJohn Broome2000-04-01The Silver Age
21BuyShowcase Presents: The Flash Vol. 1Graphic NovelRobert Kanigher2007-05-02The Silver Age
22BuyThe Adam Strange Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelGardner Fox2004-03-01The Silver Age
23BuyWorld’s Finest Comics Archives Vol. 3Graphic NovelBill Finger, Jerry Coleman2005-09-01The Silver Age
24BuyThe Aquaman Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelJack Miller, Robert Bernstein2003-02-01The Silver Age
25BuyThe Green Lantern Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelJohn Broome1998-09-01The Silver Age
26BuyShowcase Presents: Superman Vol. 2Graphic NovelBill Finger, Jerry Siegel, Otto Binder, Robert Bernstein, Jerry Coleman2006-06-14The Silver Age
27BuyJustice League Of America Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelGardner Fox1997-11-14The Silver Age
28BuyShowcase Presents: Supergirl Vol. 1Graphic NovelOtto Binder, Jerry Siegel2007-11-28The Silver Age
29BuyThe Flash Archives Vol. 3Graphic NovelPaul Levitz, John Broome, Gardner Fox2002-03-01The Silver Age
30BuyThe Green Lantern Chronicles Vol. 2Graphic NovelJohn Broome2009-12-29The Silver Age
31BuyThe Supergirl Archives Vol. 2Graphic NovelJerry Siegel, Otto Binder2004-03-01The Silver Age
32BuyShowcase Presents: Martian Manhunter Vol. 1Graphic NovelJoe Samachson, Edmond Hamilton, Jack Miller, Dave Wood2007-07-25The Silver Age
33BuyThe Green Lantern Archives Vol. 2Graphic NovelJohn Broome2000-01-01The Silver Age
34BuyDC Comics Classics Library: Batman: The Annuals Vol. 1Graphic NovelEdmond Hamilton2009-04-28The Silver Age
35BuySuperman: Tales Of The Bizarro WorldGraphic NovelJerry Siegel2000-09-01The Silver Age
36BuyJustice League Of America Archives Vol. 2Graphic NovelGardner Fox1997-11-14The Silver Age
37BuyThe Green Lantern Chronicles Vol. 3Graphic NovelJohn Broome2010-11-02The Silver Age
38BuyShowcase Presents: Superman Vol. 3Graphic NovelBill Finger, Jerry Siegel, Otto Binder, Robert Bernstein, Jerry Coleman2007-04-07The Silver Age
39BuyHawkmanGraphic NovelGardner Fox1991-01-01The Silver Age
40BuyThe Flash Archives Vol. 4Graphic NovelJohn Broome, Gardner Fox2006-05-01The Silver Age
41BuyShowcase Presents: Aquaman Vol. 1Graphic NovelRobert Bernstein, Jack Miller, George Kashdan2007-02-14The Silver Age
42BuyShowcase Presents: Green Lantern Vol. 1Graphic NovelJohn Broome, Gardner Fox2010-11-23The Silver Age
43BuyShowcase Presents: The Justice League of America Vol. 1Graphic NovelGardner Fox2005-12-07The Silver Age
44BuyThe Adam Strange Archives Vol. 2Graphic NovelGardner Fox2006-11-29The Silver Age
45BuyLegion of Super-Heroes Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelOtto Binder, Jerry Siegel, Robert Bernstein1997-11-14The Silver Age
46BuyThe Atom Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelGardner Fox2001-07-01The Silver Age
47BuyShowcase Presents: Wonder Woman Vol. 2Graphic NovelRobert Kanigher2008-11-11The Silver Age
48BuyShowcase Presents: Adam StrangeGraphic NovelGardner Fox2007-08-08The Silver Age
49BuyThe Green Lantern Archives Vol. 3Graphic NovelJohn Broome2001-05-01The Silver Age
50BuyJustice League Of America Archives Vol. 3Graphic NovelGardner Fox1998-09-01The Silver Age
51BuyShowcase Presents: The Flash Vol. 2Graphic NovelJohn Broome, Gardner Fox2008-07-01The Silver Age
52BuyThe Flash Archives Vol. 5Graphic NovelJohn Broome, Gardner Fox2009-03-31The Silver Age
53BuyThe Atomic KnightsGraphic NovelJohn Broome2010-05-25The Silver Age
54BuyThe Metal Men Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelRobert Kanigher2006-07-19The Silver Age
55BuyLegion of Super-Heroes Archives Vol. 2Graphic NovelEdmond Hamilton1998-05-04The Silver Age
