DC Icons Series Reading Order

Young adult books surrounding DC’s most legendary icons, we hope you enjoy this reading order of the DC Icons series.

What’s on the DC Icons Series Reading Order?

This may be a small timeline, but it’s yet another shared universe of DC Comics stories, this time coming to you in the medium of the novel. There have been many novels based on DC Comics, but this one is specifically built to be its own stand-alone universe. For that reason, we’ve included it as its own timeline. Hopefully many more novels will soon join these that you see here.

Where to Start?

DC has made it clear that there is no particular order to read these books. They all stand on their own. But that said, if you really want a reading order for this series, we’d recommend doing so in the order of release.

As always, if you see something to change on this timeline, please let us know. And if you enjoyed this timeline, you might like some of our other DC timelines. Visit our DC Comics Hub for everything DC.

1BuyWonder Woman: WarbringerNovelLeighBardugo2017-08-29DC Icons
2BuyBatman: NightwalkerNovelMarie Lu2018-01-02DC Icons
3BuyCatwoman: SoulstealerNovelSarah J. Maas2018-08-07DC Icons
4BuySuperman: DawnbreakerNovelMatt de la Peña2019-03-05DC Icons
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