DC: Crisis – Zero Hour Timeline

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What is in the Crisis – Zero Hour Timeline?

This Crisis through Zero Hour timeline records the trades between Crisis on Infinite Earths and Zero Hour. Crisis was DC’s first major reboot of their characters. Zero Hour was the second, though it did not have the same effect as Crisis. This timeline lists all of the trades between these two events.

As with the other comic book timelines, this one lists the publication dates of the trade paperbacks and not the original comics they collect. Additionally, trade paperbacks can have many authors, so you may see a lot of authors listed here. Original publication dates are harder to track down, and so we focus on the trade paperback publication dates. Suffice it to say, these comics came out between 1985 and 1994 when Crisis on Infinite Earths and Zero Hour were respectively released.

If you enjoyed this timeline, you might enjoy some of our others, such as the Arrowverse timeline. A shared universe based on many of the characters that appear in this timeline. And as always, if you see anything on this timeline that needs to change, please let us know. We love to hear any and all feedback you have for us.

1BuyBatman: Year OneGraphic NovelFrank Miller2007-01-10Legends
2BuyCatwoman: Her Sister’s KeeperGraphic NovelMindy Newell1991-05-01Legends
3BuySuperman: The Man of Steel Vol. 1Graphic NovelLouise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove1991-09-01Legends
4BuyTales of the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 3Graphic NovelMike W. BarrLen Wein2010-12-21Legends
5BuyWonder Woman: Gods and MortalsGraphic NovelGeorge Pérez, Greg Potter, Len Wein2004-03-01Legends
6BuyLegends: The CollectionGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander, Len Wein1993-07-01Legends
7BuySuperman: The Man of Steel Vol. 2Graphic NovelJohn Byrne, Marv Wolfman2003-11-01Legends
8BuyJustice League International Vol. 1Graphic NovelJ.M. DeMatteis2008-03-12Legends
9BuySuicide Squad: Trial by FireGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2011-02-15Legends
10BuyBatman: Birth of the DemonGraphic NovelMike W. Barr, Dennis O'Neil2012-03-13Legends
11BuyBatman in the EightiesGraphic NovelGerry Conway, Barbara Kesel, Alan Brennert, Doug Moench, Len Wein, Mike W. Barr2004-10-01Legends
12BuyBatman: Year Two: Fear the ReaperGraphic NovelMike W. Barr2002-12-01Legends
13BuySuperman: The Man of Steel Vol. 3Graphic NovelJohn Byrne, Marv Wolfman2004-10-01Legends
14BuySuperman: The Man of Steel Vol. 4Graphic NovelJohn Byrne, Paul Levitz, Marv Wolfman2005-09-01Legends
15BuySuperman: The Man of Steel Vol. 5Graphic NovelJohn Byrne, Paul Levitz, Marv Wolfman2006-11-15Legends
16BuySuperman: The Man of Steel Vol. 6Graphic NovelJohn Byrne, Paul Levitz, Marv Wolfman2008-03-05Legends
17BuyQuestion: Zen and ViolenceGraphic NovelDennis O'Neil2007-10-03Legends
18BuyQuestion: Poisoned GroundGraphic NovelDennis O'Neil2008-05-13Legends
19BuyGreen Arrow: The Longbow HuntersGraphic NovelMike Grell1991-09-01Legends
20BuySaga of the Swamp Thing Vol. 5Graphic NovelAlan Moore2011-07-12Legends
21BuySaga of the Swamp Thing Vol. 6Graphic NovelAlan Moore2011-11-15Legends
22BuyMillenniumGraphic NovelSteve Englehart2008-08-19Millennium