56BuyShowcase Presents: Green ArrowGraphic NovelDave Wood, Ed Herron, Ed Herron, Robert Bernstein, Jerry Coleman, Bob Haney, Gardner Fox, John Broome, Dick Wood, George Kashdan, Bill Finger2006-01-04The Silver Age
57BuyThe Hawkman Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelGardner Fox2000-05-01The Silver Age
58BuyShowcase Presents: Superman Vol. 4Graphic NovelBill Finger, Jerry Siegel, Otto Binder, Robert Bernstein, Jerry Coleman2008-09-09The Silver Age
59BuyThe Brave And The Bold Team-Up Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelBob Haney, Robert Kanigher2005-06-01The Silver Age
60BuyShowcase Presents: Challengers Of The Unknown Vol. 2Graphic NovelFrance E. Herron2008-05-20The Silver Age
61BuyThe Green Lantern Archives Vol. 4Graphic NovelGardner Fox2002-07-01The Silver Age
62BuyDC Comics Classics Library: Batman: The Annuals Vol. 2Graphic NovelEdmond Hamilton2010-08-31The Silver Age
63BuyThe Atom Archives Vol. 2Graphic NovelGardner Fox2003-11-01The Silver Age
64BuyThe Doom Patrol Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelArnold Drake, Bob Haney2002-04-01The Silver Age
65BuyJustice League Of America Archives Vol. 4Graphic NovelGardner Fox1998-05-04The Silver Age
66BuyBatman: The Dynamic Duo Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelJohn Broome, Bill Finger, Ed Herron, Gardner Fox2003-03-01The Silver Age
67BuyShowcase Presents: World’s Finest Vol. 2Graphic NovelJerry Coleman2008-10-28The Silver Age
68BuyShowcase Presents: Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 1Graphic NovelOtto Binder2007-04-04The Silver Age
69BuyShowcase Presents: Hawkman Vol. 1Graphic NovelGardner Fox2007-03-21The Silver Age
70BuyLegion of Super-Heroes Archives Vol. 3Graphic NovelEdmond Hamilton1997-11-14The Silver Age
71BuyShowcase Presents: Supergirl Vol. 2Graphic NovelJerry Siegel2008-12-16The Silver Age
72BuyShowcase Presents: The Atom Vol. 1Graphic NovelGardner Fox2007-06-06The Silver Age
73BuyBatman: The Dynamic Duo Archives Vol. 2Graphic NovelGardner Fox, Ed Herron, Bill Finger2006-06-21The Silver Age
74BuyShowcase Presents: The Justice League of America Vol. 2Graphic NovelGardner Fox2007-01-10The Silver Age
75BuyShowcase Presents: Green Lantern Vol. 2Graphic NovelJohn Broome, Gardner Fox2007-02-28The Silver Age
76BuyThe Hawkman Archives Vol. 2Graphic NovelGardner Fox, Julius Schwartz2005-04-01The Silver Age
77BuyThe Green Lantern Archives Vol. 5Graphic NovelGardner Fox, John Broome2005-04-01The Silver Age
78BuyShowcase Presents: Wonder Woman Vol. 3Graphic NovelRobert Kanigher2009-12-22The Silver Age
79BuyThe Doom Patrol Archives Vol. 2Graphic NovelArnold Drake, Jack Schiff2004-08-04The Silver Age
80BuyThe Flash Vs. The RoguesGraphic NovelJohn Broome2009-12-01The Silver Age
81BuyCrisis on Multiple Earths: The Team Ups Vol. 1Graphic NovelGardner Fox, John Broome, Mike Friedrich2006-01-01The Silver Age
82BuyShowcase Presents: Metal Men Vol. 1Graphic NovelRobert Kanigher2007-10-03The Silver Age
83BuyShowcase Presents: Batman Vol. 1Graphic NovelJohn Broome, Bill Finger, Ed Herron, Gardner Fox, Sheldon Moldoff2006-08-30The Silver Age
84BuyShowcase Presents: Aquaman Vol. 2Graphic NovelJack Miller, Bob Haney2008-01-23The Silver Age
85BuyJustice League Of America Archives Vol. 5Graphic NovelGardner Fox1999-08-01The Silver Age
86BuyThe Mighty Crusaders: Origin Of A Super-TeamGraphic NovelJerry Siegel2003-12-02The Silver Age
87BuyLegion of Super-Heroes Archives Vol. 4Graphic NovelJerry Siegel1997-11-14The Silver Age
88BuyShowcase Presents: The Doom Patrol Vol. 1Graphic NovelArnold Drake, Bob Haney2009-04-14The Silver Age
