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Following the Convergence event and DC You, Rebirth started a new timeline that brought in the Watchmen. Read more about DC’s exciting new direction.

What’s in the Rebirth reading order?

This Post-Convergence – Rebirth timeline consists of the DC Universe following the Convergence event and including DC You and Rebirth. The DC Universe continues to grow in this era. Therefore, we will likely keep updating this page from time to time. We don’t have too many comics in this page at the moment, but that should change. Additionally, if you enjoy this page, you should view all of our DC Comics Timeline.

As with the other comic timelines, this one does not include dates/authors because there may be multiple per trade paperback. Each trade often has multiple authors, and the date of publication for the trade does not necessarily reflect the date of publication for the comics it collects. The timeline does include all of the titles, Amazon links, the type of media (most comics), and the chronological order of the comics.

We hope you enjoy this timeline of all of the comics from the DC Post-Convergence – Rebirth timeline. Please let us know if there are any errors, or if the timeline is missing a crucial trade paperback.

1BuyBefore Watchmen: Minutemen/Silk SpectreGraphic NovelAmanda Conner, Darwyn Cooke2013-07-02Watchmen
2BuyBefore Watchmen: Ozymandias/Crimson CorsairGraphic NovelJohn Higgins, Len Wein2013-07-02Watchmen
3BuyBefore Watchmen: Comedian/RorschachGraphic NovelBrian Azzarello2013-07-16Watchmen
4BuyBefore Watchmen: Nite Owl/Dr. ManhattanGraphic NovelJ. Michael Straczynski2013-07-16Watchmen
5BuyWatchmenGraphic NovelAlan Moore2013-06-04Watchmen
6BuySuperman: Lois and ClarkGraphic NovelDan Jurgens2016-09-06Rebirth
7BuySuperman: The Final Days of SupermanGraphic NovelPeter J. Tomasi2016-11-01Rebirth
8BuyDC Universe: RebirthGraphic NovelGeoff Johns2016-11-29Rebirth
9BuyThe Flash Vol. 1: Lightning Strikes TwiceGraphic NovelJoshua Williamson2017-01-24Rebirth
10BuySuperman Vol. 1: Son Of SupermanGraphic NovelPatrick Gleason, Peter J. Tomasi2017-01-10Rebirth
11BuyAction Comics Vol. 1: Path Of DoomGraphic NovelDan Jurgens2017-02-21Rebirth
12BuyGreen Lanterns Vol. 1: Rage PlanetGraphic NovelGeoff Johns, Sam Humphries2017-01-31Rebirth
13BuyWonder Woman Vol. 1: The LiesGraphic NovelGreg Rucka2017-02-28Rebirth
14BuyWonder Woman Vol. 2: Year OneGraphic NovelGreg Rucka2017-05-09Rebirth
15BuyJustice League Vol. 1: The Extinction MachineGraphic NovelBryan Hitch2017-01-24Rebirth
16BuyTrinity Vol. 1: Better TogetherGraphic NovelFrancis Manapul2017-06-13Rebirth
17BuyBatman Vol. 1: I Am GothamGraphic NovelScott Snyder, Tom King2017-01-17Rebirth
18BuyAll Star Batman Vol. 1: My Own Worst EnemyGraphic NovelScott Snyder2017-04-25Rebirth
19BuyDetective Comics Vol. 1: The Rise Of The BatmenGraphic NovelJames T Tynion IV2017-02-07Rebirth
20BuyBatgirl Vol. 1: Beyond BurnsideGraphic NovelHope Larson2017-03-28Rebirth
21BuyNightwing Vol. 1: Better Than BatmanGraphic NovelTim Seeley2017-01-31Rebirth
22BuyBatman: Night of the Monster MenGraphic NovelJames T Tynion IV, Steve Orlando, Tim Seeley, Tom King2017-02-28Rebirth
23BuyJustice League Vol. 2: OutbreakGraphic NovelBryan Hitch2017-05-02Rebirth
24BuyTitans Vol. 1: The Return of Wally WestGraphic NovelDan Abnett2017-03-07Rebirth
