DC’s Elseworlds Reading Order

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The Elseworlds are a series of stories that don’t fit in regular continuity, but some of them are very interesting…

What’s on DC’s Elseworlds reading order?

This timeline assembles a list of Elseworld stories, stories that don’t fit the regular mode. For example, have you every wondered what it would be like to have a vampire Batman? Or what if Superman was actually the last child of Earth, and traveled to Krypton instead? These are examples of the “what if” scenarios that you can typically find in these stories. While it’s hard to assemble a perfect timeline of these stories, we’ve done our best, and we hope you like what you see.

Where to start?

This is one case where we don’t have a place to start. Each of these comics stands on its own, and you can cherry-pick which ones you want to read.

As always, if you like this timeline, you might enjoy some of our others, including our massive collection of DC timeline in our DC Comics Hub. And if you see something that needs to be added or changed, be sure to let us know over on our contact page. We love to hear all your feedback! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this DC’s Elseworlds reading order.

1BuyBatman: ThrillkillerGraphic NovelHoward Chaykin2018-07-10Elseworld
2BuyBatman and Demon: A TragedyGraphic NovelAlan Grant2000-01-01Elseworld
3BuyTales of the Multiverse: Batman - VampireGraphic NovelDoug Moench2007-12-05Elseworld
4BuyBatman/Houdini: The Devil's WorkshopGraphic NovelHoward Chaykin, John Francis Moore1993-01-01Elseworld
5BuyBatman/LoboGraphic NovelAlan Grant2000-01-01Elseworld
6BuyBatman: The Blue, the Grey, and the BatGraphic NovelElliot S. Maggin, Alan Weiss1993-01-01Elseworld
7BuyBatman: Brotherhood of the BatGraphic NovelDoug Moench1998-12-31Elseworld
8BuyBatman: Castle of the BatGraphic NovelJack C. Harris1995-01-19Elseworld
9BuyBatman/Tarzan: Claws of the Cat-womanGraphic NovelRon Marz2000-08-29Elseworld
10BuyBatman: Dark AllegiancesGraphic NovelHoward Chaykin1996-01-01Elseworld
11BuyBatman/Dark Joker: The WildGraphic NovelDoug Moench1994-10-01Elseworld
12BuyBatman: Dark Knight DynastyGraphic NovelMike W. Barr1998-08-01Elseworld
13BuyBatman: Dark Knight of the Round TableGraphic NovelBob Layton1999-01-01Elseworld
14BuyBatman: Detective No. 27Graphic NovelMichael Uslan2004-11-01Elseworld
15BuyBatman: The Doom That Came to GothamGraphic NovelMike Mignola, Richard Pace2015-12-22Elseworld
16BuyBatman: The Golden Streets of GothamGraphic NovelJen Van Meter2003-01-01Elseworld
17BuyBatman: Gotham by GaslightGraphic NovelBrian Augustyn2013-03-12Elseworld
18BuyBatman: Master of the FutureGraphic NovelBrian Augustyn2000-11-01Elseworld
19BuyBatman: Gotham NoirGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2001-01-01Elseworld
20BuyBatman: Haunted GothamGraphic NovelDoug Moench2009-03-24Elseworld
21BuyBatman: Holy TerrorGraphic NovelAlan Brennert1991-01-01Elseworld
22BuyBatman: I, JokerGraphic NovelBob Hall1998-01-01Elseworld
23BuyBatman: In Darkest KnightGraphic NovelMike W. Barr1994-01-01Elseworld
24BuyBatman: ManbatGraphic NovelJamie Delano1997-05-01Elseworld
25BuyBatman: MasqueGraphic NovelMike Grell1997-11-01Elseworld
26BuyBatman: NevermoreGraphic NovelLen Wein2003-01-01Elseworld
27BuyBatman: NosferatuGraphic NovelJean-Marc Lofficier, Randy Lofficier2000-01-01Elseworld
28BuyBatman: The Order of BeastsGraphic NovelEddie Campbell, Daren White2004-01-01Elseworld
29BuyBatman: Reign of TerrorGraphic NovelMike W. Barr1999-01-01Elseworld
30BuyBatman: Scar of the BatGraphic NovelMax Allan Collins2000-11-01Elseworld
31BuyCatwoman: Guardian of GothamGraphic NovelDoug Moench1999-01-01Elseworld