89BuyT.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelLen Brown, Bill Pearson, Wally Wood2002-12-01The Silver Age
90BuyShowcase Presents: The Flash Vol. 3Graphic NovelJohn Broome2009-08-18The Silver Age
91BuyCrisis on Multiple Earths Vol. 1Graphic NovelGardner Fox2002-08-01The Silver Age
92BuyThe Doom Patrol Archives Vol. 3Graphic NovelArnold Drake2006-03-28The Silver Age
93BuyT.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Archives Vol. 2Graphic NovelBill Pearson, Steve Skeates, Dan Adkins, Ralph Reese2003-06-01The Silver Age
94BuyThe Action Heroes Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelJoe Gill2004-11-01The Silver Age
95BuyShowcase Presents: Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 2Graphic NovelEdmond Hamilton2008-04-22The Silver Age
96BuyThe Green Lantern Archives Vol. 6Graphic NovelGardner Fox2007-01-03The Silver Age
97BuyShowcase Presents: EclipsoGraphic NovelBob Haney2009-09-01The Silver Age
98BuyLegion of Super-Heroes Archives Vol. 5Graphic NovelJerry Siegel1998-05-11The Silver Age
99BuyT.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Archives Vol. 3Graphic NovelWally Wood, Bill Pearson, Steve Skeates2004-03-01The Silver Age
100BuyThe Silver Age Teen Titans Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelBob Haney2003-10-01The Silver Age
101BuyShowcase Presents: Batman Vol. 2Graphic NovelJohn Broome, Gardner Fox, Bill Finger, Robert Kanigher, Sheldon Moldoff2007-06-06The Silver Age
102BuyJustice League Of America Archives Vol. 6Graphic NovelGardner Fox2000-07-01The Silver Age
103BuyJLA: Zatanna’s SearchGraphic NovelGardner Fox, Gerry Conway2004-02-01The Silver Age
104BuyThe Adam Strange Archives Vol. 3Graphic NovelGardner Fox2008-06-17The Silver Age
105BuyT.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Archives Vol. 4Graphic NovelWally Wood, Bill Pearson, Steve Skeates2005-06-01The Silver Age
106BuyDC Comics Classics Library: Legion Of Super-Heroes: The Life And Death of Ferro LadGraphic NovelJim Shooter2009-03-10The Silver Age
107BuyLegion of Super-Heroes Archives Vol. 6Graphic NovelE. Nelson Bridwell1997-11-14The Silver Age
108BuyT.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Archives Vol. 5Graphic NovelWally Wood, Steve Skeates2005-01-24The Silver Age
109BuyThe Doom Patrol Archives Vol. 4Graphic NovelArnold Drake2008-02-27The Silver Age
110BuyDC Comics Classics Library: The Flash of Two WorldsGraphic NovelGardner Fox2009-08-11The Silver Age
111BuyBat-Manga!: The Secret History of Batman in JapanGraphic NovelJiro Kuwata2008-10-28The Silver Age
112BuySuperman: Tales From The Phantom ZoneGraphic NovelCurt Swan2009-06-30The Silver Age
113BuyShowcase Presents: The Elongated ManGraphic NovelJohn Broome, Gardner Fox2006-07-06The Silver Age
114BuyShowcase Presents: World’s Finest Vol. 3Graphic NovelJerry Coleman2010-03-23The Silver Age
115BuyJustice League Of America Archives Vol. 7Graphic NovelGardner Fox2001-03-01The Silver Age
116BuyShowcase Presents: The Justice League of America Vol. 3Graphic NovelGardner Fox2007-12-12The Silver Age
117BuyShowcase Presents: The War That Time ForgotGraphic NovelRobert Kanigher2007-06-06The Silver Age
118BuyShowcase Presents: Green Lantern Vol. 3Graphic NovelJohn Broome, Gardner Fox2008-06-03The Silver Age
119BuyShowcase Presents: Martian Manhunter Vol. 2Graphic NovelJack Miller2009-05-19The Silver Age
120BuyShowcase Presents: MetamorphoGraphic NovelGardner Fox, Bob Haney2005-10-01The Silver Age
121BuyShowcase Presents: Dial H For HeroGraphic NovelDave Wood2010-04-27The Silver Age
122BuyLegion of Super-Heroes Archives Vol. 7Graphic NovelJim Shooter1998-05-04The Silver Age