23BuyJustice League International Vol. 2Graphic NovelKeith Giffen, J.M. Dematteis2008-08-19Millennium
24BuyShowcase Presents: Booster GoldGraphic NovelDan Jurgens2008-03-26Millennium
25BuyWonder Woman: Challenge of the GodsGraphic NovelGeorge Pérez, Len Wein2004-10-01Millennium
26BuySuperman: The Man of Steel Vol. 7Graphic NovelJohn Byrne2013-02-12Millennium
27BuyWonder Woman: Beauty and the BeastsGraphic NovelGeorge Pérez, Len Wein, John Byrne2005-10-01Millennium
28BuyHellblazer Vol. 1: Original SinsGraphic NovelJamie Delano2011-03-08Millennium
29BuyWonder Woman: Destiny CallingGraphic NovelGeorge Pérez2006-06-21Millennium
30BuyHawk and DoveGraphic NovelBabara Kesel, Karl Kesel1993-11-01Millennium
31BuySword of the AtomGraphic NovelJan Strnad2007-09-05Millennium
32BuyCosmic OdysseyGraphic NovelJim Starlin2003-03-04Millennium
33BuyDeadshot: BeginningsGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander, Kim Yale, Doug Moench, Steve Englehart2013-11-05Millennium
34BuyBatman: Ten Nights of the BeastGraphic NovelJim Starlin1994-10-01Millennium
35BuyBatman: The CultGraphic NovelJim Starlin2009-12-15Millennium
36BuyDC Universe: The Stories of Alan MooreGraphic NovelAlan Moore2006-01-04Millennium
37BuyHellblazer Vol. 2: The Devil You KnowGraphic NovelJamie Delano2012-01-03Millennium
38BuyBatman: The Killing JokeGraphic NovelAlan Moore2008-03-19Millennium
39BuyBatman Second ChancesGraphic NovelMax Allan Collins, Jo Duffy, Jim Starlin2015-07-21Millennium
40BuyBatman: A Death in the FamilyGraphic NovelJim Starlin2011-11-22Millennium
41BuyInvasion!Graphic NovelKeith Giffen, Bill Mantlo2008-09-09Invasion
42BuyJustice League International Vol. 3Graphic NovelDan Jurgens2008-11-18Invasion
43BuyAnimal Man Vol. 1Graphic NovelGrant Morrison2001-05-01Invasion
44BuyJustice League International Vol. 4Graphic NovelDan Jurgens2009-03-17Invasion
45BuyNightwing: Old Friends, New EnemiesGraphic NovelMarv Wolfman2013-08-20Invasion
46BuyDoom Patrol: Crawling From the WreckageGraphic NovelGrant Morrison2000-04-17Invasion
47BuyDoom Patrol: The Painting That Ate ParisGraphic NovelGrant Morrison2004-10-01Invasion
48BuyAbsolute Sandman Vol. 1Graphic NovelNeil Gaiman2006-11-01Invasion
49BuyAbsolute Sandman Vol. 2Graphic NovelNeil Gaiman2007-10-31Invasion
50BuyAbsolute DeathGraphic NovelNeil Gaiman2009-10-20Invasion
51BuyQuestion: Epitaph for a HeroGraphic NovelDennis O'Neil2008-11-11Invasion
52BuyQuestion: Welcome to OzGraphic NovelDennis O'Neil2009-04-28Invasion
53BuySuperman: ExileGraphic NovelRoger Stern, Jerry Ordway, Dan Jurgens, George Perez1998-06-01The 1990s
54BuySuperman in the EightiesGraphic NovelCary Bates, Marv Wolfman, Ed Hannigan, Paul Kupperberg, Len Wein, John Byrne, Roger Stern, George Pérez2006-04-19The 1990s
55BuyHellblazer Vol. 3: The Fear MachineGraphic NovelJamie Delano2012-06-26The 1990s
56BuyBatman: Blind JusticeGraphic NovelSam Hamm, Denys Cowan2005-05-01The 1990s
57BuyBatman: The Many Deaths of the BatmanGraphic NovelJohn Byrne, Jim Aparo1992-01-01The 1990s
58BuyBatman: A Lonely Place of DyingGraphic NovelMarv Wolfman, George Pérez1990-02-01The 1990s
59BuyBatman: Bride of the DemonGraphic NovelMike W. Barr1990-01-01The 1990s
60BuyAdam Strange: The Man of Two WorldsGraphic NovelRichard Bruning2003-03-01The 1990s
61BuyHawkworldGraphic NovelTim Truman1991-09-01The 1990s