25BuyAction Comics Vol. 2: Welcome to the PlanetGraphic NovelDan Jurgens2017-04-25Rebirth
26BuySuperman Vol. 2: Trials of the Super SonGraphic NovelPatrick Gleason, Peter J. Tomasi2017-04-11Rebirth
27BuySuperwoman Vol. 1: Who Killed Superwoman?Graphic NovelPhil Jimenez2017-05-09Rebirth
28BuySuicide Squad Vol. 1: The Black VaultGraphic NovelRob Williams2017-03-07Rebirth
29BuyBatman Vol. 2: I Am SuicideGraphic NovelTom King2017-04-18Rebirth
30BuySuicide Squad Vol. 2: Going SaneGraphic NovelRob Williams, Simon Spurrier2017-06-13Rebirth
31BuyBatgirl And The Birds Of Prey Vol. 1: Who Is Oracle?Graphic NovelJulie Benson, Shawna Benson2017-04-11Rebirth
32BuyRavenGraphic NovelMarv Wolfman2017-05-16Rebirth
33BuyDeath of HawkmanGraphic NovelMarc Andreyko2017-06-27Rebirth
34BuyRed Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 1: Dark TrinityGraphic NovelScott Lobdell2017-05-02Rebirth
35BuyJustice League vs. Suicide SquadGraphic NovelJoshua Williamson, Rob Williams, Tim Seeley2017-06-27Rebirth
36BuyThe Flash Vol. 3: Rogues ReloadedGraphic NovelJoshua Williamson2017-08-01Rebirth
37BuyDetective Comics Vol. 2: The Victim SyndicateGraphic NovelJames T Tynion IV, Marguerite Bennett2017-05-16Rebirth
38BuySupergirl Vol. 1: Reign Of The Cyborg SupermenGraphic NovelSteve Orlando2017-05-23Rebirth
39BuyAquaman Vol. 1: The DrowningGraphic NovelDan Abnett2017-01-17Rebirth
40BuyCyborg Vol. 1: The Imitation Of LifeGraphic NovelJohn Semper, Jr.2017-03-28Rebirth
41BuyBlue Beetle Vol. 1: The More Things ChangeGraphic NovelKeith Giffen, Scott Kolins2017-05-16Rebirth
42BuyThe Flash Vol. 2: Speed of DarknessGraphic NovelJoshua Williamson2017-05-23Rebirth
43BuyAquaman Vol. 2: Black Manta RisingGraphic NovelDan Abnett2017-04-18Rebirth
44BuyGreen Arrow Vol. 1: The Death and Life Of Oliver QueenGraphic NovelBenjamin Percy2017-01-10Rebirth
45BuyHal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 1: Sinestro’s LawGraphic NovelRobert Venditti2017-02-14Rebirth
46BuyGreen Arrow Vol. 2: Island of ScarsGraphic NovelBenjamin Percy2017-04-11Rebirth
47BuyHal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2Graphic NovelRobert Venditti2017-06-06Rebirth
48BuyGreen Lanterns Vol. 2: The Phantom LanternGraphic NovelSam Humphries2017-05-02Rebirth
49BuyHarley Quinn Vol. 1: Die LaughingGraphic NovelAmanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti2017-03-21Rebirth
50BuyDeathstroke Vol. 1: The ProfessionalGraphic NovelChristopher Priest2017-03-14Rebirth
51BuyThe Hellblazer Vol. 1: The Poison TruthGraphic NovelSimon Oliver2017-04-04Rebirth
52BuyNightwing Vol. 2: Back to BludhavenGraphic NovelTim Seeley2017-06-20Rebirth
53BuyBatman Beyond Vol. 1: Escaping the GraveGraphic NovelDan Jurgens2017-07-11Rebirth
54BuyGotham Academy: Second Semester Vol. 1Graphic NovelBecky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl2017-07-25Rebirth
55BuyTeen Titans Vol. 1: Damian Knows BestGraphic NovelBenjamin Percy2017-06-20Rebirth
56BuyJustice League of America Vol. 1: The ExtremistsGraphic NovelSteve Orlando2017-08-15Rebirth
57BuyWonder Woman Vol. 3: The TruthGraphic NovelGreg Rucka2017-08-29Rebirth
58BuyTitans Vol. 2: Made in ManhattanGraphic NovelDan Abnett2017-09-26Rebirth
59BuyAquaman Vol. 3: Crown of AtlantisGraphic NovelDan Abnett2017-09-05Rebirth
60BuyCyborg Vol. 2: Danger in DetroitGraphic NovelJohn Semper, Jr.2017-08-15Rebirth