32BuyRobin 3000Graphic NovelByron Preiss, Stevev Ringgenberg1992-01-01Elseworld
33BuySuperman: Secret IdentityGraphic NovelKurt Busiek2008-04-11Elseworld
34BuySon of SupermanGraphic NovelHoward Chaykin, David Tischman2000-06-01Elseworld
35BuySuperboy's LegionGraphic NovelMark Farmer2001-01-01Elseworld
36BuySupergirl: WingsGraphic NovelJ.M. DeMatteis2001-01-01Elseworld
37BuySuperman: A Nation DividedGraphic NovelRoger Stern2000-11-01Elseworld
38BuySuperman: The Dark SideGraphic NovelJohn Francis Moore1999-06-01Elseworld
39BuySuperman: Distant FiresGraphic NovelHoward Chaykin1998-02-01Elseworld
40BuySuperman, Inc.Graphic NovelSteve Vance1999-01-01Elseworld
41BuySuperman: KalGraphic NovelDave Gibbons1995-12-31Elseworld
42BuySuperman: Last Son of EarthGraphic NovelSteve Gerber2000-01-01Elseworld
43BuySuperman: Last Stand on KryptonGraphic NovelSteve Gerber2003-01-01Elseworld
44BuyThe Superman MonsterGraphic NovelDan Abnett, Andy Lanning1999-10-01Elseworld
45BuySuperman: Red SonGraphic NovelMark Millar2009-11-17Elseworld
46BuySuperman: Speeding BulletsGraphic NovelJ.M. DeMatteis1993-01-01Elseworld
47BuySuperman's MetropolisGraphic NovelJean-Marc Lofficier, Randy Lofficier, Roy Thomas1997-01-01Elseworld
48BuySuperman: True BritGraphic NovelKim Johnson, John Cleese2006-01-01Elseworld
49BuySuperman: War of the WorldsGraphic NovelRoy Thomas2000-11-01Elseworld
50BuySuperman/Wonder Woman: Whom Gods DestroyGraphic NovelChris Claremont1997-01-01Elseworld
51BuySuperman: At Earth's EndGraphic NovelTom Veitch1995-09-01Elseworld
52BuyElseworld's FinestGraphic NovelJohn Francis Moore1997-01-01Elseworld
53BuyElseworld's Finest: Supergirl and BatgirlGraphic NovelBarbara Kesel, Matt Haley, Tom Simmons1997-01-01Elseworld
54BuySuperman/Batman: GenerationsGraphic NovelJohn Byrne2000-04-01Elseworld
55BuySuperman/Batman: World's FunnestGraphic NovelEvan Dorkin2016-04-05Elseworld
56BuySuperman/Batman: Saga of the Super SonsGraphic NovelBob Haney2017-01-31Elseworld
57BuyJLA: Act of GodGraphic NovelDoug Moench2000-01-01Elseworld
58BuyJLA: Age of WonderGraphic NovelAdisakdi Tantimedh2003-04-09Elseworld
59BuyJLA: Created EqualGraphic NovelFabian Nicieza2000-01-01Elseworld
60BuyJLA: The Island of Dr. MoreauGraphic NovelRoy Thomas2002-01-01Elseworld
61BuyJLA: The NailGraphic NovelAlan Davis2017-10-24Elseworld
62BuyJLA: Riddle of the BeastGraphic NovelAlan Grant2002-01-01Elseworld
63BuyJLA: The Secret Society of Super-HeroesGraphic NovelHoward Chaykin, David Tischman2000-01-01Elseworld
64BuyJLA: Shogun of SteelGraphic NovelBen Raab2002-01-01Elseworld
65BuyJustice RidersGraphic NovelChuck Dixon1997-01-01Elseworld
66BuyPlanetary/JLA: Terra OccultaGraphic NovelWarren Ellis2002-01-01Elseworld
67BuyJSA: The Liberty FilesGraphic NovelTony Harris, Dan Jolley2004-04-01Elseworld
68BuyJSA: The Unholy ThreeGraphic NovelTony Harris, Dan Jolley2003-01-01Elseworld
69BuyConjurorsGraphic NovelChuck Dixon1999-01-01Elseworld
70BuyGreen Lantern: Evil's MightGraphic NovelHoward Chaykin2002-01-01Elseworld
71BuyGreen Lantern: 1001 Emerald NightsGraphic NovelTerry LaBan2001-01-01Elseworld
72BuyTeen Titans: The Lost AnnualGraphic NovelBob Haney2008-01-01Elseworld
73BuyTitans: Scissors, Paper, StoneGraphic NovelAdam Warren1997-05-01Elseworld
74BuyWonder Woman: AmazoniaGraphic NovelWilliam Messner-Loebs1998-01-01Elseworld
75BuyWonder Woman: The True AmazonGraphic NovelJill Thompson2016-10-04Elseworld
76BuyBatman/The Shadow: The Murder GeniusesGraphic NovelDennis O'Neil, Steve Orlando, Scott Snyder2017-11-28Rebirth
77BuyNightwing: The New OrderGraphic NovelKyle Higgins2018-05-08Elseworld
78BuySupergirl: Being SuperGraphic NovelMariko Tamaki2018-06-05Elseworld

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