62BuyBatman: ShamanGraphic NovelDennis O'Neil1993-05-01The 1990s
63BuySecret Origins of the World’s Greatest Super-HeroesGraphic NovelDennis O'Neil1991-09-01The 1990s
64BuyGreen Lantern: Emerald Dawn Vol. 1Graphic NovelKeith GiffenGerard Jones1991-09-01The 1990s
65BuyGreen Lantern: Emerald Dawn Vol. 2Graphic NovelKeith GiffenGerard Jones2003-04-01The 1990s
66BuyGreen Lantern: The Road BackGraphic NovelGerard Jones2003-06-01The 1990s
67BuyAnimal Man: Origin of the SpeciesGraphic NovelGrant Morrison2002-07-01The 1990s
68BuyAnimal Man: Deus Ex MachinaGraphic NovelGrant Morrison2003-11-01The 1990s
69BuyTime MastersGraphic NovelBob Wayne, Lewis Shiner, Jose Marzan2008-02-13The 1990s
70BuyJustice League International Vol. 5Graphic NovelGerard Jones2011-01-25The 1990s
71BuyJustice League International Vol. 6Graphic NovelDan Jurgens2011-05-31The 1990s
72BuyQuestion: RiddlesGraphic NovelDennis O'Neil2009-10-27The 1990s
73BuyQuestion: PeacemakerGraphic NovelDennis O'Neil2010-05-18The 1990s
74BuySuperman: EradicationGraphic NovelDan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Roger Stern1996-01-01The 1990s
75BuyLobo’s Greatest HitsGraphic NovelAlan Grant1992-01-01The 1990s
76BuySuperman: Dark Knight Over MetropolisGraphic NovelJohn Byrne, Dan Jurgens, Roger Stern, Jerry Ordway2013-10-22The 1990s
77BuySuperman: Krisis of the Krimson KryptoniteGraphic NovelRoger Stern, Jerry Ordway, Dan Jurgens1996-09-01The 1990s
78BuySuperman: Time and Time AgainGraphic NovelRoger Stern, Jerry Ordway, Dan Jurgens1994-10-01The 1990s
79BuyRobin: A Hero RebornGraphic NovelAlan Grant, Chuck Dixon1998-02-23The 1990s
80BuyRobin: Tragedy and TriumphGraphic NovelAlan Grant, Chuck Dixon1993-11-01The 1990s
81BuyBatman: The Last ArkhamGraphic NovelAlan Grant1995-10-01The 1990s
82BuyBatman: GothicGraphic NovelGrant Morrison2015-07-28The 1990s
83BuyBatman: PreyGraphic NovelDoug Moench2012-06-05The 1990s
84BuyBatman: VenomGraphic NovelDennis O'Neil2012-04-24The 1990s
85BuySuperman: Panic in the SkyGraphic NovelDan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Roger Stern1993-03-01The 1990s
86BuySuperman: They Saved Luthor’s BrainGraphic NovelJohn Byrne2000-02-01The 1990s
87BuyDeathstroke, the Terminator: Full CycleGraphic NovelMarv Wolfman1992-01-01The 1990s
88BuyLobo: Portrait of a BastichGraphic NovelPeter Tomasi2012-10-02The 1990s
89BuyRay: In a Blaze of PowerGraphic NovelJack C. Harris1994-03-01The 1990s
90BuyFlash: The Return of Barry AllenGraphic NovelMark Waid1996-07-01The 1990s
91BuyBatman: Sword of AzraelGraphic NovelDennis O'Neil1993-06-10The 1990s
92BuyRobin: Cry of the HuntressGraphic NovelChuck Dixon2015-12-01The 1990s
93BuyDeadman: Lost SoulsGraphic NovelMike Baron, Kelley Jones1995-05-01The 1990s
94BuySpectre: Crimes and PunishmentsGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander1993-10-08The 1990s
95BuyDoom Patrol: Down Paradise WayGraphic NovelGrant Morrison2005-11-01The 1990s
96BuyDoom Patrol: MuscleboundGraphic NovelGrant Morrison; Paul Kupperberg;Richard Case2006-08-30The 1990s
97BuyDoom Patrol: Magic BusGraphic NovelGrant Morrison2007-01-31The 1990s
98BuyDoom Patrol: Planet LoveGraphic NovelGrant Morrison, Paul Kupperberg, Richard Case2008-01-16The 1990s
99BuyDeath of SupermanGraphic NovelLouise Simonson, Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Roger Stern2013-02-26The 1990s