61BuyHarley Quinn Vol. 2: Joker Loves HarleyGraphic NovelAmanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti2017-06-27Rebirth
62BuyDeathstroke Vol. 2: The Gospel of SladeGraphic NovelChristopher Priest2017-07-04Rebirth
63BuyMidnighter and ApolloGraphic NovelSteve Orlando2017-07-25Rebirth
64BuySuperman Vol. 3: MultiplicityGraphic NovelPatrick Gleason, Peter J. Tomasi2017-08-08Rebirth
65BuyAction Comics Vol. 3: Men of SteelGraphic NovelDan Jurgens2017-07-04Rebirth
66BuyNew Super-Man Vol. 1: Made In ChinaGraphic NovelGene Luen Yang2017-06-27Rebirth
67BuySuper Sons Vol. 1: When I Grow UpGraphic NovelPeter J. Tomasi2017-10-17Rebirth
68BuyGreen Arrow Vol. 3: Emerald OutlawGraphic NovelBenjamin Percy2017-08-08Rebirth
69BuyHal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 3: The Quest for HopeGraphic NovelRobert Venditti2017-08-22Rebirth
70BuyGreen Lanterns Vol. 3: PolarityGraphic NovelSam Humphries2017-09-19Rebirth
71BuyDoom Patrol Vol. 1: Brick by BrickGraphic NovelGerard Way2017-06-06Rebirth
72BuyShade the Changing Girl Vol. 1: Earth Girl Made EasyGraphic NovelAsher Powell, Cecil Castellucci, Natalia Hernandez2017-07-18Rebirth
73BuyCave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye Vol. 1: Going UndergroundGraphic NovelGerard Way, Jon Rivera, Thomas Scioli2017-07-04Rebirth
74BuyMother Panic Vol. 1: Work in ProgressGraphic NovelJim Krueger, Jody Houser2017-06-20Rebirth
75BuySuperman RebornGraphic NovelDan Jurgens, Patrick Gleason, Peter J. Tomasi2017-09-19Rebirth
76BuyDeathstroke the Terminator Vol. 3: Nuclear WinterGraphic NovelMarv Wolfman2017-12-12Rebirth
77BuyGreen Lantern: Kyle Rayner Vol. 1Graphic NovelBeau Smith, Ron Marz2017-10-10Rebirth
78BuyThe Wild Storm Vol. 1Graphic NovelWarren Ellis2017-10-24Rebirth
79BuyBatman/The Flash: The ButtonGraphic NovelJoshua Williamson, Tom King2017-09-12Rebirth
80BuyBatman Vol. 3: I Am BaneGraphic NovelTom King2017-09-05Rebirth
81BuyTitans: The Lazarus ContractGraphic NovelBenjamin Percy, Christopher Priest, Dan Abnett2017-11-14Rebirth
82BuyBatman: Detective Comics Vol. 3: League of ShadowsGraphic NovelJames T Tynion IV2017-10-10Rebirth
83BuyNightwing Vol. 3: Nightwing Must DieGraphic NovelTim Seeley2017-09-26Rebirth
84BuyBatwoman Vol. 1: The Many Arms of DeathGraphic NovelJames T Tynion IV, Marguerite Bennett2017-11-21Rebirth
85BuyBatgirl Vol. 2: Son of PenguinGraphic NovelHope Larson2017-10-24Rebirth
86BuyAll-Star Batman Vol. 2: Ends of the EarthGraphic NovelScott Snyder2017-09-12Rebirth
87BuyRed Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 2: Who is ArtemisGraphic NovelScott Lobdell2017-10-10Rebirth
88BuyBatgirl and the Birds of Prey Vol. 2: Source CodeGraphic NovelJulie Benson, Shawna Benson2017-12-12Rebirth
89BuyGotham Academy Second Semester Vol. 2: The Ballad of Olive SilverlockGraphic NovelBecky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl2017-12-05Rebirth
90BuyBatman Beyond Vol. 2: Rise of the DemonGraphic NovelDan Jurgens2018-01-16Rebirth
91BuyJustice League of America: Road to RebirthGraphic NovelJody Houser, Steve Orlando2017-06-13Rebirth
92BuyJustice League Vol. 3: TimelessGraphic NovelBryan Hitch2017-07-18Rebirth
93BuyTeen Titans Vol. 2: The Rise of AqualadGraphic NovelBenjamin Percy2018-03-06Rebirth
94BuyWonder Woman Vol. 4: GodwatchGraphic NovelGreg Rucka2017-11-21Rebirth
