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DC’s Golden Age Reading Order

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Ever wanted to read through the very beginnings of your favorite DC characters like Batman and Superman? This is where you start.

What’s on DC’s Golden Age reading order?

This timeline takes all of the major DC Golden Age trade paperbacks and assembles them in chronological order. While it’s hard to assemble a perfect timeline of this era, we’ve done our best, and we hope you like what you see. This era features the debut of classics like Batman and Superman, the two superheroes that essentially launched multi-billion-dollar franchises that have lasted over 75 years. Talk about longevity.

Where to start?

We recommend starting with the original Action Comics, where Superman made his debut. After that, we recommend checking out the original Detective Comics, which launched Batman. After that it’s really up to you. Some of these stories are hard to get through, but they can be fun for historical purposes.

As always, if you like this timeline, you might enjoy some of our others, including our massive collection of DC timeline in our DC Comics Hub. And if you see something that needs to be added or changed, be sure to let us know over on our contact page. We love to hear all your feedback! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this DC’s Golden Age reading order.