100BuySuperman: World Without a SupermanGraphic NovelKarl Kesel, Jerry Ordway, Dan Jurgens, Louise Simonson, Roger Stern1993-04-14The 1990s
101BuyBatman: FacesGraphic NovelMatt Wagner2008-07-29The 1990s
102BuyBatman: Four of a KindGraphic NovelAlan Grant, Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench1998-04-01The 1990s
103BuyBatman: Collected Legends of the Dark KnightGraphic NovelJames Robinson, Alan Grant, John Francis Moore1994-05-01The 1990s
104BuyBatman: Other RealmsGraphic NovelBo Hampton, Mark Kneece, Scott Hampton1998-07-01The 1990s
105BuyBatman: Dark LegendsGraphic NovelBryan Talbot, Dennis O'Neil, Alan Grant, Mike Mignola1996-06-01The 1990s
106BuyBatman: Knightfall vol. 1.Graphic NovelChuck Dixon, Doug Moench, Alan Grant2012-05-01The 1990s
107BuyBatman: Knightfall vol. 2: KnightquestGraphic NovelChuck Dixon, Alan Grant, Doug Moench, Jo Duffy2012-05-29The 1990s
108BuyRobin: Flying SoloGraphic NovelChuck Dixon2000-07-01The 1990s
109BuyBatman: Knightfall vol. 3: KnightsendGraphic NovelDoug Moench, Alan Grant, Chuck Dixon, Jo Duffy, Dennis O'Neil2012-09-11The 1990s
110BuySuperman: The Return of SupermanGraphic NovelJon Bogdanove, Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding, Tom Grummett1993-09-03The 1990s
111BuyGreen Lantern: Emerald Twilight/New DawnGraphic NovelRon Marz2003-10-01The 1990s
112BuySuperman: Bizarro’s WorldGraphic NovelDan Jurgens, Louise Simons, Karl Kesel, Roger Stern1996-03-01The 1990s
113BuySuperman/Doomsday: Hunter/PreyGraphic NovelDan Jurgens, Brett Breeding, Gregory Wright, Bill Oakley, Chris Duffy, Frank Pittarese, Mike Carlin1995-09-01The 1990s
114BuySteel: The Forging of a HeroGraphic Novel1997-09-01The 1990s
115BuyAquaman: Time and TideGraphic NovelPeter David, Kirk Jarvinen, Brad Vancata1996-02-01The 1990s
116BuyPower of ShazamGraphic NovelJerry Ordway1995-05-01The 1990s
117BuyImpulse: Reckless YouthGraphic NovelMark Waid1997-04-01Zero Hour
118BuyZero Hour: Crisis in TimeGraphic NovelDan Jurgens1994-08-23Zero Hour
119BuyFlash: Terminal VelocityGraphic NovelMark Waid1995-09-01Zero Hour
120BuyGreen Lantern: Baptism of FireGraphic NovelRon Marz1999-03-10Zero Hour
121BuyStarman: Sins of the FatherGraphic NovelJames Robinson1996-01-01Zero Hour
122BuyWonder Woman: The ContestGraphic NovelWilliam Messner-Loebs1995-04-01Zero Hour
123BuyWonder Woman: The Challenge of ArtemisGraphic NovelWilliam Messner-Loebs1996-05-01Zero Hour
124BuySuperman: The Death of Clark KentGraphic NovelKarl Kesel, Dan Jurgens, David Michelinie, Louise Simonson, Roger Stern1997-05-01Zero Hour
125BuyLegion of Super-Heroes: The Beginning of TomorrowGraphic NovelMark Waid, Tom Peyer, Tom McCraw1999-09-01Zero Hour
126BuySovereign SevenGraphic NovelChris Claremont1996-08-01Zero Hour
127BuyCatwoman: The CatfileGraphic NovelChuck Dixon1996-04-01Zero Hour
128BuyBatman: ProdigalGraphic NovelChuck Dixon, Alan Grant, Doug Moench1998-01-01Zero Hour
129BuyNightwing: Ties That BindGraphic NovelAlan Grant, Dennis O'Neil1997-09-01Zero Hour
130BuyBatman: AnarkyGraphic NovelAlan Grant1999-02-22Zero Hour
131BuyBatman: The ChaliceGraphic NovelChuck Dixon1999-12-01Zero Hour
132BuyAbsolute Sandman Vol. 3Graphic NovelNeil Gaiman2008-06-17Zero Hour
133BuyAbsolute Sandman Vol. 4Graphic NovelNeil Gaiman2008-11-11Zero Hour

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