95BuyBlue Beetle Vol. 2: Hard ChoicesGraphic NovelJ. M. DeMatteis, Keith Giffen2018-01-02Rebirth
96BuyTrinity Vol. 2: Dead SpaceGraphic NovelCullen Bunn, Francis Manapul2017-12-19Rebirth
97BuyTitans Vol. 3: A Judas Among UsGraphic NovelDan Abnett2018-02-20Rebirth
98BuyCaptain Atom: The Fall and Rise of Captain AtomGraphic NovelCary Bates, Greg Weisman2018-01-09Rebirth
99BuyThe Hellblazer Vol. 2: The Smokeless FireGraphic NovelSimon Oliver2017-10-31Rebirth
100BuySuicide Squad Vol. 3: Burning Down the HouseGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander, Rob Williams2017-09-12Rebirth
101BuyDeathstroke Vol. 3: TwilightGraphic NovelChristopher Priest2017-10-17Rebirth
102BuyHarley Quinn Vol. 3: Red MeatGraphic NovelAmanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti2017-09-19Rebirth
103BuyHarley Quinn Vol. 4: Surprise, SurpriseGraphic NovelAmanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti2018-01-16Rebirth
104BuySuicide Squad Vol. 4: Earthlings on FireGraphic NovelRob Williams2017-12-19Rebirth
105BuySuperman: Action Comics Vol. 4: The New WorldGraphic NovelDan Jurgens2017-11-07Rebirth
106BuySuperman Vol. 4: Black DawnGraphic NovelPatrick Gleason, Peter J. Tomasi2017-12-05Rebirth
107BuySupergirl Vol. 2: Escape from the Phantom ZoneGraphic NovelSteve Orlando, Vita Ayala2017-10-31Rebirth
108BuySuperwoman Vol. 2: RediscoveryGraphic NovelK. Perkins, Phil Jimenez2017-12-05Rebirth
109BuyNew Super-man Vol. 2: Coming to AmericaGraphic NovelGene Luen Yang2017-10-10Rebirth
110BuyGreen Arrow Vol. 4: The Rise of Star CityGraphic NovelBenjamin Percy2017-12-12Rebirth
111BuyCave Carson Vol. 2: Every Me, Every YouGraphic NovelGerard Way, Jon Rivera2018-02-13Rebirth
112BuySuperman: Action Comics Vol. 5: Booster ShotGraphic NovelDan Jurgens2018-08-28Rebirth
113BuyShade the Changing Girl Vol. 2: Little RunawayGraphic NovelCecil Castellucci2018-02-06Rebirth
114BuyMother Panic Vol. 2: Under Her SkinGraphic NovelJim Krueger, Jody Houser2018-02-27Rebirth
115BuyJustice League of America Vol. 2: Curse of the KingbutcherGraphic NovelSteve Orlando2017-11-14Rebirth
116BuyBatman Vol. 4: The War of Jokes and RiddlesGraphic NovelTom King2017-12-19Rebirth
117BuyNightwing Vol. 4: BlockbusterGraphic NovelMichael McMillian, Tim Seeley2018-01-23Rebirth
118BuyBatman: Detective Comics Vol. 4: Deus Ex MachinaGraphic NovelChris Sebela, James T Tynion IV2017-12-26Elseworld
119BuyBatgirl and the Birds of Prey Vol. 3: Full CircleGraphic NovelShawna Benson, Julie Benson2018-07-24Rebirth
120BuyBatgirl Vol. 3: Summer of LiesGraphic NovelHope Larson2018-04-03Rebirth
121BuyAll-Star Batman Vol. 3: The First AllyGraphic NovelRafael Scavone, Rafael Albuquerque, Scott Snyder2018-03-20Rebirth
122BuyBatman Vol. 5: The Rules of EngagementGraphic NovelTom King2018-05-01Rebirth
123BuyNightwing Vol. 5: Raptor's RevengeGraphic NovelTim Seeley2018-05-01Rebirth
124BuyBatwoman Vol. 2: WonderlandGraphic NovelMarguerite Bennett2018-06-05Rebirth
125BuyBatman and the SignalGraphic NovelTony Patrick, Scott Snyder2018-08-28Rebirth
126BuyDark Days: The Road to MetalGraphic NovelTim Seeley, James T Tynion IV, Scott Snyder2018-05-22Rebirth
127BuyDark Nights: MetalGraphic NovelJonathan Glapion, Scott Snyder2018-06-12Rebirth