123BuySuperman in The SixtiesGraphic NovelOtto Binder, Leo Dorfman, Jerry Siegel, Edmond Hamilton, Bill Finger, E. Nelson Bridwell1998-05-04The Silver Age
124BuyCrisis on Multiple Earths: The Team Ups Vol. 2Graphic NovelGardner Fox, John Broome, Mike Friedrich2007-03-07The Silver Age
125BuyShowcase Presents: Batman Vol. 3Graphic NovelGardner Fox, John Broome, Mike Friedrich2008-07-15The Silver Age
126BuyShowcase Presents: The Atom Vol. 2Graphic NovelGardner Fox2008-08-26The Silver Age
127BuyShowcase Presents: Aquaman Vol. 3Graphic NovelBob Haney, Leo Dorfman2009-02-10The Silver Age
128BuyShowcase Presents: Doom Patrol Vol. 2Graphic NovelArnold Drake, Bob Haney2010-08-24The Silver Age
129BuyShowcase Presents: Teen Titans Vol. 1Graphic NovelBob Haney, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman2006-04-12The Silver Age
130BuyThe Doom Patrol Archives Vol. 5Graphic NovelArnold Drake2008-08-05The Silver Age
131BuyShowcase Presents: Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 3Graphic NovelEdmond Hamilton2009-04-28The Silver Age
132BuyShowcase Presents: The Brave And The Bold: Batman Team-ups Vol. 1Graphic NovelBob Haney2007-01-24The Silver Age
133BuyLegion of Super-Heroes Archives Vol. 8Graphic Novel1999-02-10The Silver Age
134BuyShowcase Presents: Metal Men Vol. 2Graphic NovelRobert Kanigher2008-09-30The Silver Age
135BuyJustice League Of America Archives Vol. 8Graphic NovelGardner Fox, Dennis O'Neil2003-06-01The Silver Age
136BuyThe Creeper By Steve DitkoGraphic NovelSteve Ditko2010-04-06The Silver Age
137BuyShowcase Presents: Batman Vol. 4Graphic NovelGardner Fox, Mike Friedrich, Frank Robbins, Robert Kanigher, John Broome, E. Nelson Bridwell2009-07-28The Silver Age
138BuyBatman Illustrated by Neal Adams Vol. 1Graphic NovelLeo Dorfman, Cary Bates, Bob Haney2003-10-01The Silver Age
139BuyDiana Prince: Wonder Woman Vol. 1Graphic NovelDennis O'Neil2008-02-06The Silver Age
140BuyDC’s Greatest Imaginary StoriesGraphic NovelOtto Binder, Bill Finger, Jerry Siegel, John Broome, Leo Dorfman, Edmond Hamilton, Jim Shooter2005-09-01The Silver Age
141BuyShowcase Presents: Hawkman Vol. 2Graphic NovelGardner Fox, Bob Haney2008-08-05The Silver Age
142BuyT.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Archives Vol. 6Graphic NovelLen Brown2006-02-01The Silver Age
143BuyBatman in The SixtiesGraphic NovelBill Finger, John Broome, Gardner Fox, Robert Kanigher, E. Nelson Bridwell, Mike Friedrich, Frank Robbins1999-03-01The Silver Age
144BuyShowcase Presents: Green Lantern Vol. 4Graphic NovelJohn Broome, Dennis O'Neil, Gardner Fox, Mike Friedrich2009-06-16The Silver Age
145BuyJustice League Of America Archives Vol. 9Graphic NovelDennis O'Neil, Bill Schelly2004-12-01The Silver Age
146BuyDiana Prince: Wonder Woman Vol. 2Graphic NovelDennis O'Neil2008-08-05The Silver Age
147BuyShowcase Presents: The Justice League of America Vol. 4Graphic NovelGardner Fox2009-03-17The Silver Age
148BuyCrisis on Multiple Earths Vol. 2Graphic NovelGardner Fox, Dennis O'Neil2003-11-01The Silver Age
149BuyLegion of Super-Heroes Archives Vol. 9Graphic NovelJim Shooter, E. Nelson Bridwell, Cary Bates1999-11-01The Silver Age
150BuyBatman From The 30s To The 70sGraphic NovelBill Finger, Don Cameron, Gardner Fox, Edmond Hamilton, Dennis O'Neil, E. Nelson Bridwell1971-01-01The Silver Age
151BuySuperman From The 30s To The 70sGraphic NovelJerry Siegel1988-12-12The Silver Age
152BuyBatman Illustrated by Neal Adams Vol. 2Graphic NovelBob Haney, Dennis O'Neil, Mike Friedrich, Frank Robbins, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman2004-09-01The Silver Age

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