128BuyDark Nights: Metal: The ResistanceGraphic NovelTim Seeley, Benjamin Percy, Robert Venditti, Joshua Williamson, Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire, James T Tynion IV, Rob Williams2018-07-03Rebirth
129BuyDark Nights: Metal: Dark Knights RisingGraphic NovelDan Abnett, James T Tynion IV, Frank Tieri, Peter J. Tomasi, Joshua Williamson, Sam Humphries2018-06-26Rebirth
130BuySuper Sons Vol. 2: Planet of the CapesGraphic NovelPeter J. Tomasi2018-03-13Rebirth
131BuySupergirl Vol. 3: Girl of No TomorrowGraphic NovelSteve Orlando2018-04-10Rebirth
132BuySuperwoman Vol. 3: The Midnight HourGraphic NovelK. Perkins2018-05-29Rebirth
133BuySuperman: Action Comics: The Oz EffectGraphic NovelDan Jurgens2018-03-27Rebirth
134BuyBatman: Detective Comics Vol. 5: A Lonely Place of LivingGraphic NovelJames T Tynion IV2018-04-10Rebirth
135BuySuperman Vol. 5: Hopes and FearsGraphic NovelJames Bonny, Keith Champagne, Patrick Gleason, Peter J. Tomasi2018-04-17Rebirth
136BuyJustice League Vol. 4: EndlessGraphic NovelTom DeFalco, Shea Fontana, Bryan Hitch, Dan Abnett2017-11-07Rebirth
137BuyAquaman Vol. 4: UnderworldGraphic NovelDan Abnett2018-01-30Rebirth
138BuyThe Flash Vol. 4: Running ScaredGraphic NovelJoshua Williamson2017-11-21Rebirth
139BuyJustice League of America Vol. 3: Panic in the MicroverseGraphic NovelSteve Orlando2018-03-13Rebirth
140BuyJustice League Vol. 5: LegacyGraphic NovelBryan Hitch2018-03-06Rebirth
141BuyWonder Woman Vol. 5: Heart of the AmazonGraphic NovelCollin Kelly, Michael Moreci, Vita Ayala, Tim Seeley, Shea Fontana, Jackson Lanzing2018-05-15Rebirth
142BuyThe Flash Vol. 5: NegativeGraphic NovelJoshua Williamson2018-03-27Rebirth
143BuyDeathstroke Vol. 4: DefianceGraphic NovelChristopher Priest2018-04-24Rebirth
144BuySuicide Squad Vol. 5: Kill Your DarlingsGraphic NovelRob Williams2018-04-17Rebirth
145BuyHarley Quinn Vol. 5: Vote HarleyGraphic NovelJimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner2018-05-08Rebirth
146BuyHal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 4: FractureGraphic NovelRobert Venditti2018-01-09Rebirth
147BuyGreen Lanterns Vol. 4: The First RingsGraphic NovelSam Humphries2017-12-26Rebirth
148BuyGreen Lanterns Vol. 5: Out of TimeGraphic NovelSam Humphries2018-04-03Rebirth
149BuyThe Hellblazer Vol. 3: The Inspiration GameGraphic NovelRichard Kadrey, Tim Seeley2018-03-13Rebirth
150BuyGreen Arrow Vol. 5: Hard-travelin' HeroGraphic NovelBenjamin Percy2018-05-15Rebirth
151BuyBatman Vol. 6: Bride or BurglarGraphic NovelTom King2018-07-31Rebirth
152BuyBatman: Detective Comics Vol. 6: Fall of the BatmenGraphic NovelJames T Tynion IV2018-06-26Rebirth
153BuyBatman Beyond Vol. 3: The Long PaybackGraphic NovelBernard Chang, Dan Jurgens2018-08-14Rebirth
154BuyGotham City Garage Vol. 1Graphic NovelJackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly2018-06-12Rebirth
155BuyNightwing Vol. 6: The UntouchableGraphic NovelMichael Moreci, Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Sam Humphries2018-09-25Rebirth
156BuyRagmanGraphic NovelRay Fawkes2018-07-17Rebirth
157BuyRed Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 3: Bizarro RebornGraphic NovelTyler Kirkham, Joe Bennett, Dexter Soy2018-04-24Rebirth
158BuyDoom Patrol Vol. 2: NadaGraphic NovelGerard Way2018-11-27Rebirth
159BuyCyborg Vol. 3: SingularityGraphic NovelKevin Grevioux, John Semper Jr.2018-05-15Rebirth
160BuyThe Wild Storm Vol. 2Graphic NovelScott Williams, Warren Ellis2018-05-29Rebirth
161BuyNew Super-man Vol. 3: EquilibriumGraphic NovelGene Luen Yang2018-06-19Rebirth
162BuySuperman Vol. 6: Imperius LexGraphic NovelJames Robinson, Patrick Gleason, Peter J. Tomasi2018-08-07Rebirth
163BuySuper Sons of TomorrowGraphic NovelPatrick Gleason, Peter J. Tomasi2018-07-03Rebirth
164BuyJustice League Vol. 6: The People vs. the Justice LeagueGraphic NovelChristopher Priest2018-06-26Rebirth
165BuyJustice League of America Vol. 4: Surgical StrikeGraphic NovelSteve Orlando2018-07-10Rebirth
166BuyTrinity Vol. 3: Dark DestinyGraphic NovelRob Williams2018-08-07Rebirth
167BuyThe Flash Vol. 6: A Cold Day in HellGraphic NovelMichael Moreci, Joshua Williamson2018-06-19Rebirth
168BuyAquaman Vol. 5: The Crown Comes DownGraphic NovelDan Abnett2018-07-10Rebirth
169BuyBlue Beetle Vol. 3: Road to NowhereGraphic NovelChris Sebela, J.M. DeMatteis, Keith Giffen2018-07-17Rebirth
170BuyJustice League Vol. 7: Justice LostGraphic NovelChristopher Priest2018-09-25Rebirth
171BuyThe Flash Vol. 7: Perfect StormGraphic NovelJoshua Williamson2018-10-02Rebirth
172BuyTeen Titans Vol. 3: The Return of Kid FlashGraphic NovelDan Abnett2018-10-09Rebirth
173BuyHal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 5: Twilight of the GuardiansGraphic NovelRobert Venditti2018-06-12Rebirth
174BuyGreen Lanterns Vol. 6: A World of Our OwnGraphic NovelTim Seeley2018-07-03Rebirth
175BuySuicide Squad Vol. 6: The Secret History of Task Force XGraphic NovelRob Williams2018-07-24Rebirth
176BuyHarley Quinn Vol. 6: Angry BirdGraphic NovelFrank Tieri2018-08-21Rebirth
177BuyDeadmanGraphic NovelNeal Adams2018-08-14Rebirth
178BuyMystik UGraphic NovelAlisa Kwitney2018-06-26Rebirth
179BuyJustice League: No JusticeGraphic NovelJoshua Williamson, James T Tynion IV, Scott Snyder2018-09-25Rebirth
180BuyBatman: Preludes to the WeddingGraphic NovelTim Seeley2018-09-11Rebirth
181BuyBatman/Catwoman: The Wedding AlbumGraphic NovelTom King2018-09-11Rebirth
182BuyBatman: Detective Comics Vol. 7: Batmen EternalGraphic NovelJames T Tynion IV2018-09-11Rebirth
183BuySuper Sons Vol. 3: Parent TrapGraphic NovelPeter J. Tomasi2018-10-02Rebirth
184BuySuperboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 2Graphic NovelGerry Conway, Len Wein, Paul Levitz2018-07-17Rebirth
185BuyWildstorm: Michael Cray Vol. 1Graphic NovelBryan Hill2018-07-24Rebirth
186BuyThe Silencer Vol. 1: Code of HonorGraphic NovelDan Abnett2018-10-02Rebirth
187BuyWonder Woman Vol. 6: Children of the GodsGraphic NovelJames Robinson2018-09-18Rebirth
188BuyBane: ConquestGraphic NovelChuck Dixon2018-09-25Rebirth
189BuyDamage Vol. 1: Out of ControlGraphic NovelRobert Venditti2018-09-25Rebirth
190BuyHal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 6: Zod's WillGraphic NovelRobert Venditti2018-09-25Rebirth
191BuyTitans Vol. 4: Titans ApartGraphic NovelDan Abnett2018-09-25Rebirth
192BuyMister MiracleGraphic NovelTom King2019-02-19Rebirth
193BuyA Very DC Rebirth Holiday SequelGraphic NovelPaul Dini, Greg Rucka, Jeff Lemire, Tom King2018-11-13Rebirth
194BuyBatman: Creature of the NightGraphic NovelKurt Busiek2020-02-18Rebirth
195BuyBatman: The Dark Prince CharmingGraphic NovelEnrico Marini2018-11-06Rebirth
196BuyBatman: White KnightGraphic NovelSean Murphy2018-10-09Rebirth
197BuyMera: Queen of AtlantisGraphic NovelDan Abnett2018-12-11Rebirth
198BuyAquaman Vol. 6: KingslayerGraphic NovelDan Abnett2018-12-18Rebirth
199BuyGreen Lanterns Vol. 7: Superhuman TraffickingGraphic NovelTim Seeley2018-10-16Rebirth
200BuyGreen Arrow Vol. 6: Trial of Two CitiesGraphic NovelBenjamin Percy2018-12-04Rebirth
201BuyDeathstroke Vol. 5: Fall of SladeGraphic NovelChristopher Priest2018-10-23Rebirth
202BuySuicide Squad Vol. 7: Drain the SwampGraphic NovelRob Williams2018-10-23Rebirth
203BuyJustice League of America Vol. 5: Deadly FableGraphic NovelSteve Orlando2018-10-02Rebirth
204BuyJustice League Vol. 1: The TotalityGraphic NovelScott Snyder2018-11-27Rebirth
205BuyBatgirl Vol. 4: Strange LoopGraphic NovelHope Larson2018-12-11Rebirth
206BuySuperman Vol. 7: BizarroverseGraphic NovelPeter J. Tomasi2018-12-04Rebirth
207BuyAction Comics #1000Graphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis, Geoff Johns, Scott Snyder, Tom King2018-10-02Rebirth
208BuyThe Man of SteelGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2018-11-06Rebirth
209BuyDoomsday Clock, Part 1Graphic NovelGeoff Johns2019-10-08Rebirth
210BuyBatman Vol. 8: Cold DaysGraphic NovelTom King2018-12-24Rebirth
211BuyCatwoman Vol. 1: CopycatsGraphic NovelJoelle Jones2019-04-16Rebirth
212BuyBatman: Detective Comics Vol. 8: On the OutsideGraphic NovelBryan Edward Hill2018-12-11Rebirth
213BuyRed Hood and the Outlaw Vol. 4: Good Night GothamGraphic NovelScott Lobdell2018-11-06Rebirth
214BuyBatman Vol. 9: The Tyrant WingGraphic NovelTom King2019-03-26Rebirth
215BuyBatman: Detective Comics Vol. 9: Deface the FaceGraphic NovelJames A. Robinson2019-04-09Rebirth
216BuyBatman vs. DeathstrokeGraphic NovelChristopher Priest2019-03-19Rebirth
217BuyBatgirl Vol. 5: Art of the CrimeGraphic NovelMairghread Scott2019-05-21Rebirth
218BuyBatmwoman Vol. 3: Fall of the House of KaneGraphic NovelMarguerite Bennett2019-01-22Rebirth
219BuyNightwing Vol. 7: The Bleeding EdgeGraphic NovelBenjamin Percy2018-12-31Rebirth
220BuyBatman Beyond Vol. 4 - Target: BatmanGraphic NovelDan Jurgens2019-01-08Rebirth
221BuySuperman Vol. 1: The Unity Saga - Phantom EarthGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2019-03-05Rebirth
222BuySuperman: Action Comics Vol. 1: Invisible MafiaGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2019-04-09Rebirth
223BuyAdventures of the Super Sons Vol. 1: Action DetectiveGraphic NovelPeter J. Tomasi2019-04-16Rebirth
224BuySupergirl Vol. 1: The Killers of KryptonGraphic NovelMarc Andreyko2019-04-30Rebirth
225BuyTrinity Vol. 4: The Search for Steve TrevorGraphic NovelJames A. Robinson2018-12-11Rebirth
226BuyThe Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder WomanGraphic NovelLiam Sharp2018-11-20Rebirth
227BuyJustice League Odyssey Vol. 1: The Ghost SectorGraphic NovelJoshua Williamson2019-05-21Rebirth
228BuyWonder Woman Vol. 7: Amazons AttackedGraphic NovelJames A. Robinson2018-12-24Rebirth
229BuyWonder Woman Vol. 8: Dark GodsGraphic NovelJames A. Robinson2019-04-23Rebirth
230BuyWonder Woman Vol. 9: The Enemy of Both SidesGraphic NovelSteve Orlando2019-07-23Rebirth
231BuyJustice League Dark Vol. 1: The Last Age of MagicGraphic NovelJames Tynion IV2019-03-12Rebirth
232BuyWonder Woman and the Justice League Dark: The Witching HourGraphic NovelJames Tynion IV2019-05-07Rebirth
233BuyAquaman/Suicide Squad: Sink AtlantisGraphic NovelDan Abnett2019-02-12Rebirth
234BuyJustice League Vol. 2: Graveyard of GodsGraphic NovelScott Snyder, James Tynion IV2019-05-14Rebirth
235BuyJustice League/Aquaman: Drowned EarthGraphic NovelScott Snyder2019-04-16Rebirth
236BuyThe Flash Vol. 8: Flash WarGraphic NovelJoshua Williamson2018-12-18Rebirth
237BuyNew Super-Man and the Justice League of ChinaGraphic NovelGene Luen Yang2019-02-12Rebirth
238BuyTeen Titans Vol. 1: Full ThrottleGraphic NovelAdam Glass2019-04-09Rebirth
239BuyTitans Vol. 5: The SparkGraphic NovelDan Abnett2019-02-19Rebirth
240BuyThe Hellblazer Vol. 4: The Good Old DaysGraphic NovelTim Seeley2018-12-24Rebirth
241BuyHarley Quinn Vol. 1: Harley vs. ApokolipsGraphic NovelSam Humphries2018-12-11Rebirth
242BuyHarley Quinn Vol. 2: Harley Destroys the UniverseGraphic NovelSam Humphries2019-04-02Rebirth
243BuySuicide Squad Vol. 8: ConstrictionGraphic NovelRob Williams2019-08-20Rebirth
244BuyPlastic ManGraphic NovelGail Simone2019-04-16Rebirth
245BuyGreen Arrow Vol. 7: Citizen's ArrestGraphic NovelJulie Benson, Shawna Benson2019-07-23Rebirth
246BuyHal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 7: Darkstars RisingGraphic NovelRobert Venditti2019-01-08Rebirth
247BuyGreen Lanterns Vol. 8: Ghosts of the PastGraphic NovelAaron Gillespie, Tim Seeley2019-02-05Rebirth
248BuyThe Flash Vol. 9: Reckoning of the ForcesGraphic NovelJoshua Williamson2019-04-02Rebirth
249BuyThe Flash Vol. 10: Force QuestGraphic NovelJoshua Williamson2019-09-24Rebirth
250BuyBatman Vol. 10: KnightmaresGraphic NovelTom King2019-09-17Rebirth
251BuyCatwoman Vol. 2: Far From GothamGraphic NovelRam V., Joëlle Jones2019-09-10Rebirth
252BuyBatman: Detective Comics Vol. 1: MythologyGraphic NovelPeter J. Tomasi2019-09-10Rebirth
253BuyBatman: Detective Comics Vol. 2: Arkham KnightGraphic NovelPeter J. Tomasi2019-12-17Rebirth
254BuyDetective Comics #1000Graphic NovelWarren Ellis, Paul Dini, Tom King, Brian Michael Bendis, Peter J. Tomasi, Robert Venditti, , Scott Snyder, Kevin Smith, , Dennis O'Neil, Geoff Johns2019-06-18Rebirth
255BuyRed Hood: Outlaw Vol. 1: Requiem for an ArcherGraphic NovelScott Lobdell2019-06-25Rebirth
256BuyBatgirl Vol. 6: Old EnemiesGraphic NovelMairghread Scott2019-12-24Rebirth
257BuyNightwing: Knight TerrorsGraphic NovelFabian Nicieza, Scott Lobdell, Benjamin Percy2019-06-11Rebirth
258BuyBatman Beyond Vol. 5: The Final JokeGraphic NovelDan Jurgens2019-07-30Rebirth
259BuyThe Batman Who LaughsGraphic NovelScott Snyder2019-09-03Rebirth
260BuyBatman: DamnedGraphic NovelBrian Azzarello2019-09-10Rebirth
261BuySuperman Vol. 2: The Unity Saga: The House of ElGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2019-11-26Rebirth
262BuyAdventures of the Super Sons Vol. 2Graphic NovelPeter J. Tomasi2019-11-26Rebirth
263BuySupergirl Vol. 2: Sins of the CircleGraphic NovelMarc Andreyko2019-12-31Rebirth
264BuySuperman: Action Comics Vol. 2: Leviathan RisingGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2019-11-12Rebirth
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272BuyHarley Quinn Vol. 3: The Trials of Harley QuinnGraphic NovelSam Humphries2019-10-15Rebirth
273BuyOld Lady HarleyGraphic NovelFrank Tieri2019-07-02Rebirth
274BuyDeathstroke: ArkhamGraphic NovelChristopher Priest2019-10-01Rebirth
275BuyTeen Titans/Deathstroke: The Terminus AgendaGraphic NovelAdam Glass2019-12-10Rebirth
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